Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

200 Shares For Sale

     Bilal's, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, it is incorporated for profit.  Our goal is to complete the work of renovating the property that will serve Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry as the economic base for our growth as a people in and around our neighborhoods.

     This effort of selling 200 shares is an effort to establish businesses in the Philadelphia area initially, while keeping the goal of going beyond Philadelphia to other Cities in the Delaware Valley, and continue in our growth by reaching Cities and States beyond this area.

     The revenue that will be raised by the selling of shares will be used to renovate the property.  To also outfit it with the equipment needed to operate as a USDA certified Halal Meat Processing Plant.  Such funds will also be use for operation expenses by covering the cost to open with the supplies and livestock that's needed to serve a customer base.  Also to have the start up funds to employ a number of people to work in association with the plant for opening up to do business.  It will also stablize the growth ability by becoming debt free. as its cost to operate will be covered by investor's and or shareholders.

     Each share sells for $5,000.00 and we are looking for 200 interested individuals or groups to join in on the effort to empower our own by building in the Industry that will change the economics in our communities, our neighborhoods, our homes.  This body of 200 will be rewarded handsomely as they would be the base to get BITHI off the ground floor by responding to this call for 200 shares for sale.   

    Our belief is that we have among our own every field to begin opening businesses that compliment community life.  The effort is not to get or call on 200 meat handlers, we need all fields of operation.  Accountants, Bankers, Computer Technicians, Designers, Financial Directors, Developer's, Engineers, Architects, Chemist, Lawyers, Truck Drivers, Marketer's, Media, Farmers, Brokers, Livestock Handlers, Mechanics of all types, etc., in other words everything needed from A-Z to establish the community life through the Halal Industry.  

    We believe we can create from among ourselves a community worthy to stand, worthy to do business with, worthy to set the stage as leadership with other communities around the world serving the Humanity.  What will stop us from manufacturing and building for our selves as all other people do here in America, particularly, and I also believe they have no problem doing for their selves in any part of the world they go into.  Manufacturing will give to us as a people the ability to sit at the table with the rest of humanity and do trade with products we make in our own manufacturing plants.

  Don't think our term for manufacturing plants are limited to the meat, we mean to manufacture everything as a people like all other people do.  The opportunity through establishing our own Industry through Halal is ours to do.  The changing of our economics nationally is in our hands.   Come aboard study the plan that will change our lives, become a member among those desiring to create our on.
    What do you do, is it business worthy.  We must understand the nature of financing.  In most cases we as a people are kept out of being financed.  It is not all racism, it is mostly that we don't qualify our selves by aiding and supporting our own.

    Shares are offered and when they are it means a call is being made to do for self.  Any and all corporation's start off with a call of financial support whether it is direct or indirect.  Usually those who get in first has the opportunity for the greater benefit.  Even though many times we as a people are not offered an opportunity to do something in business that will advance us first, our progress is not even included.  Many times we are not included until it has been divided among others first to get large shares and then one day they come to us already multi millionaires asking us to join in and be like them, when truthfully those areas for money making for us are limited.  Every now and then a few of us make money, but the math is that they stay wealthy because its theirs, so we must have ours.

    Our national interest has been proven and we have stepped away from it as a majority.  Our history of the Nation Of Islam between the years of 1933-1975 left a proof that we can do business around the world and can for the most part control our own businesses.  We were not actual business people during those times but by following instructions, hearing and obeying, we took care of business and learnt a very important point in doing for self.

    The doors were opened to us to become salesmen when we stood on the corners or went from door to door with the paper carring our message.  The Muhammad Speaks was our reason to engage with our people and others on the message it bore.  We became popular when we added the Bean Pie, that introduction to the public made it that even to this day, when we put our hands on something to sell, the people love it.

    When we advanced in our business efforts by bringing in a million pounds of Whiting H&G to the shores of America from Peru, we changed the tides for African Americans.  Many cities benefited with the opening of Steak and Takes and many other ventures that bore our names as people to do business with.

    Think about it we were a Nation in spirit and belief, we accepted the fact that we were to begin developing as a new people with a future in front of us that was a blessing from Allah.  Nothing has changed, as a matter of fact it is better now than it has ever been.  We have Halal to anchor us in as having a true National Economic Plan a System for Our People.
    Take advantage of the opportunity to get a share.  Don't let your inability to write a check for the amount keep you away from benefitting.  You can be a special investor by paying $100.00 per month over 10 months or you can pay $100.00 per month over 50 months to have a full share.  Write us and let your intention be known even if you have no money and stay in touch to be involved, many times your intention followed by actions will out way the dollars.
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