Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
    Prison is real, and it has in one form or another plagued our lives.  Every family in America has some one that has been touched by prison.  Don't think every one in prison is a criminal, there are no doubt some who are there that need to be put under the prison, don't try to picture anyone until you finish this.

    In an intelligent Society such as ours very few should be imprisoned.  A good parent can go to prison because one parent filed against the other, whether the claim is found to be true or not, or one of the parents did not prove that they have taken care of their obligation; that had been taken care of without keeping receipts to prove it was done.  Once upon a time that may have been attributed to systematic racism working against our men, today maybe part of it is founded in self hatred, another part may be stupidity in the Justice system.  

    I have not witnessed any of the following, but the fact that a child could say their parent corrected them in a manner that the legislators stated cannot be done, which causes the parent to be carried off and put that parent in jail, I say I have not witnessed it because so many of today's parents have given up on correcting their own child, for fear of the child making a phone call to the authorities.  Because of this ruling (which should have never been accepted by African American people), in many cases, some I have witnessed, that same child grows out of control and end up in a youth camp or  jail as a discipline problem, or must be put on drugs to slow them down.  When we drop our responsibility and allow another people to dictate what is going to happen to us, we are lost and we suffer the lost of the family life that other people enjoy right in our faces..

    Then there are the criminal cases that an actual crime was committed and time was given, with no account for the fact that maybe some type of situation may have been put on a person to cause the crime, I am not justifying crime, but some crimes should not have happened without an agitation.  We have heard of unjust cases beyond the t.v. shows, real life, real injustices, and sometimes when an individual come home and want to live right, there is no way for them.  We are waiting for other people to employ our people who want to correct their lives when they come home.  So many come home only to return to prison, because there is nothing they recognize when they get home to help them.  We in most cases cannot give them a place to stay, can't employ them , can't train them nor are we set up to feed them, even though they have paid their debt to society.  They are coming home wanting to stay free seeking help in order to stay out of trouble, but they can't in many cases because nothing is set up for them.  These people are not coming home to the government, they are coming back home to their family, us, we must build so they will have a promising life style that will keep them away from error as they are trying to adjust.

     Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry must and will be involved in correcting lives of people who are willing to try.  We believe it is the obligation to correct society's ills once we see and recognize the sickness.  Why would a person turn to selling dope on the level most are working from, when they can have a better situation working at a fast food restaurant.  They would work less hours, they don't have to look over their shoulders, they are free to marry and live as normal people live, and in many cases they would get a real pay.

    Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry will Develop Valued Behavior by working with those who return home to improve, to have better character, with the willingness to try again.  We are not being blind to the reality we know initially every inmate does not want to work, we will work with those who want the guidance on improving their self worth.  The over all society, which has definitely worked to kill the confidence of our people, who have also diminished some of their own, they cannot be looked at to set a pattern to be fair and honest to those they have been setting traps for over hundreds of years, those who look upon them, our people (African Americans) in a manner that they have nothing, no material to save their selves, not having proper knowledge to save their selves and because of that, they are nothing.  You and I know that is not true, G-d says "We have created man in the most excellent mode", that statement G-d has made for every human being.  Well we have to take charge of our own "Blight", Imam Mohammed called on the "BAPP, Blight Arrest Pioneer Patrol" in the 70's.

    He was not calling us to become solders policing each other, he was calling us to take charge of our neighborhoods, be neighbors and clean it up, inside out.  In time the message would seep into us in a manner that guns would not be in our neighborhoods, because we know guns have been a death sentence for our people, no good has come to us to have guns.  He called us to clean up ourselves from drinking and drugs and ugly disrespectful ways, there was so much in BAPP, most was not ready and those who were, of course among us there was the haters, they were  among us to destroy the desire to do it, to follow Imam Mohammed's vision to strengthen our selves by taken pride in our selves and clean up our selves from the inside out.  Many of us got burned out by those with the scheme, so those who made up the body around the country for BAPP, sat on the side wondering , disliking what had happened.  Yet others took it up and they are being paid millions of dollars monthly and yearly by following what the Imam said in his early days of guiding us.  So I am saying this for a reason.

    We believe Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry will have the wealth, with that wealth we must have a department that serves to aid those who are sincere about correcting their lives before or after going to a Correctional Institution.  There are so many ways which will not help their lives, programs that seems to say all the right things but is not complete.  Those of us who are establishing the components of BITHI will work with them, those who want the help, to train them, help them in strengthening their selves against the weaknesses that traps them, after training we will guarantee them work, we only want workers, those who are capable we will train them more, working to help them become entrepreneurs.  They paid their debt, it is on us to make sure they do not fall into the trap again, right back in prison because no one considers the fact they need real help.  BITHI will help by giving them the opportunity, a true opportunity.

    You know we let this society look down on those who made the mistakes, well, where we are concern as a people, our country made a big mistake in the way we were treated and we are very forgiven, we must give the same to our people returning home from prison, as long as they are willing to live better lives and they are willing to live productive lives, we must open real avenues to them.  The husbands, the fathers that are trying will not be able to change the hope in their families if they are not able to change the patterns in their lives, together we must work to rebuild our lives.   
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