Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Business is not Industry
     Most of us when we are read to, we may say with a hint of pride (good or bad pride), I can read, they don't have to read it to me, I am not stupid.  We don't have to be stupid, while at the same time we are wrong, about something we did not look deep enough into.  Do you know how many things you can produce from the hide of a cow.  I hope you are picturing a few things as you read this.  Well lets address that behavior, it is normal to bring pictures into our minds when we hear something, it does not have to be words, a sound tells us something, a smell tells us something, lights can be out and it is pitch black we are trying to move about, we then count on our feel; on our feet, on our reaching to touch what we cannot see.  Yet when in an unknown environment we may be wrong about what made the sound, or what was the smell and definitely what we feel around us in the dark.  So we are not stupid we just cannot explain the fullness of what we don't know.  This is very normal for every human being and all creatures that G-d has created, He has left the knowledge of everything to Himself, but He cause everything He created to come to know.

     So now that we have addressed that maybe we can discuss what is above this writing as a subject to the title.  Without going real deep, any one of us who wants to go into business we have several reasons.  
  • We want to control our own wealth, and we have come to believe that we have a better chance at doing that if we are in business, rather than to work a 9 to 5 for some one else.

  •     We also may say, I want to go into business so when my children comes of age, I can get them what they want, or I can guarantee that I can pay the tuition for their education, all the way through to college, because I want my children to do better.

  •     We might say I want to live a certain way, in a certain type of home with a certain type of vehicle, and I want to be able to travel when I want without any one telling me I can't go, I want to be my own boss.

  •     We may say, I want to change the condition for some people in my family, or among my friends, and maybe even help some people I don't know, as long as they are good workers and doing what I want them to do. 

    These are a few reasons for wanting to be in business and with the best construction on all these it is still about "I".   We definitely must say, I got to get a loan, then I can make it happen.  The point is that in business most of it is about "I".  There may be a small amount of "we" and "us", but mostly it is about "I", even when the business is joined by other family members, it is bigger than the individual "I" but it is still "I" compared to the number of people around you.  Nothing at all is wrong with this.  Most of us don't qualify for loans, and especially to get enough to ensure the business to become qualified to make millions.  The establishments are not necessarily keeping you out because of your race or gender, but it is just a fact that most people regardless of race, gender, etc. do not qualify for enough money to make them big in business, to make them millionaires and billionaires.

    Our religious organizations give chicken dinners and the like, but the worst part is as many as there are, they don't get together and cause all of them to benefit as one, instead every one of them have an event to raise money on the same night.  They ask the same few people to support.  This is a distraction to the poor giver, it is not going to be as affective as it would be if all of the religious organizations got together and mapped out a strategy.  A strategy that would be so affective, that when it is over each entity could share in the proceeds of working together.  It is far more successful if the plan is discussed with all involved, and to pick the best for all that will cause all to do well, without such it is like the "I" pattern.

     Like wise in business, our small enterprises may need start up money of about 25 to 50 thousand dollars, and we don't have that, nor do we have a circulation of money to help us go into business.  This did not just come about because some have bad habits, there are some great people who cannot get their idea off the ground because we cannot get the loan or we don't have all the paper trails that others want us to have.  Did you know in most cases for other people they don't have the paper trail, but they are not a distraction to each others wants or abilities.

     Because we all say we want to go in business does not mean we will get the support from those nearest to us, and for real they cannot support everyday any way.  So business has to be supported from among us, but it must be with us, just as it is with every other people.  G-d says His practice does not change.  How one people are helped, is the same way the other people are helped and find success.  In mid stream you cannot change who you are, and who you are is complete with what is needed to fulfill it, that which a business person seeks, but they must also have the support like all others in their ideas.  We have heard since we have used the term Industry, we have heard many say their industry, they are working on their industry, but they don't know what an industry is or how it is formed.  

     Don't give up but this is how you can test your self to see if you have an industry or a business (large or small), ask your self, in what you are doing, how many millionaires, multi millionaires or billionaires can the business you are starting produce and how soon.

    We believe our Industry (our industry is our working together, that includes you) can produce millionaires overnight, multi millionaires within months and at least a billionaire in less than a year.  Read our material and call us, this is not a business, it is Industry, Industry has the ability to create businesses.  Help us to come speak with a group of people in your area, you are interested in business and we are about Industry, we need each other.  Become a Special Investor, we need you to be one of the one thousand people or groups, that we need to invest $1,000.00, we want you to let us use that one time investment for five years, this is how we will take ourselves out of poverty, not one of us, but we will take our people out of poverty.  Why did G-d give to us a way, it is His guidance that has been given to us, but why?  If you don't believe that in the guidance is also the wealth then it is not G-d you believe in, our people no different from any other people must follow the pattern from G-d, that is where all wealth comes from.

     Contact us read this material, send others to contact us by e-mail or call us (267) 515-3269

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