Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

     There are a number of things we would like to share with you, concerning this Industry. We want you to know, how it fits into the picture for our future, that is, for the future of our people.  Our question is, what could we do to make you see all that can be done?  We believe, together, we can create Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires, from among our own, in every City throughout our Country, and beyond.  We would like to start off with a few statements that should bring about the following questions:

  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • Why isn't it that way?
  • Who would stop such from happening?
  • Is it really possible for anyone else to do so?
  • Then, why can't we?

     There are statements in Scriptures to help every human being find their value and their place, if they believe.  These statements that we would like to use here are the following:  

  • We have created man in the most excellent mold
  • We have made every child of Adam honorable
  • If every man and jinn were to ask Me for all they can think of, all at the same time, I can give it to them and it would not take anything from My wealth
  • I am the Rich and I am the Provider
  • I hear the prayer of every supplicant
  • With all that you have, seek paradise, but don't forget to get your share of this life

     These statements from Scriptures, when we look at them properly, in a way to see them as more than words, or more than to fit a story type picture which so many may miss the meaning.  When we look at the meaning deeper, we would see that for those who believe, it is a true story of life forming in us, and it is for us to be built upon, and from that we would clearly see that G-d is telling humanity something about His self that should encourage man to step out and be, to create, to make something in the world we live in.


     Man should not limit their selves, most do, even the top among us limit our selves to believing there is a top, some one over us that we seek to please, but in most cases that top is another human, not G-d.  G-d says to everyone He is the provider of everything, you cannot get knowledge, your body can't grow, nor would you have nourishment for your body to move about, you name it, you will not have it as a aid to you, if G-d did not provide it.  Even when we use a thing wrong, that is our error but G-d intended for us to benefit by it.  G-d says to man if everyone, everything in creation calls out for as much as they can call out for at the same time, He can supply it and it wont take nothing from His wealth.


     We want to place here the questions, beginning with why?  Why do anyone think if they would believe and do works based on that belief, why can't everyone, who would like, be either a millionaire, multi-millionaire or billionaire, why can't they be so.  You may say it ain't about money, well tell the rest of the world that.  Money is a tool, if you want to send your child to college, there are certain tools that must be in place.  The child must have the ability to learn further than regular school, the child must have proved they would be useful by the grades they got and the character they displayed to advance them to college or the likes.  Then the tool of money is important, it can be in cash, check, loan, grant or what ever the college accepts but it all translate into money.   So if we ask G-d to help us as a people, we cannot leave out money and we cannot think G-d is troubled by our asking to be wealthy to serve Him better.  If you had wealth and you think it won't make you serve G-d better, then if you are broke or have average income right now, you probably are not serving Him anyway, that is if you think money wont make you a stronger more influential servant of His.  So we say why not?  You, all of us working as one can be wealthy, and we ask why not?


     Why not?  We don't need to elaborate on the condition of our people here in America going back better than 200 years ago.  Erased of everything, we were not there, we are the remains of that product, the slave, the trade of humans not just to work, to trade their life from excellence or honorable as all other people, the trade was to make us animal like.  Think about it, human but animal like, we still looked like humans but we were animal like, no ability to think or to do for self, no different than the horse, cattle, lamb, on and on and on.  G-d had His plan working in that, "do you see how I take the living from the dead".  We are alive today as thinkers in the same country where we made to serve and become animal like, non thinkers through the era of slavery that was placed on our ancestors.  Don't loose the connection.  Why not?  Why wouldn't G-d cause us to come into a knowledge by one calling us to something different, that would help us see and think differently.  The knowledge came in and no one saw it, like a thief in the night or better yet, G-d's plan will not be frustrated.  He bless whom He please, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was the help that G-d gave us for this particular thinking, free of the dark teaching we were getting, turning on lights for us and encouraging us that we can "stand up and accomplish what we will".  Then another came and cleared up everything we had gotten from that strengthening teaching, we were strong enough to stand on our own legs, but G-d gave us a man in Imam W.D. Mohammed to fill the empty vessels with His (G-d)words; "wait until I put My Spirit in them".  You have to believe in Scriptures, not some Scriptures all of them.  G-d said, "they believe in what was sent to you and that which was sent to those before you".  Our Leader and Teacher, Imam W.D. Mohammed put that in us, so we could not just look like we were going around the world by having our hands out stretched on Muhammad Speaks, No!  This Imam gave us the reality, it would make us able, presentable to do business around the world.  So we ask, why not?  Why do you think we can't do it?

     The great teachers, and we don't want to forget the stimulus, W.D. Forty as our Leader has so called the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teacher, the man who applied the oil to move this machine from the Nation Of Islam, to the Ministry of Imam W.D. Mohammed, or by any other name he used, it could of been called kindergarten, grade school, junior high, high school, college and universities, but they all belonged to the Ministry of Imam W.D. Mohammed, they moved us where we were suppose to be for the next movement.  When you get out of college you go to work.  When the Prophet Muhammad (puhp) went into the heavens, when he returned, the knowledge and its source did not change, the believers had to continue on the road of sound Qur'anic knowledge as delivered by the Prophet himself, but it was implementation time, time to build.  Prophet Muhammad (puhp) was taken on the trip that taught him how man was built to establish the community life.  The City of the Prophet came alive after the visit to the heavens, seeing all the Prophets, he was given all of the connections.  Imam W.D. Mohammed has done that also, he taught us to connect the Scriptures and he helped us to come to understand the gift G-d gives to humanity, it is not something everyone will see or accept.  So we might say, why isn't it that way?  It isn't that way because we have not put our thinking together as one, to see when we get something for all of us to share, that is the oneness that G-d gives too, why not?  Do you believe you are incapable of making or becoming the new millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires.  The world is as it is because the most excellent character, the most honorable worth for humanity has not been directing the world.  G-d has prepared us, anyone that would like to say it is not us, even if we want to join in also and say it is not us, anyone saying that will not turn back what G-d has caused to be in front of us, on us and for us.  "You cannot frustrate G-d's plan".

    Think about it, why isn't it that way?  The most excellent character, the most honorable ways have not been followed to its conclusion, men have taken their power and their control of dollars as their own control.  No honor in that, that is not the excellent character.The excellent character would share all of the wealth, to make life better for all rather than a few, because the power, the wealth belongs to G-d.  To have insurance because you are wealthy and forget to help the people who you gain your wealth off of, that is not honorable.  That entire group is at their conclusion as Imam W.D. Mohammed would say.  If they are at their conclusion who will G-d utilize to stimulate the environment for prosperity to return for all.  In the Scriptures He used Yusef (Joseph) over the market place, the store house.  In this day and time Imam W.D. Mohammed is over the store house, he is the Yusef, we his students are the Yusef.  Some of his students by G-d's permission will handle the market place, the store house for putting out this material, teaching it in institutions we will build this Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry 2014 and beyond.  Some of his students will rise to lead in the Country to bring honorable character to the market place, the store house of politics, the students as a collective will keep the worshipers on track, even though there are those seeking to be in the circle of the students who were not there in the past, thats alright maybe they will learn as others do.  Why not?  We have been trained for these areas almost 85 years as a community guided by G-d.

     We venture to say with the utmost sincerity and humility that we believe G-d has blessed this focus, the vision of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry to become the finance end to our growth and implementation of institutions all over our Country, institutions we must have, why not?  We believe G-d has blessed us with the vision to create millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires in every State, and in time every City, and we need to do so, why not?

     Who would stop such from happening?  In the past it would have been the greedy who played on the ignorance of people.  The people who did not know how to do the things to build what they are in need of.  They did not realize industry is an individual growing outside of self, and meeting the same needs for more than self.  Among us, it is only us that will stop us, we allow the old ghost of slavery to kick in, then we say various things to stop our progress or our own involvement.  Among some of our people it is said, "I would help but they ain't going to make it", G-d willing we will make it but you should be on board.  Some of our people will say, "they ain't going to let them do this, they always stop us from doing for our own", they who, we want the same help they got when they did it, the help of self, and we want the help and the guidance of G-d and we want to never be without that guidance.  Some of our people will say "I got my own business", that is correct your own business that we pray can make you a millionaire, in your life time, but we are calling on 1000 people to get involved by putting up $1,000.00, which would be just enough to begin growing the industry, making it viable to create millionaires, etc., in their own businesses, and in newly created businesses.  We don't have lenders that is willing to make us wealthy as a people.  It does not make a difference what bank or lending institution you know, they are not set up, or we should say, we are not set up in most cases to get the funding we need, We believe Bilal's, Inc The Halal Industry has that possibility.  If it takes a million dollars to live just a normal life, then why are we accepting less.  A politician, less than ten years ago said when asked, what do he consider a middle class person or middle class family, this was concerning their dollar bracket, he replied "if they have $5 million".  Now if that is how others see things, and we don't, we are still in the status of being reduced to the animal level, because most of us think we could not ever have a million dollars, why not?  That is not the thinking we need to have going into 2015.  If at the beginning of 2015 you received one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) clear, with that you have two children in college, if you wanted to buy a home and a decent car, and you paid taxes on all of it, and you want to pay the house off, you would probably have less than or around four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000.00) left.  That was one year spending, that's not gas, food, insurances, maintenance, etc., we believe you see where we are going, think like a millionaire, not less than one, you are as you see your self.  

    Every group of people works to create wealth for their selves and their people here in America.  We can create wealth for our selves.  We need to be reoriented on wealth and doing for self  Change what you want as wealth, want what G-d offers you, not what man has limited our thinking to.

     Is it really possible for anyone else to do so?  Every people has done so except ours.  We have the spirit of supporting others in our community, the streets paved with gold is where they do business, our community remains broke, and they become wealthy.  G-d allows us to see how they find wealth in a people, who claim to have no wealth.  We can do as all other people do, become one with Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry and let us make it happen in our community, among our people, lets generate new wealth, why not? 

     Then why can't we?  We can, we believe this program that we have started cannot be matched for our people.  We believe there is nothing being generated any where unless it is being copied from here, we believe G-d has blessed us with this mission.  We don't believe He gives to us all of this energy, all of this spirit that you can read page after page, that we await for you to read it, and tell us why we cannot as a people find our own success.  He does not give it to you for you to think it cannot happen, He gives it to you for your faith to increase in Him, then you go out and make it happen.  We need just a few people, why we cannot invest in such a program, ask yourself, if you are reading and not investing share with us, WHY?.  There is no match we believe 100% that this is the project for implementation of our direction for funding.  We are not to beg the brothers of the east or anywhere else.  We are not to beg period, when we have so many being called to just do a little for the bigger picture.  We are and have been trained to strive for excellence, and we have been cautioned to stay on the seat of honorability, this work is ours to do.  We must see our selves helping our people.

     Join on with us, if you have not yet take the time and read the web page, contact us at
If you like to invest send your check payable to BILAL'S, INC. P.O.Box 42050 Philadelphia, PA 19101 you can call 267-515-3269

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