Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Catastrophic Funds







Halal Manufacturing Plant Will Aid Humanity:

  •  The Muslim community must have its support to aid when catastrophic situation affect humanity anywhere
  •  These funds will not be limited to but is expected to pay for engineers, contractors, equipment to be sent to areas to aid in areas where destruction has fallen upon man 




We Must Support in Neighborly Needs

  •  This need may be repair because of hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, floods or the like
  •  The need may also be medical, food, water or other needs
  •  We want to cover the expense to send support to such needs 



Category (4) Meet Neighborly Needs by Establishing the first Plant

The Plant Supporting Humanity:

    BITHI has among its goals to support through this category with aid to those in need when a catastrophic situation occur.  BITHI will not limit its funds to this category for any particular amount to be used in any area, for any race, any religion for its support to the situation.  The fact that when humanity suffers because of some uncontrollable force of nature that demands the help of people from all over, BITHI wants to be included in that call for support to aid humanity.

    BITHI will designate 20% of its profits to go into this category to build up revenue to be used along with others to bring calm to area’s that has caused much havoc in people’s lives.  This havoc is not in most cases brought to calm by the individuals and families who suffer a total change in their lives because of such forces of nature.   The fact that such devastation causes their overwhelming need to make the call for help from people, groups, institutions from everywhere to lend a hand to restore calm in their lives after such tragedies.  These forces of nature include some of the following, but are not limited to these alone:

  •  Floods affecting and destroying homes, businesses, etc.
  •  Fires (forest, bush, home, etc.)
  •  Hurricane, tornadoes, typhoons, etc.
  •  Earthquakes, volcano’s, etc.
  •  Mud slides
  •  Sicknesses needing massive support to contain the disease, virus, etc.

    BITHI’s goal is to involve the Muslim Community in support with its profits to the human concerns.  Aiding in matters that happen that in most cases, no one could cause it to happen in order to affect areas, people, animal life or environments with this type of massive destruction. 

    BITHI’s effort is not to stand out to be seen or noticed, but instead to guarantee that profits belonging to BITHI are necessary to help by supporting workers of all types to become part of the mass moved to aid.  One of our chapter’s in the Qur’an calls us to neighborly needs.  This need is not limited to the person or family next door, but it could be the neighborhood next to ours in the City, or the City next to our City, the State next to our State, the Country near or distant to our Country, we must be very much involved especially when humanity is faced with a crisis, the type burdens we all must lend a hand to.

    The Founder of BITHI reserves the right to extend this wealth stored through this category to choose which effort should receive the aid.  This is to say the information will be looked at as to the facts of the problem by paid professionals among the BITHI team to establish the needs in every situation before giving to the call for support.  BITHI believes in the priority of things, the first incident or crisis, nature of the needs based on the crisis, the ability to gather the needy people from among the Muslim community, the ability to gather the needed material and or machinery to do the work.  These are area’s to look at first that would be the beginning of the gathering of importance as for the information needed to decide who or what should be serviced first, as well how much help BITHI can support month to month.

    BITHI will make every effort to put together a team that will be able to respond with its measure of support needed to aid the overall call to the catastrophic situation wherever it may be.  This support will not be money in the bank that is sent to an area but instead it will be an established operation to serve after the full investigation is made then analyzed to design the best and clearest design for the support BITHI would be able to supply for the needs to be known in order to prepare fully in support.  To begin this category the following will be the process:

  •  From the original investment from 1,000 Special Investor’s up to 10% will be put into this category (4)
  •  Once the plant is operating 20% of all profits from BITHI’s Mega Business will be put into category (4)
  •  From this account of funds, at some point a property will be acquired to serve as the headquarters of BITHI Catastrophic Emergency Fund a non-profit entity
  •  BITHI through C.E.F. will hire its own staff of professionals that will serve from around the country from headquarters.  These professionals will include every field which will include the spiritual body, an intellectual body as well hands on teams to serve in the field
  •  BITHI through C.E.F. will establish operations with equipment around the country to serve as employable entities but will be deployed to the crisis situation any where in the country 
  •  BITHI's staff for such operations will establish for building the communities representing the University of Islam and other communities will be the work place for this body of contractor’s when there is no crisis to dispatch to
  •  BITHI will keep all employed based on the amount of finance  it takes to serve per year and will increase the numbers when the finance is matching the needs to expand the employ of the various contractors to meet the needs of BITHI’s C.E.F.    

    BITHI believes the positive hand in the community of America will give the best picture as to what our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) was as a model pattern to the whole of humanity.  BITHI's goal is to live the life that has been shown to us through revelation.









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