Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

College Funds







Halal Manufacturing Plant Will Support Colleges:

  •  BITHI’s category (5) will seek out colleges to support
  •  The initial help will be to colleges that has had minimal to no support in the past and presently; the African American Colleges or Universities
  •  Any college or university can get the support but the most needy must be first
  •  A team of experts from BITHI will keep up to date information of the needs by partnering with colleges and understanding their daily and annual needs


BITHI Efforts to Support Higher Learning

  •  BITHI will put 20% of its profits from the Mega Businesses into the account for category (5) to support colleges by way of Scholarships
  •  BITHI will also apply these funds to help the institutions needs in areas of need  


Category (5) To Support Colleges by Establishing the first Plant

The Plant Supporting Colleges:

    BITHI has among its goals to help those who are seeking education through colleges and universities.  Over the years it has been evident that many of our children miss out on higher learning well before its time to prepare for college or the universities throughout this country. 

     BITHI recognizes that the great numbers of our children who do prepare well before time and apply to the college or university of their choice, they then face the struggle to find the funds to go to the one of their choice.  They may have been of the spirit to go further but because of finance at the least they have to change their chose, some become discouraged and never follow the goal for college.

     BITHI wants to utilize this category to establish the emergency funds for our young first who are working hard to go to college but do not have the funds.  Through this category BITHI plans the following:

  •  BITHI will begin this category as all the others were started with 10% of the original investment by the 1,000 investor’s
  •  BITHI will continue this fund by depositing in it 20% of all profits from the Mega Businesses that belong to BITHI
  •  Through the funds deposited in this category a property will be purchased to establish the office separate from all other’s as a non-profit to serve in finding those in need to be supported to go to college as well to find the college that have needs that BITHI will support to make it a more productive facility
  •  Through the funds a staff will be hired for the purpose of finding those who will need help to apply for funding from BITHI to go to college
  •  Through the funds a staff separate from the above will seek out colleges that needs to have extra funding to aid the facility its self
  •  BITHI’s effort will be first to aid the most needy child or children, as well the most needy facility or facilities 

     BITHI has established these categories with a purpose to aid in changing the manner in which people are selected for funding to aid the students achieve.  BITHI believes Allah The Most High has given us this vision to level the playing field.  Each person each facility that seeks should have aid, BITHI would like to make its profits serve humanity through first serving its own people to make these achievements.

     BITHI is encouraged to find the success for its own people by studying the history of the many countries and nations that have found success for their people by being obedient to what Allah The Granter and Provider of all things has call them to.  We must find the same success by the same means.  Allah says in the Qur’an “Allah’s Sunnah never change”.  We must change the way we see it and it will be there for us also.








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