Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People



    The most important date of any development is the start up.  No need to look at a finishing date if you don't have the start up date.  We are making the call for your support, to be one of 1,000 of us coming together to change how we live in our community.  Change the fact that we own nothing in our own neighborhood, we can make this change as Special Investors, to make this vision come into its reality we must change how we see the businesses that are being established in our community.

     This information is for those who can afford to put $1,000.00 away for five years as an investment, we are asking each of you to prepare to remove from your account, from your savings, from your stash, or what ever you may call it, remove $1,000.00 and put it in the form of a postal money order or cashier's check payable to "BILAL'S, INC.", and mail it to P.O. Box 42050, Philadelphia, PA 19101,  we are asking you to begin today as you read this material in which we pray helps you to see why you should become a Special Investor in Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.

     Our ability to set the actual date begins when the Special Investors, you and others forward your check to us.  Through this investment process we are expecting to have the plant operating by the Spring of 2016.   The Special Investor's support will cause the growth and progress by those being employed by this Industry (BITHI) to bring the plant up to par to open with its USDA reserve number being granted after inspection by the inspectors from USDA. The opening of the plant will give to us as a whole the ability to produce and supply large amounts of poundage in meat products to be sold in the City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley Region where the plant is located.  With our growth through sales we expect to have a growing customer base outside of the areas mention, we will increase the efforts for developing customers, throughout the Country.

    On the 15th day of each month, by way of meetings, the Special Investors will share in the progress report.  In this the purpose is to have all of the Special Investors witness and give their input on the progress of BITHI.  Such progress reports will not only include what is happening at the plant, it will also include the announcement of the businesses that are supported from the first investment by the Special Investors.  This will also be the meeting where the first investments made for the purchasing of property, where BITHI will be creating a mega business to be developed upon, would be discuss.  All information concerning each project will be made known and shared with the investors.  At the same meeting, it will be made clear as to where we are looking at to make purchases for property, material or anything that applies to the growth of BITHI.  We will share where we plan to put money on land, such land that we look to begin developing the University, Which will be built in more than one state to educate our young.  We want the type educational facilities that opens up to a great future for teaching our young and others.  BITHI will be developing through the one time support made by these Special Investors to bring the vision to life for us and our people.  

    BITHI's progress as it works within the plans will show and share with the Special Investors in the monthly meetings where we have begun to acquire these entities and what are the plans to develop each area that has already been outlined as a goal of BITH. This activity done by the Special Investor's support for the vision of BITHI are for the economical growth for our people.  No doubt these properties have come about because of the Special Investors involvement and may be developed for those Special Investors to maintain and manage once they are developed in their own entity or business.  BITHI goal is to put the 1,000 Special Investors in business for their selves.

    Remember the picture of our vision is to create Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires.  We can do it, we don't have to ask can we, Allah has given it to us, the same ability that all other people had and continue to have, we must get back to what we use to here as youngsters, "JUST DO IT".

  • We do not believe investors must wait a year to find out what is happening
  • We want to share each month in the manner of mutual consulting as to our growth
  • We do not believe investors should not be a part of the happenings monthly  
  • We believe the Special Investors are those who have made it happen, therefore the progress must reach them first, BITHI will use its profits to put each one in business 
  • We believe the Special Investors will be filled with pride as they help in building this Industry to give to our people a National Economic Plan 
  • We believe we can collectively do this, and only us, we are the only ones who will fail or lose if we don't do it 

    Read the pages from our web page, dealing with Special Investors, investing and our steps to success, this will explain to you what is needed of you and what will be given to you as to vouchsafe your investment.

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