Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Decisions by Investor's

    We have a term which is used to direct us to our conduct in decision making.  The term is Shuraa Baynahum which means mutual consultation, to make decisions involving all that are concerned in making the decision.  We want every investor to be a part of the decision process that causes the industry to grow.  Our goal is to have all of the investor's involved in Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry's (BITHI) growth.

    It is important that the word spreads quickly that the growth in economy is now taken place in the African American community.  The interest is to give our youth a future by making a future for them right before their eyes, to reach this goal the following will be a schedule that will begin once we have the 1,000 investor's in place.
  • On the 15th day of each month a standard meeting will be held for all investor's.  No matter where they live in the country, some form of technology will allow everyone to be present without leaving their area's 
  • Information will be shared via webinar, phone conference, international radio, t.v., and all up to date media methods for communicating to various areas around the globe, allowing BITHI to speak and share with their investor's 
  • Everyone will be identified in order to join in with these meetings which will be limited to investor's participation in votes, discussions, etc.
  • BITHI will have a team of researchers who will travel and investigate any situation that will be put before the investor's as candidates for loans, purchases of land, etc., or where the possibility exist for institutions to be established 
  • The information will be given by way of various social networking tools for a vote of support for the loans to be given to individuals, groups etc., that qualify in either of the three areas which will be supported by approximately $100,000.00 each in the first month.  These area's are expected to grow each month, financially, based on this exposure and involvement to bring on new investor's
  • The investigation should be thorough in order to give the recipient the best opportunity to receive this support as well to give the voters the maximum amount of information to make an intelligent choice as well to increase the energy for success for the purpose of doing something for self;  creating our own industry by way of BITHI
  • The repayment plan will be laid out, as well as the amount to be given to the candidate of choice made by investor's, also a declaration as to why such an amount will be given to those selected
  • Each month there after there will be another sum of money for each of the departments to be given as a loan to whom ever have been selected by researching their information and then the final decision which will be made by the investor's, this is BITHI's method to give investor's the opportunity to become entrepreneur's by doing for self through their initial investment 

    Don't delay your opportunity to be involved in making our own industry work for us.  Go back and read "Our Steps to Success" 1 & 2.


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