Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Exclusive Industry
    How does anything become an exclusive, what makes an exclusive necessary or real to peoples success, is there something we can do or must have for us to have an exclusive as a people, are there benefits for us if we recognized an exclusive is real for us.  We can look in the dictionary and we will find some of the definitions are as follows: 
    1. reserved for a particular person (group),    
    2. not taking into account, 
    3. excluding or having the power to exclude (have been excluded for the same reasons),
    4. undivided, 
    5. single, sole, 
    6. a right. 
These definitions has through circumstances been tailored to fit us as a people both pro and con.

    There's no question how slavery, poverty, ignorance, etc., through history become our lot, or fitted just for us as a people.  Not all individuals from among us accept that even though our history would bear the proof of it, but those individuals who are not accepting those labels, they could not escape the plight of the people born of the same burdens here in our country, the United States of America.  This is not a bad thing, G-d has favored us, we must see the favor in ourselves as all other people do, as they have done and as they will continue to do.  The exclusivity is birth in us or upon us for more then the ills of our society that continues to be what seems like a plague upon us as a people, it is proven through Scriptures that G-d has a plan that will out do, out strip any other plans, no matter who or how many plan against G-d, it does not work.  We are in a time that the bottom will become the top, the last will become the first.  Not to be unjust but to bring a relief for fairness to the table.  The world gave a sigh of relief when our President, Barak H. Obama became the 44th president.  That relief is to say the possibility for humanity is back, for morality  it's back.  

    Is this a Muslim thing?  No it is a human thing but being a Muslim gives our people credits, enabling us as a people to to stand up and have something to offer also as a people not as a religious group alone.  So our first picture for exclusivity was the fact for which we were brought to these shores.  Our suffering has been felt by all people and all people await to see G-d's help to humanity, and who needs it more than us as a people.  So as African Americans or any name that we have identified with through out our time in America, through it G-d has given to us an exclusivity that likened itself more as a burden, but it is in time the great benefit.  We have to trust that G-d's plan was and is working and there is no need to see it as a burden but as a reward that is coming to help humanity through us. The American system utilized us as a people to promote the economics for the survival of this country, we are in part, the reason that it is as strong as it is today.  This is considered the strongest nation, it is our country and we will benefit by doing what others have done; to work for their selves and to consider their selves.  We must see our growth and success from G-d through Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry.
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave to us another form of exclusivity.  Many of our own people would have identify with us openly, but they were seen as back room quiet supporters.  Many of the leaders of the African American society did not openly profess agreement with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but their support was proving by the language change, the naming of many of their children with what is termed Muslim names.  Many would say they are not strong enough to be with us but they are proud when they see us.  Many have said we know you won't back down you will take us where we need to go.  So much more could be said, but the point is that we were on the battle front, separated from all others because of our terms taught to us by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  There were radicals that were not discipline enough to go all the way to the Islam of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but in such terms the freedom of understanding and accepting the faith of Islam rang true through the following of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Muhammad Ali did not create himself, by the permission of G-d he was formed, shaped and fortified by the language of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Through this body of words in which Muhammad Ali lived, the Supreme Court secured Muhammad Ali from imprisonment by stating in fact Islam is a religion of G-d, being practice in America by G-d fearing people, this was an exclusive from among the African American who was yesterday an exclusive change made by the slave of America.  

    Another student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, our Brother El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Minister Malcolm X [Little]), whose life transformed right before the worlds eyes as we can see with technology today.  The world seen that the language of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad took Malcolm's life of crime and pushed it so far in the past that today right at fifty (50) years beyond his death he is recognized as one of the greatest leaders and persons of character among African American people.  Again this was not Malcolm or Cassius that did this, it was the exclusive language giving to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad by G-d, whether we understand that language or not.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad never left the plight of our people, letting us know that G-d has a plan for us and we must clean our selves up to get G-d's words poured into our empty vessels.  He himself said he could not put the word of G-d in us, it would be done after he is gone by one who G-d will prepare Himself, he said this one will not come with my message he will come with one of his own, G-d will guide him.

    So this work among our people solely was to point out that G-d was giving exclusive attention to our situation, and that fits Scripture.   In the form of language the Honorable Elijah Muhammad created a industry, a system that could maintain its self and sustain others.  We were not producers of anything, but the language motivated us to survive as if we had our own, as if we were able to supply our own.  A ship would pull into the docks with millions of pounds of fish, the order would be given by the Captains of the NOI, they would dispense the same order through the ranks around the country and within hours to days those millions of pounds were being cut done and the men would be waiting for the arrival of the next ship load to come in.  This was our industry in progress.  It was never done like that in America before, but coming from the slave of America, it is proof that G-d has given to us exclusivity.  
    Imam Wallace D. Mohammed (Abp)  (aka Imam Warithud [inheritor of] Deen [debt/religion]  Mohammed [his father and Prophet Muhammad puhp]), inherited the debt of Muhammad (puhp), he was born for the mission.  He was lifted upon the shoulders of the Leaders of the Nation Of Islam as a symbolic gesture that the community as a whole accepts him as the new leadership for the Nation Of Islam when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad passed.  He began giving us the word of G-d, giving us greater understanding of what his father and his fathers teacher taught, giving us the clear life of the Prophet of G-d, Muhammad (puhp).  Imam Mohammed after giving permission for many to leave his leadership, if they liked, was slandered and rejected by a few that thought they could amass numbers against his way of seeing things.  They forgot that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the next one is not coming to give you what I gave you, if he gives you that, he is not the one, he said the one coming will give you the word of G-d, he will bring you face to face with G-d.  So our leader who had an exclusive and extraordinary teaching himself, said he had been given guidance by G-d Himself, it had to also be exclusive and extraordinary to take us further.  Imam W.D. Mohammed began encouraging those who would, to study what he was saying, to do so and question it, find proofs for what he says to them of the religion, concerning G-d, and the Prophet(s).   His language was not duplicatable and indisputable with old arguments that none had answers for.  Most who raged fury in their own mind were lovers of other people.  It is nothing wrong with loving other people but you must learn to first love your own, even when their understanding of a thing is different from yours.  

    Imam Mohammed gave to us conversation in Halal by teaching us mainly to be obedient to G-d, when you are obedient to G-d first, and do not put the money or business of Halal first , all other things will come naturally.   This made us (Bilal's, Inc.) take a closer look at those already serving us with what we thought was Halal, the majority of those selling to us from among our people or others was not given to us what we were suppose to have.  When you don't know your religion people from among you and others will sell you products based on your sentiments concerning the product.  A blind person not relying on all his/her other senses will always be in the dark as to what is happening to them, a seeing person not knowing the traps will also be as that blind person if not worst.   

    Imam Mohammed created in language a spirit for a new industry, remember a phrase that is coined by him, "from dust to industry" .  This industry, similar but greater than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's vision, created a force that moved obstacles belonging to the larger body in the religious world.  We were no longer given quotes that are normally given to lay people, preachers and the like, this new language transformed us into a community of human beings instead of black people, religious people, etc., we began to transcend to all areas, from the great halls of Congress, the Senate, the President, down through the Governors, Mayors and all officials of various boards, Education, Prison, Hospitals, Military and more, traveling around the world to share with all religious groups, doing business around the world, this was being done while a handful of our own people looked on with jealous and envious eyes, saying he ain't this or he ain't that, well we knew one thing for sure based in Scriptures, based in the teachings of our previous leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we knew for a fact he, Imam W.D. Mohammed was and is G-d's man.  This man with this language that opens the doors to heaven created the spirit to see in us an industry, G-d placed it there in every individual, an exclusive and extraordinary industry in us that none can claim, they can come in and be a part but they cannot claim it to be theirs, no this Industry that wears Imam W.D. Mohammed's credentials, these certificates belong to those who remained believing and knowing that this day was coming for us to produce it; Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  On three levels, we are an exclusive Industry, and yes we are Yusef over the Market Place.
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