Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Halal 12 Springs
    Imam W.D. Mohammed, in a private meeting with my wife and I sometime in 2005, he discussed the number 12 and how important it is and how it is referred to in Scriptural knowledge.  He was referring to two cities that were very important to him.  He said it like this, "I am very interested in seeing two cities that are close to my heart come back up, the two cities are #12, Philadelphia, PA  and Newark, NJ".  Once stating that in that manner he went on to say I am not saying Philadelphia just because of my Ministry starting there, he said, Philadelphia is mentioned in the Scriptures by name and the number 12 has great spiritual references, he mentioned Ezekiel's Wheel, the apostles of Christ Jesus were 12", and a couple more references numbering 12, then he said and "my heart is with the Ministers who are no longer with us but they worked so hard to teach the people there in Newark, NJ.  I would like to see it grow and heal, not losing the people".
    As with everything the Imam stated he asked his students to take it to its conclusion, whatever we see he stated why would we stop at that, whatever we hear, why stop there, G-d will bless you to understand in time if you just take it.  With that information we, Bilal's, Inc. looked at the Halal Industry serving humanity not Muslims, that is to small, it is big but bigger if we understood it as all other people came into their own.
    The Scriptures says strike the rock and twelve springs will gush forth, each tribe will know their spring from which to drink.  That is good information and it seems in some of the writings that it is a picture just for the Jewish community, yet G-d says My Sunna never changes, so as Believers when we take a message out of the Qur'an we should never see it as small.  When we look at the rock  we are looking at the rock as "The Halal Industry".  G-d gives all men guidance and He gives with guidance that which would sustain the guidance as a proof for the man.  No different than every community of creatures, they are just like you and all of them have there substance, their usefulness which will serve them and humanity.  The birds never go out hungry without being able to bring something back for its self and family as all creatures do, and none of these creatures sit back in there nest or what ever and say well I ain't going out today, I am hungry but I don't see nothing, their faith in the Creator tells them, all they have to do is go out and look. People have another ability, we can lose faith, but we have all things that touch our senses that should help us in our faith.   No other creature loses faith, they don't have the blessings of common sense that we have so why should we doubt.  
    So the rock is seen as The Halal Industry and every tribe, every people, or nation will know their place.  It does not mean every single one will know, but it is to suggest that G-d will give to them as a people that ability to recognize it.. He will give it to one or more and they are to secure it for the rest, this is not new to people, it is just that those who are greedy have recognized it and they have used it as theirs alone because the majority didn't and still don't know that they were supposed to be looked out for, by those who knew, they were to get their share from the seekers of knowledge.  Check out the example to the right.
    The Halal Industry for our people, will only exist for our people, if our people are open to understand what G-d has given to those who see it, and then they in turn show the greater number, the importance of growth with everyone in mind, Yusef never looked out for himself, he looked out for the bigger picture, inside of the bigger picture he was and remains protected also.

Imam W.D.Mohammed
(introduced us [Bilal's, Inc.] to Al-Islam)
1.  It is our sacred identity in Al-Islam,  G-d invited us through this door, it is our living and our standard, it is our philosophy, our school of thought, our association, we are and will always be his students, basing our understanding of the guidance given to us in the past, present and future for how we live and serve our G-d from what he (Imam W.D. Mohammed) has and continues to teach us (consider not My servants as dead)

a.  This thinking cannot be imitated or falsified,
b.  Imam Mohammed as a type, a logic will be here for thousands of years clearing the way for humanity in the understanding of G-d's revelation and His servants

The Halal Industry
(none but a Muslim can cause this affect)
2.  This is an exclusive to all Muslims, unlike some others it is not something done only by an Imam or males.  Though there are rules that must not be violated every Muslim is allowed to slaughter for their self or family, but every Muslim is not permitted to slaughter for the community, this is based in the standard or character of the Muslim which is usually known to those around the person(s) or group.

    a.  No facility can be sanctioned Halal that does not belong to Muslims and have products that are Harram
    b.  Non Muslims can be in The Halal Industry but they cannot qualify by actions, words, deeds, finance or any other method what is Halal and what is not 

African American People
(those whom G-d blessed us to be born of, which never changes, regardless of what we become, your birth by male and female; humans, makes you human and their race is their race automatically by the design G-d gives to each of us)
3.  Each people by race has Muslims among them, there is not a people who exist without Muslims being among them, they are in The Halal Industry, they are the providers for their people which is known and practiced among other people, they keep their industry to their selves.

a.  No other people share their wealth with other people which G-d has given to them through their industry to support them and their people.
b.  As a particular group of people who are Muslims, we are to work among other Muslims but their sharing with another ethnicity is normally as an employee.  They create work among their own who are guaranteed jobs, entrepreneurship, among their own, nothing is wrong with that and it is a practice among all other people.  We must do the same for our people through The Halal Industry, G-d gave it to us to enrich our own as we do business, trade and commerce with others, to have something to bring to the table when we deal with others.  Even though Yusef served others, the true spirit was to provide for his own.

Examples The Halal Industry among Arabs, support Arab people, among Egyptians support Egyptian people, among Pakistanians support Pakistanians, African support Africans, Chinese support Chinese, Indonesians support Indonesians, Spaniards support Spaniards, Cubans supports Cubans, Turkish support Turkish, Russian support Russians, Haitians support Haitians, on and on and on, it is sad that we as a people believe G-d gave us Al-Islam to help every cause but our own, to look like everyone but our self.  You should know that is a sin on the one who don't tell you that is wrong and it is a sin on you to not accept to take care of your own. 
Do For SELF  Everyone knows their spring when the rock is struck, so says G-d.
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