Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
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Our Mission:
     Our intention, is to establish The Halal Industry which will guarantee economic change in our community.  To accomplish this, the mission of Bilal's, Inc. is to find investors who will get involved, not just with finance but we are looking for those who would be willing to aid in establishing businesses and business districts in neighborhoods we live in.  It is the objective of Bilal's, Inc. to better the African American community, by changing the age old ways of owning "nothing", by OWNING SOMETHING. 

     Simply put, Bilal's, Inc.'s mission is to create business opportunity in our communities around the country.  This mission is initiated through the Islamic Community of Students of Imam W.D. Mohammed with the ability to generate economics in the African American Community, in order to serve its self and other communities, in the same manner as other people do, (looking after their self first then others).  "Oh you who Believe save yourself and your family"......etc. 

Our motto is:   
Building Healthy Community Life, Creating Businesses, Creating Responsible Entrepreneurs And Jobs, Doing It All Through The Industry That Cares.

  • The Halal Industry will build healthy community life by empowering it with businesses in the neighborhood that belong to our people, the neighborhood in which we live
  • The Halal Industry offers training to create responsible entrepreneurs within the community they live in and will do business in 
  • The Halal Industry will do its share in creating jobs in these troubled times, while offering training in various fields for employment
  • The Halal Industry will meet this goal by calling on all (Religious, Political, Cultural/Social and Economic Life) who share our interest to join in this service to establish our industry in America 
  • The Halal Industry will share in this work, neighborhood by neighborhood, because we care about the direction for our people and our country 

P.O. Box 42050
Philadelphia, PA 19101  

"A wide open field for the wide awake Believer"  "The earth is spacious" "Man gets what he strives for"  

Our National Economical Plan; 
A System For Our People

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