Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Imam Partner w/Halal

December 1, 2014

Re: Imam(s) Partner w/The Halal Industry Before Retiring

“Man gets what he strives for”


My Dear Beloved Brother Imam,


    I pray to Allah The Most High, The Provider and Guide to every thing, that my letter finds you, your family and the believers supporting your efforts all doing well and looking forward to our victory as believers open up before us as promised by Allah, “never will Allah fail to keep His promise”.

     I am putting this letter before every Imam that I have come to know through our association as students, followers and supporters of our Imam; Imam W.D. Mohammed.  I will also send the exact same letter to those outside of our association because they also remain my/our brothers in faith, all of which I want to share this message and seek our togetherness in this call to action as it affects our concerns in faith.  The plight that I intend to address is what has affected us that our attention must be drawn too, therefore this message is to reach every African American Imam that’s possible to reach by myself directly or with your help to reach those I have not been able to reach.

      Every year since the Imam has passed we have functioned and no doubt every Muslim Leader has sought to bring our communities to the balance that will gain some form of success and prosperity, of course the consciousness of the next life first, though that remain our goal, we must add also, based in the instructions from Allah, that we must get our share here in this world.  Each year we have all watched major successes in one or another form of progress in the Muslim communities, and most progress has been to improve the Masajid or purchase property for the Masajid or build one from the ground up, we can include the improvements for our Educational facilities also.  We see many of our young gaining success through education, whether it is Islamic knowledge, or the many fields of science, they, many of our young have advanced and are doing well.  Even today we do programs much like we did when the Imam was with us.  Most of us if we travel for a program the programs by all accounts are successful and most of us spend approximately $1,000.00 to about $3,000.00 on these weekend’s of educational Islamic studies and development.  Again I repeat we have had very successful programs and we are still making various forms of progress. 

    Many of us as Imams across the country gain the support of believers such as myself and thousands of others to contribute to the quest of projects that may need up to and beyond $1,000,000.00 to complete them, in which such can only be settled by the many members contributing to the efforts year to year as a charity.  Again this is definitely progress by the many who are willing to make the sacrifices to see something established for the Muslim communities that speaks to the visual and established future to be passed on to the Muslim of the future, our children, our grand children, our communities.  I would believe most if not everyone of these situation are driven by sincerity for Islamic growth here in America.  But we are not to stop there with our pursuit for progress as a community serving humanity.  Imam Mohammed said to me on numerous accounts, particularly during the last 4 years of his life in which he asked of me to oversee his programs, his statement to me while using one of the following terms, “when I’m gone”, “when I leave here”, “when I pass”, “when I die” and many other terms, his statement was this, “Imam when I’m gone you won’t need leaders like me no more, you will need leaders based on circumstances”.

    That is why I am asking for your attention before all of us get to old and forget what he and his father taught us of our association, also the leaders of other communities who have passed on who have taught their students in the spirit of doing for self and to keep moving forward, trusting Allah and building upon our Islam in which many of us have done for years, continued to work hard to follow and live it as best we can day to day; “up you mighty nation accomplish what you will”, “get a geography of your own”, “build your New Africa Business District” and so much more.  
    So many things that were said to us by both of them has reached us and our young, its in us we cannot walk away from it we may not act on it but its in us.  Our lives are a testament but we have not yet made the progress of material growth, we have not completed the Body Christ, which is the proof of Islamic growth as it has been all over the world, that is to say, the symbolic mothers teaching that gave us the discipline as the children would get from the mother, and then to come into worldly, global and heavenly knowledge and growth with the teachings through the symbolic father, for us, the students, the followers to go out and establish through what both of them have given to us.  Its true to our nature to now build on what we was given from Allah through our parent teachers.  That is why I am now appealing to you all.  It is not a new resurrection needed it is the fact that we work together and complete what Allah The Planner, The Evolver gives to every people and for what He has given to us, through these two great men; the Honorable Elijah Mohammed and Imam W.D. Mohammed, to build upon.  This would also include for those who learnt and studied under other teachers to see their message to them as a guide to do the same as we, work with it as one.

    In brief BITHI is the industry that will take us to wealth and worth together as a community and as a people.  When we were the Nation we brought a focus to Al-Islam to our community with a picture for faith in our belief, oneness across the United States and beyond, decency, wealth, knowledge and a spirit that was good for our whole people.  We have far greater material today to work with and through, and none are more experience in working together across the country than we the Muslims who are African American, regardless of the association we came through, Allah has given to us the strongest network of people in America today for the growth and success of Al-Islam.  Those facts make it greater for our efforts for the influence of wealth to be shared through the African American community than it has ever been before.  This appeal to you Imam is to ask you to put up a one time amount of $1,000.00 to represent you in partnership as a Special Investor for you as well a second one time amount of $1,000.00 to have the Masjid you are a part of represented in partnership as a Special Investor (read material on Special Investor at also in Bilal’s Inc. The Halal Industry. 

    BITHI unlike every call that has been made is making this request so we will together begin by benefitting in our first Manufacturing Plant for Halal Products that is established for the sole purpose to build among our own people. To do this BITHI will begin to utilize its profits to build businesses that will bring wealth to each of us and our Masajid.  A number of you have seen, taste or heard of the products that were produced by us, that we had produced at plants other than our own.  Imam W.D. Mohammed mentioned to me the following in 2004, “Imam you have a great product, and we can endorse you but when those who are making your products see the growth they will price you out of your product and own it, "Imam you should get your own plant and manufacture your own products, that will be better for all of us and our people, that you own and control your own”. 

    That advice I took seriously and I began the pursuit of our own plant.  Our own means exactly that, all of the profits are also our own, our own means we collectively watch the profits build and grow in economics through each Special Investor who will be established in their own choice of business.  The businesses that will create wealth for each of the Special Investor’s.  The goal is to call on1,000 Special Investors which means we want to get that number by establishing 20 Special Investor’s per state which gives us the 1,000 Special Investor’s, or any other grouping of numbers from regions or all out of one State or one City to get to the 1,000 Special Investors.  We want you Imam along with the Masjid you represent to become one of these needed Special Investors, this strengthens both the Imam and the Masjid by having a business of choice to give funds to both entities always.  This ensures something that has not been established yet, most Imam’s and Ministers of the past leave this life without anything to leave to their family or for them to have an entity building wealth for them if they retire from the office of leadership that will aid to maintain their life and their family’s life.  The Masjid usually have nothing that will create wealth for the needs that are accumulated day to day as it builds year to year.  We need our own in more than one place, we need wealth in every State and every City.  

    We are not asking you to come to a program or and event and spend on a car rental, spend on a air line or train ticket, nor to spend on a hotel or motel to sleep in, not even to spend for meals at restaurants, nor a special breakfast or lunch program, not even the special events banquet to feed you while you’re not home.  No we want you to be a part of the Halal Industry, it is yours as much as it is ours.  It is the wealth that belong to us as Muslims that must be shared with our people to invite them to the wealth of Al-Islam, such strength will change the world as we know it.  You may say Imam I don’t have $1,000.00 less more to talk of $2,000.00.  Well let us work a plan that all of us can do if we are working within what Allah has given to us.  BITHI’s request of you is for you to put up $100.00 for yourself and ask 9 believers who support you to put up $100.00 for you, your one time investment of $1,000.00 is covered.  Then ask 9 more to put $100.00 up along with your $100.00 for the Masjid, the Masjid one time investment of $1,000.00 is in, then you are both covered.  No Imam should have a problem with that.  This Halal Industry must be supported by the believers and the believers are led by those who are out front, you Imam, you and I must bring the prosperity through the encouragement in wealth, it is that easy and its no question we need wealth and we need to know how to make it come about, BITHI knows how to do that as a body, we need you to be one part of that body.  Now lets look at what happens with your investments into the Halal Industry.

    We are calling on 1,000 investor’s to put up a one time investment of $1,000.00 before or by January 15, 2015 which will be a total of $1,000,000.00 invested.  This one time investment from you, BITHI is asking you to allow us to use it for 5 years before returning it, but BITHI is calling on every Special Investor to be involved by partici-pating in the meetings of Shuraa Baynahum on the 15th of every month that will begin one month after reaching our goal.  The purpose of every Special Investor being involved in the meeting is to participate through Shuraa Baynahum on its growth and usage of the investment, also to discuss the usage of the expected profits in which will be used to put you and others in business, your participation is important, it is absolutely necessary.  This meeting is not for 1,000 people to travel to a meeting, we will meet by way of webinars.  This allows everyone to witness visually and to join in the discussion when and where necessary to share in the meetings.  The model community is not just brick, mortar, grass and garages, no, it is the spirit and mindset of the people establishing it under a certain order, a trust and in that is where the wealth begins. So BITHI expects to have the Special Investors involved each month on the 15th of every month, and with this plan before you now, and the prayers to Allah to see a positive response from all the leaders, the first meeting is expected to be February 15, 2015.  Once again this meeting will be within the set up of a webinar.  We want the participation of every Special Investor and it can be done from where ever you are with today’s technology.  At these meetings BITHI’s goal is to have every Special Investor to have guest that will witness as the Muslim community do business to establish the National Economic Plan a System for Our People.  We must see how we are to call on our people with and through the best of practices, doing business in the way that is permissible by Allah, open and out front with equal opportunity for growth in the Islamic Community, with the goal of wealth among our people. 

The Special Investors investment of the $1,000,000.00 will be utilized in the following manner:


1. A minimum of 50% (which could go up to 60%) will be used to complete the work on the existing property and open it within 6 months after gaining the support of the 1,000 Special Investor’s

         a. We presently hold a USDA Reserved number for Meat and 
             Poultry in which the grant to operate will be given once the
             plant has been renovated to specifications

         b. We are looking forward to our first production from our own

             plant to be late Spring 2015 (June) 

         c. This will be a one time amount used by BITHI to open the
             plant and start its business of production

         d. The goal is to grow to slaughter 1,000 head of cattle per week
             before the 5th year of business

         e. 1,000 head of cattle translates into 1,000,000 pounds of meat

             per week, some companies do more than 1,000 head a day,
             so it is a good start, but it is nothing based on the size of our


         f. 1,000,000 pounds per week translates into an average of 
            $1,000,000.00 profit per week after all expenses have been

         g. The profits of BITHI will be to establish our community life, in-
             dividual businesses are not able to do for the community what
             an Industry can do

         h. All monies above expenses, that is the profit, once the plant is
             open for operations will be deposited in accounts to cover the

             5 categories projected under number 2 below

    2. The remaining investment maximum of 50% (which could be as
        low as 40%) initially will be divided into 5 categories.  These
        categories will be  established with profits from the first plant   
        will be continued with profits from it and other Mega Businesses
        established for and by BITHI.  Again this will be built upon in
        order for us to establish community life with these profits.
            a. Category (1) to put the Special Investor’s in a business of 

                their choice based on the following

                 (i) Each Special Investor will be funded in a business based

                      on when their investment was received

                 (ii) The date their business plan of their choice was sub- 
                      mitted and received

                 (iii) This amount would only be limited to the amount in
                       the account for establishing Special Investor's in busi-

                 (iv) All 5 categories will be replenished by the Halal Plant
                       its self and profits from the Mega Businesses

            b. Category (2) establish Mega Businesses that will add profits
                to these 5 categories

                 (i) The goal of BITHI is to establish Mega Businesses in
                      which the profits from the Mega Businesses will pay
                      into the 5 categories from each of their profits

                 (ii) Mega Businesses will include but will not be limited to:

                         (1) Slaughter Houses red meats and poultry
                              (separate houses)

                         (2) Farm land for raising animals and poultry

                         (3) Processing plants for red meats and poultry

                         (4) Plants for tanning hides

                         (5) Plants for finish products; leathers, shearlings,

                               wools, cashmeres, etc.

                         (6) Farm land for growing crops for animals, poultry
                               human consumption

                         (7) Plants for rendering by-products

                         (8) Strip malls with anchoring Mega Businesses 
                               similar to BJ's, Cosco, Sam's Club, or the likes, 
                               they will be the creation of BITHI and identified 
                               as such

                 (iii) Mega Businesses created for Special Investor’s 

                       belong to the Special Investor and they are not
                       required to put their profits into the 5 categories 
                       of BITHI

                 (iv) Each Mega Business of BITHI will be looked upon to
                       to add profit in the hundred's of thousands to
                       these 5 categories in order to build upon the visibility
                       the total Muslim Ummah

     c. Category (3) establish the Islamic Educational System in Amer-

         ica: The University Of Islam

         (i) To purchase a minimum of 100 acres of land to build The

              Islamic Education state of the art center, The University Of

         (ii) Center to the property will be 5-10 acres earmarked for the 
              University its self  

         (iii) Around it will be homes that the educators will live in

         (iv) The grounds will fully accommodate the full life of those 
               living on it to provide the services of maintaining a top 
               notch Islamic Education System second to none

         (v) Complete education system with insurance coverage and 
               living expenses covering the Educators and the full staff to
               maintain the facility

         (vi) The system for BITHI's wealth accumulated to create our life
               without the burden to the little funds that are in the
               average believers pocket

         (vii) This category is a tax write off for BITHI

     d. Category (4) BITHI’s Catastrophic Emergency Fund

         (i) This category reserved for the Founder to represent the Mus-

              lim support through its profits that a portion is designated as

              a waqf fund to aid in times when humanity comes to the aid

              of humanity, a form of The Mosque Cares as it was establish-              ed by Imam W.D. Mohammed being made available through
              this vision but by the efforts of our coming together)

         (ii) Funding Muslim teams to travel and work along with teams 
              from all over the country to a
id those in need of help when  

              disaster conditions has affected humanity anywhere

         (iii) Funding for supplies needed to support the people in the

               area of catastrophic troubles

     e. Category (5) Scholarship Emergency Fund

         (i) Funds to aid students going to college through their tuition,

              any student not just Muslim, any student doing good, doing
              well deserves the support and encouragement from the be-

              lieving people when Allah bless them with wealth

         (ii) Funds sent directly to aid the College its self, starting with

              the college of our people but as mentioned above any that  

              are doing good but struggling deserves the support of those

              Allah brings out of such struggles, we are the Yusuf over the

              market place, over wealth today

     This method that is spelled out above is the plan of the usage of the one time investment by the first 1,000 Special Investor’s of their $1,000.00 that will give BITHI a total of $1,000,000.00.  This process is to establish the method to continuously establish funds to put 1,000 Special Investor’s into their own business within 5 years.  It is not a plan that needs a second input by the Special Investor’s, good busi-ness around the country specifically but not limited to our association will produce the wealth that will create businesses in each state and it will continue to grow after we are all gone.  I may have mentioned that BITHI’s National Economical Plan a System for Our People is a vision Allah has blessed this community with stemming from what we have already witnessed the possibilities for building in the original mode of our start (Nation Of Islam 1930-1975) and its far reaching affect to touch the global picture (Imam W.D. Mohammed’s guidance 1975-2008 & beyond), as he stated “we cannot stop now” and I/you/we are Imam W.D. Mohammed, we have the easy task of establishing.  Easy because all we have to do is work from our place and call on its reality to exist wherever you are, and to take from our selves the small amount of $2,000.00 to include your hand and your Masjid hand in establishing institution by way of gaining the wealth through togetherness. 

    Imam(s) once again our functions around the country by our efforts to raise funds for our programs, conventions, sessions, Masajid fund raising, etc., allow us to give millions away each year to the planning through those events that have not produce its self again without the same infusion of millions of dollars that will be collected from the same financially poor people during the same year with a repeat within a year.  This is the call for us to partner with an entity that will create business wealth for us with one infusion, one investment that will be repaid to the Special Investor’s by establishing businesses, that in this matter before you will represent you the Imam and another that will represent your Masjid who both would be Special Investor’s in BITHI.  This is our effort for business and business is the effort through industry to establish the institutions we are to establish for our existence beyond the years we ourselves are physically here

    There is much that I know we can share in by way of this information, I pray that you see the usage of what you and I would spend here rather than at an event would outright change our community life in less than one year.  I challenge anyone to show me a better National Economical Plan for our people, if there is one I will tear mine up and work 100% to push the better plan.  I cannot give a better plan for an individual, for an individual Masjid, for a group, for a City or State, but when it comes to what we need as a people, you’re not going to find a better plan for us.  Please look as you are investing your $1,000.00, look and see if something exist for us as a people, this is as it was for us in our coming into the Nation, also as we grew to the more open information of Imam W.D. Mohammed, in other words this is ours.  We must believe Allah gives to us to do as He has already gave to others to do also.  I want to add one more thing before ending this letter for your partnering with us, BITHI.

    In 1994 I sent Imam W.D. Mohammed a VCR tape that was almost 2 hours long explaining what I thought would be a business strategy for his community.  My suggestions was on business for our community.  Imam W.D. Mohammed came to Newark, NJ as a guest of Imam Ali Muslim and the Newark Muslim community and he invited me to his suite to discuss it, there were four brothers besides Imam Mohammed and my self in the suite and two of the brothers are still alive who witnessed from another room the conversation as they peeped back and forth to see and hear what Imam Mohammed said and who he was saying it to.   Imam Mohammed express great support for what was given to him from me on the tape, it was basically a plan

to establish institutions for our community around the country in support of him. 

    Imam Mohammed stated “Imam you have a great plan and you will be successful, my father told me two men can’t lead at the same time, but you’re going to be successful but don’t trust the Imam’s”.  Now I am an Imam, he is an Imam, I knew he did not mean all Imam’s but he alerted me that the Imam’s can hold up progress when they either don’t understand, or think they will be left out or even that they will loose their following because of a greater interest other than what they are directing people to.  I believe since that time there was much to understand about that topic.  Most importantly I realized later that from 1991 through 2008 Imam Mohammed was guiding and showing me some thing based in my own character.  I am adding this for the following reasons, some Imam’s seen that Imam Mohammed utilized me to oversee his programs in Chicago and in a couple other area’s for a reason.  He asked me to change things, knowing I would not be big headed nor push my way, but would represent him in bringing about changes that he spoke of to me when he said “those close to me were causing us to lose people and lose money from those coming close that could be of help for our community and growth, but they are blocking them and I want you to change that”.  Much was said but I’m saying this for a reason.  We, the Imam’s should have the first opportunity to make progress for our community, our association our people, but we should know that the opportunity by Allah’s permission does not sit waiting for us, just as belief does not sit and wait, it is action that proves our belief.  I pray to Allah for your understanding and your support to establish the life of wealth we should have been on years ago. 

    To send your support even if it’s a portion each month, mail and make all checks payable to      Bilal’s Inc., P.O. Box 42050, Philadelphia, PA 19101.  Imam thank you for your time in reading this material.


As Salaam Alaikum

Your Brother in Faith


Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal




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