Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Industry Building
    Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry will be the means for us to establish  our own Farms, Slaughter Houses, Tanning Plants, Processing Plants, Rendering Plants, Plants for Bones, Organs, Guts, etc., etc.,  Is there a law saying Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry cannot establish for our own peoples growth in economics, by establishing a facility in each State over time that will serve for members as Sam's Club, BJ's, Cosco's or the likes which are presently serving humanity.   We can do the same with our own products that comes through our Industry as all other people do, who says we cannot sell to other people like they sell to us?   Is there a law that says we cannot create our own line of Super Markets like Acme, Path Mark, Super Fresh or any of them across the country who are now  serving  humanity.   Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry is the gift G-d gave to us as He has given to all of His servants that He elevated through out history with revelation.   We the Muslims who are African Americans, have an exclusive Industry to serve the people we are born from, G-d gave it to us for our people, not for us to be left outside but for us to also feel the greatness of
 G-d's work in all of our lives, again this is a gift from G-d.  BITHI

    Our goal in building the Industry begins with the funds invested to Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry, which we will use for The Halal Industry.  We are asking one thousand (1,000) investors to invest one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to this special offer, to be utilized for five years by Bilal's, Inc..  This investment can be made by one person or a group, but it has a greater affect if it has the minimum of one thousand persons being involved.

    Industry is not what it is because of the involvement by one individual or one group, one is just that, "one", but when you have a thousand Believers watching what they believe in, take shape, materialize right before their eyes they will then tell tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions in time, because of them, the Industry has life.  So our early days, the beginning of our growth in this Industry is not for the crowds but it is for the vision seekers.  In successful businesses, those who were fortunate enough to be around when the wealthy became wealthy, their belief in the opportunity caused them to grow in the wealth, though there was not too many believing in them at first.  Do you really think that most of the wealthy was born with a silver spoon in their mouths, no they had something working in them that everyone could not or would not see.  To believe someone was born with a silver spoon takes you out of the reality of creation and its Creator.  G-d says "man gets what he strives for", some take it literally and they say to their selves, I can do it, I can see it, and they go forth with their vision and do it.  Just like a pioneer taking on a quest that no one else sees or believes in at the time.  Well we (Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry) are the same, we see the vision and we believe in the vision, we will give life to the vision with the help from what G-d gives to us as He has given to all others before us, we believe that.

    Everyone cannot be an industry, nor is everything able to be termed Industry, most things that are named industry before us today have been named wrongly, but it worked, so no one questioned what it really was or is.  Picture it this way, Americas forefathers did not stay comfortable long with the thought of the dictate of England with all their armies hovering over their freedom, they were willing to legislate even if it meant giving up their lives, they had to give it up so they could have the freedom to exist free of the overhead of leadership from miles away, at the two ends of the oceans.  They began to meet with those who understood the importance of their own freedom, some who would benefit from it were against it, they wanted to stay under the rule of the leadership from abroad, from their own birth place even though they were living on these shores.  Today we live in the industry of America that was made by decisions of the visions of a few that grew into and became the greatest and youngest nation of our times.  

    We are giving to you the term industry, with its new meaning today, within ten (10) years it will be understood and accepted because of the efforts of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  The meaning of industry as we apply it is the following:  "A System That Can Maintain Its Self And Sustain Others".  Without our being big on explanations, you should see clearly what the Forefathers of America did, it insured what we as a people of America, have and do successfully today.

    We have an opportunity for our people (African Americans) to build and establish Bilal's, Inc.The Halal Industry which will serve as G-d designed it to do, to serve our people in order to have what all other people have, a qualified seat at the table with all other people for trade and commerce.  No one goes dignified to the table saying G-d has blessed them, while they are asking to be given something or they say let us have such and such in good faith and we will make good of it later.  Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry put us (Yusef/Joseph) over the market place.  If you don't see your life in Scriptures you don't exist.   

    The idea of building Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry is to become the system that can "MAINTAIN ITS SELF as well SUSTAIN OTHERS".  There is not a field that can be touched that we cannot or will not have in our Industry.  That is if we believe, definitely our eyes will show it to us, we would see it presently existing, and it serves others in their form of industry, but it is not ours.  Therefore the benefit that we should reap as a people we don't see year to year, we must come together and understand the value of our industry and benefit as a people.  That is the gift to this extraordinary Muslim community birth in America through Mr. Fard, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and our true hero, Imam W.D. Mohammed who Allah gave the ability to serve the humanity through us.  We thank Allah The Most High. 
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