Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Investing & Growing

    We believe this topic shares some of the most important material for your investment.  You would like to know how will the investment be used, how much time will be needed before we see production through its natural phases.  We hope to address this with a full scope of your investing in the vision of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI).

    We are counting on getting 1,000 investor's involved.  It is not a business where one or two good investor's mean a lot, it is an industry which has world impact and influence.  We are not small in what G-d gives us to work with.  We are counting on these investor's to put up $1,000.00 a piece.  We would like you to invest a lump sum but if you need, because of your circumstances to give $20 a week for a year you will have gotten your $1,000.00 investment in full with 2 weeks left over.  Therefore we are looking to have the 1,000 investor's fully paid up on their investment in a year, we believe if your situation calls for that type investment that year should be no later than 3/2017.  We must work to get the word out where BITHI becomes a household name between now and July of 2016.

    We will utilize at least 50% of the invested money to renovate and open the present meat packing plant for business.  It is approximately 13,000 square feet with about 80% of the space open for plant operation.  In this plan at least 50% of invested monies will be used as start up money.  Such will cover the renovation, cost for stock, cost for related working material and six months of payroll will be in that count for about ten employees.  This is investment money for BITHI and will rightly be used for such without the need of repayment in any manner except that which each investor would have in their possession as the agreed upon facts for usage and payback.  

    It is BITHI's goal to replace that amount over the period of 2 to 5 years.  This is the period in which all investor's are to be paid back in accordance with the plan to put the Special Investor's in business.  The remaining 50% is to be used as it is spelled out in the five category plan to establish wealth among our people.  The purpose to return the full amount is to ensure the investment monies constantly support the Special Investor's. 

    As mentioned the remaining 50% will be used to support the loans earmarked for investing in businesses, developments, (land, warehouses, properties, etc.), institutions (schools, hospitals, etc.), living communities and emergency funds.  These categories are very necessary to our establishing our selves as Muslims as well as African Americans.  We believe this design or pattern will give to us all the things we need to begin establishing wealth and all that goes with it.  Therefore it is important to build in one area to prove you can build but as a people we must build in more than one area, more than one City, more than one State at a time.  With your help as a $1,000.00 Special Investor we can begin building in your area through you, don't say you can't, if not you, there must be someone in your family you would like to build for. 


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