Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Investor's Function

    It is very important to spread the word of what our vision has to offer, what we want to share with our community and our people.  The Investors are the ones that will help make The Halal Industry come into its fullest picture.  We must not think a world could be created without  people knowing and understanding what must be done to bring about the existence of such a world.

    Don't just think earth or nation, put your mind on a world of success, a world of accomplishments, a world in which, who ever works in it, benefits from it.  What can stop you, history proves there was nothing that stopped others.  If it could be thought of, it can be done, and the proof is that the human society has enjoyed these realities all over the world throughout time.  There has always been some one or some group who took the opportunity to enjoy more than others.  This enjoyment was not always based on the level of work.  Usually the one who worked the hardest may have enjoyed less from their own labor, that is not anything new, and no one told the hard workers, "hey you made it possible so you'll share in the benefits equally", no that will not and did not happen in the society we know, that is not the normal process of sharing in this world of plenty.

    There are many reasons to invest in something but we believe we have one of the best reasons, if not the best in your mind now, continue to read this web page.  Number 1, investors help the entity that they are investing in, that is a no brainer, the number 2 reason is our most important one; becoming manufacturers our selves.  Number 2 says that we want to make you an entrepreneur by way of and as a result of the one time investment you will make.  We are interested in putting you or your family into business because of your investment.  You may be a person that rather invest so your investment would mature into a share with Bilal's, Inc., you may want the share to gain profits for you each year by dividends that is sure to benefit you and others.  This is good and if that is all any one wants we can not make them feel or do different, we will support it.

    But we pray to G-d that you do not get upset if you hear from us over and over asking you to let us put you in business or to put a family member of yours in business in your behalf.  That is how The Halal Industry will be established.  We must create businesses and jobs.  We welcome honest workers, we want to aid in changing the employment rate.  We want to contribute to the betterment of that, to be involved with the employment of honest hard working people.  More importantly we want the dollars that are spent in and around our community to remain serviceable in our community, by creating entrepreneurs who also will employ others from among our own.

    Do you realize that 99.9% of our money that is spent each day goes away from us as a people.  If others can take 99.9% of our spending and give it to their specific community of people, then why should we not put you in business in order to support the effort of keeping 99.9% of our wealth spent with our selves.  People say, its impossible, we ask you how do you know if you never done it.  One thing all of us (African Americans who are descendants of the slaves of America) do know is that it (the wealth) does not come back to us.  So our grand children who are yet to be born, generations and generations away, why should we think they should be born in a world that says they have no chance of the same success that others come to this country to achieve.  Our actions and thinking is what must change now, in order for them to benefit.  We cannot leave the work to those who have not yet been born, it is our work that will benefit them.

    So, yes we want you to invest one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to Bilal's, Inc. and let us use it for five (5) years, and let us increase it by ten percent (10%) at the end of each year, yielding back to you at the end of the five (5) year period your investment along with 61% over your original investment.  Your investment of one thousand dollar ($1,000.00)  will be worth sixteen hundred dollars and fifty one cents ($1,600.51).  Don't stop there, we want you to let us convert it in to a share in Bilal's, Inc. worth five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) at that one time if we have not put you in business yet.  You are, as an investor, very important to Bilal's, Inc.The Halal Industry. BUT our goal is to cancel that out by putting you in business before the five years end.  Please keep reading go to the next section.

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