Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Let's Discuss Dollars 1

                                             YOUR INVESTMENT OF $1,000.00

    In our special investment offer we ask you to allow us to use $1,000.00 of your money for the period of 5 years.  We want to be clear, we will not return it for 5 years, we will not consider hardship and give it back before that time.  So please make sure your investment is for the bigger picture but more important than that, make sure it is not money you need to count on for five years.  We are not gambling so don't think it will produce for you over night, gambling don't either, but most who do it think to their selves, this time I will win.  We need 1,000 people to invest $1,000.00.  We want you to have say in The Halal Industry, but you only can have say if you are a part by investing or buying shares.
  • 1,000 investor's
  • $1,000.00
  • $1,000,000.00 to have the National affect to begin creating millionaires, multi millionaires and billionaires among our own

    We want to use your money for 5 years and each year your initial investment increases by 10%, until the end of the 5 years, of which it will have increased to $1,610.00.  This increase you cannot get on your money at any bank, go there and ask what will you get if you leave a $1,000.00 in your interest bearing account, they will tell you exactly what you get with a big smile, hoping you will place the money in the bank so they can use it and give you less, and if you could get exactly the same thing we offer, that is all you get from them, we want you to keep reading because this is about you and for you.  Our appeal is to put wealth in our community by creating wealthy people.   You must know wealth is created for most, by G-d anyone can become wealthy, but man blocks each other from getting wealth, so they can keep you enjoying crumbs.  The breakdown is like this:

  • Your investment of $1,000.00 begins year 1
  • The first day of the 2nd year your original investment increases by 10%, it grows to $1,100.00
  • The first day of the 3rd year your initial amount of the second year increases by 10%, it grows to $1,210.00
  • The first day of the 4th year your initial amount of the third year increases by 10%, it grows to $1,331.00
  • The first day of the 5th year your initial amount of the fourth year increases by 10%, it grows to $1,464.10
  • The first day of the 6th year, which is the maturity date for your investment, your initial amount of the fifth year increase by 10%, it grows to $1,610.51

    At this time you have been on board as part of the family of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI), as a special investor, you have been a part of the decision making on the growth of BITHI which is why you are so important.  If we had one person or group to give BITHI $1,000,000.00 it would not be as important to the industry as it is to have 1,000 of us making decisions on this National/International growth for economics among our people.
Please understand the importance of the everyday regular person.  We are going to change the way the world see us by changing our world financially.

    As we stated above we do not believe you can get this from any bank for your investment, and what do they do with your money but lend it to others to build upon their dreams, their goals.  Well we believe together we can build our industry and help our own situation.  This effort we believe is a vision driven by G-d to empower our people so we can do business as all the other nationalities have done and continue to do, we must have a share that we can call our own, G-d promises and permits that.

Understand this section, digest it because we want you to read part two of "Let's Discuss Dollars"

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