Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Let's Discuss Dollars 2

                                             Why Are You Important To The Growth

    We could no doubt find a wealthy enough individual or group that would be willing to fund this great vision for the African American National Economical growth through Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI), but it would defeat the purpose, any one person or one group controlling the picture will ruin it.  We are blessed to have the vision and to know this is a vision that belongs to us as a people, not to boast or party, etc., but instead to be proof of G-d's promise to those on the bottom being elevated to the top, or the last who will be first, or the statement that the field will be made level for all to enjoy.  This and so many more statements like these from Scriptures are there to help us, our base is really in the story of the Prophet Yusef (Joseph in the Bible).  It is our history that we read but we must be believers in G-d.  Wealth belongs to Him and we are saying He has not left us out and rewarded everyone else.  Please keep reading and understanding what we all are called to.

     We believe your investment is important to you but protecting it and having your involvement is more important to us.  We must have people that believe in the material we have here, because of their input month to month once we have gain the 1,000 supporter's, and build upon that belief they will become knower's concerning the success that will be gained by our investing in BITHI.  Therefore we ask that each investor be involved on how the money is spent each month, where is it going.  This is what we call mutual consultation; Shuraa Baynahum.   It is not the form of incorporating us that brings about such rules and activity, no it is the word of Allah on how we are to live our life, input from all to services all.  

    Input from one or one small group with no acceptance from others will ruin the opportunity for success for us as a people.  Tell us that the bank allows you to do that with your investment into the banking system, no they wont, over 95% of individuals that put their trust in Banks do not have a clue how or what the bank does with their money but you can be sure the greater opportunity is not shared with those who deposit their monies in it, this information is not for them.  When we invest by our savings and checking accounts in the banks, we continue to leave our money there each day, the greater benefits are not share with us.  Don't get me wrong I have accounts and I am alright until I can do better.  BITHI offers us better, so we are not saying don't put your money there, but we are pointing to the fact that we as a people invest in others and we are not knowledgeable of who gets what, at the end of the day.

      We want 1,000 investor's to be involved and participating in the decisions as to who will get the loans for their business, who will get the loan to pay off their homes or to purchase a home.  Maybe they are in business already and need 5, 10, 100 thousand dollars or more to advance their business.  Well they must first be an investor to be considered and they must be a investor to make decisions.  Maybe they want to open a business from scratch well if they are investor's like you, we will the decision collectively every month to see who we will invest the  money in.  The investor is you, the decision is by you, or the loan goes to you, the investor.

     We want the investor to know how important their investment of $1,000.00 or more means to the start up of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  It is not important that everyone invest in BITHI, but we need 1,000 investor's to start off, to be a proof that G-d is with us to have economics in our life and among our people, through our acceptance of the best pattern He has left the whole of humanity.  The 1,000 investor's should be the first to receive the wealth, not because we say so but because the 1,000 members will make the choice and they will not be bias decisions, it will be by what we know to be mutual consultation (Shuraa Baynahum).  That is why we are not interested in one lump sum of money we need the 1,000 individual's that we hope to gather at the tune of about 20 individuals or groups from each state in America.  Even though the 1,000 investors may come from one area.  This is not business, its to big to be called business, this is our Industry given to us (African Americans) through the Halal process particularly but not exclusively, given to the Students of Imam W.D. Mohammed through this vision given to me, and I state clearly it is not mine, its ours, its ours for our people first. 

                                                            This is How it Works

    On the 15th of every month after we have secured 1,000 investor's or shareholder's, we will have what is similar to town hall meetings.  We know if we have an average of 20 investor's from each State we cannot think they will travel to meetings each month but it is very important that they see or hear and participate every month.  Therefore the meeting may be at any location in the world, with the abilities for all members to plug in via webinar, phone conference, radio, t.v. or what ever media method we can incorporate their participation, we are living in the time to span the globe with a touch of the finger, making it as if everyone is there in the same room with you.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad use to say "it is a wide open field for the wide awake Believer", you got to believe first then move out, "man gets what he strives for".   They need clarity in sound to hear all that is said, seeing is good, but everyone must hear clearly and be heard clearly, because they will be the ones to make the decision.  Any investor may suggest their self or another investor for a loan, businesses preferably but we will loan on homes or to buy a home or cars, as the industry will have realtor's, auto dealerships, etc., if it exist, it is needed in the industry.  With all new inventions or visions, when they made it, those who came on early became wealthy, some say rich, others get their share but why not be first or at least in the first 1,000 to guarantee your own wealth.

    The investor's that were suggested will be scrutinized, we know our normal history, most of us did not get the support to have good credit history.  We also know there are a lot of us who would be successful if we were given the support that others received.  If we had the education to support our own, many of us can go into business, or buy comfortable homes and cars, we could send our children to college, we can change our own life style if we supported our own as we do with other's.  Well BITHI believe in that, we believe we must establish the mechanism, BITHI IS IT!!!  BITHI will finance the investor's to become successful and to have a hand in it to support without bias in their own success and the success of others in our community from among our people.  BITHI goal is not to let those we invest in fail, our life time support is to each other, not to own but to help each other, own their own.  Imam W.D. Mohammed said "we must have a geography of our own", we believe industry is where it starts, not business it is to small to serve a peoples needs, it must be industry that will give us a place to do commerce and trade with people around the world.  It must be able to create and put people in business, that's industry.

    The investor who has been selected will have their history and goals brought before the investor's on the 15th of the month to be supported and decided upon, what are we deciding on, we are deciding to support their ability to do, and we are putting dollars along with our words.  Those dollars are not given over and over from the investor's, no, their one time given will support BITHI, the profits from BITHI will be used to create business opportunity for the investors.  The pay back for the loan would be minimal.  BITHI is working for victory in establishing investor's without the pressure of maximum payback which usually drive new businesses to failure.  No question of how will they pay it back, G-d says make it easy on the believer, G-d actually says He makes it easy for the believer.   If you believe in a vision and support it, it believes in you and should support you.  That is the nature of the creation, it is within the right of the investor to be protected and supported by the very thing he/she supports.  Support BITHI and it will support you.

Please digest this, understand it then move on to "Let's Discuss Dollars 3" 

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