Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Let's Discuss Dollars 3

    We have covered two very important points of the creation of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI) in regards to the investor's.  Do not play yourself cheap but more importantly do not play cheap the goals of BITHI in the National Economic Plan, the system for the uplift of the African American people.  Does this mean every African American will be wealthy, well let's be practical, all other nationalities have wealthy people and it has not enriched everyone but we believe that the door should be open, and through BITHI it is open as G-d has it, in order for all that will, to strive for in their honest pursuit for happiness, while finding freedom, justice and equality of which we believe is acquired through Islam (acceptance of all that G-d wills).

    We believe the investor's will benefit greatly with the reward at the end of five years of their investment but that is not all that we want them to receive.   We want them to feel the importance of their investment because of a time when BITHI had nothing but the vision that they, the investor's, became believers in it, it grew and as it grew it rewarded those that nourished it (BITHI).   Everyday, every motion or movement, made by everybody is based in a vision that we buy into, we spend our time, our money, our life in visions of so many people throughout time, past, present and we will continue to do so in the future.  We want you to become more in the family of BITHI than a special investor.  When the time comes we want to take your matured investment that is worth $1,610.00 and trade it in for a share in BITHI.  This share is worth $5,000.00, we want to show you, the investor, our appreciation for your coming on board, investing when we needed you most, at the ground floor, now only visionaries want to take care of the early supporter's of their vision.   The Banks and most lending institutions cannot think about the original investment award after five years, we know for a surety they will not give you the increase for your investment that BITHI is offering.   We don't stop here...

    This status as a special investor in BITHI, which is converted into a membership share with BITHI gives this shareholder the ability to be invested in, by BITHI.  This means the investor/shareholder can get a loan for personal material, business or the like.  This loan would be handled in a manner to gain the maximum information on the individual or group that are investor's in order to guarantee the best loan we can give to them, remember it is the investor's deciding on which investor gets the loan.  Go back to "Let's Discuss Dollars 2 to see who gets the loans and how. 

Please read "Investing & Growing"
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