Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Loans or Investors

With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer



Preferred Investment:
    The Preferred investment is to have a greater number of people aiding and excited about opening businesses in our own neighborhoods as well as in other areas that belong to us. To consider 1,000 African Americans seeking to "DO FOR SELF", it will be a grand announcement to The world that our business efforts will change our status in economics.  This realization will give birth to a new existence among us in this day and time to create our own industry, manufacturing our own will give us our own, what's the sacrifice, there is none, it is just to do for self and be serious about it.

1. 1,000 Special Investors investing $1,000.00 to be used by BITHI for 5 years
    a. 10% increase of the face at the beginning of each year, applied years end
    b. End of year one, $1,000.00 becomes $1,100.00
    c. End of year two, $1,100.00 becomes $1,210.00
    d. End of year three, $1,210.00 becomes $1,331.00
    e. End of year four, $1,331.00 becomes $1,464.10
    f. End of year five, $1,464.10 becomes $1,610.51

2. BITHI's goal for each Special Investor
    a. BITHI's intention is to fulfill the goal of putting each Special Investor in 
        their own business, or if they have a business, BITHI will give the business
        a loan that will advance their business within the 5 year period
    b. BITHI will ask of each Special Investor that receives either type business
        loan to sign off that they have received a loan and such removes the 
        $1,000.00 investment made to become the Special Investor that will be
        due at the end of 5 years
    c. In order for the Special Investor to be scheduled for a loan of either type,            the Special Investor must submit a business plan to BITHI, the sooner the
        better in order to put each Special Investor in the lineup as to being consid-
        ered who would be first to receive the financial support for a new business 
        of their own, or financial support to be giving to their existing business by
        the following guidelines:  
        i. Who became a Special Investor first
        ii. Which Special Investor has paid in full either by payment or in kind first
        iii. Who submitted an approved business plan first
        iv. There must be enough in the account to cover the full loan, no partial 
         v. At the time of a loan of either type the Special Investor cancels out the
             $1,000.00 investment once they have received a loan before the 5 
              years end
    d. The Special Investor at the end of 5 years that has not been placed in 
        business nor have they had their existing business helped with a loan will          receive $1,610.51 back for their original investment and their name will 
        continue to be carried in its place on the list to be supported in either of 
        the business plans to receive a loan after the 5 years
    e. The Special Investor who have not received one of the type loans has the 
        right at the end of the 5 years to a one time offering to convert the 
        $1,610.51 check into a share of Bilal's Inc., the share is worth $5,000.00
        not redeemable right then and will be handled as all shares would be 
    f. The Special Investor's cannot become a shareholder before the end of the 5 
        year period unless they paid the balance of the $5,000.00 to own a share

The second type investment:
    This method is to gain the support of 200 individuals or groups that would like to own a share in Bilal's Inc. who may or may not want to go into business.

1. 200 Individual shareholders
    a. To become a shareholder you would pay to Bilal's Inc. $5,000.00 per 
    b. BITHI seeks 200 shareholders to be involved to open the business
    c. Each shareholder will receive a certificate for shares equal to what is paid
        for each share
    d. Each share must remain in place for a minimum of 5 years
    e. Each shareholder will receive annual information as to the growth, the 
        profits, the losses and any other interest that should be shared with 
        shareholders in regards to be the business itself

The third type investment/loan:
    The third type would be the support of those who seek to make money over time on their money.  These investments to advance Bilal's Inc. could range from 1 individual or group that can carry out the total or part of the amount needed to fulfill the vision and plan of Bilal's Inc. through its founder known for creating the views of Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry.  Each investment/loan made like this will be of its own agreement, all though the preferred picture from the founders standpoint to be able to start off in the manner that gives the least amount of pressure on its initial growth for sales and profits is the following:  1,000 Special Investors putting up the $1,000.00

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