Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People


    Our goal and mission is to aid in removing crime from our communities.  Our youth are suffering as if they are in a mindset that there is a plaque against them.  What have we as adults left them, most of us would have to agree we must do more to change the condition they/we live in.  We must encourage them to see the bigger picture as other nationalities see themselves.  We cannot settle as  people where we are, a losing people with nothing in sight.  That picture is wrong, it is a false picture to be in front of our youth particularly but for us to allow it to continue without a fight to correct it, may indicate, to many of us have lost our way, given up, don't think we can do anything or a few may not even care.

    Life is about good life continuously, so we must see the future generations as the main or most principle of reasons to build in and for out future.  Every thing we have today must be as an investment into their lives.  Some of us, and to be truthful, I would like to think most of us can now see what our parents were working to get us to see.  It was not our goal as a people to see the hardships of slavery, race hatred, poverty and all that went on here in America and then to turn around an allow our children to go into a hatred for self, a refusal of educating their selves, having a spirit to join in on the poisoning of our own people.  There is so much that we did and went through to correct the worst of behaviors, but some how we as a majority did not see the destruction of our young as it is before us today.

    It does not make a difference whether we were moved by religion, religion in black, cultural awareness, black power, politics in black, black businesses or anything else that we practiced or embraced as a whole between the early 1900 to at least the mid to late 70's.  We couldn't have imagined that in this present day after so much information, so much energy for strength and the call for right conduct, the call to get our share of the best of living, that we see at this present time the total opposite for our people.  The situations that tear up families, the anger that is expressed through the cultural arts of the young people today must be changed.

    Do they have a reason for anger?  YES!!  But they have more reasons to stay away from the emotions that will ignite and cause an implosion built to destroy the entire race of African American.  Is there a formula to correct this problem?  Yes!! We the men particularly but women also must change the way we see and do things, we cannot erase anything from our past, and we shouldn't try, but we can look at the many things we did and begin by seeing what would you have needed in your past to correct you, to correct the ills around you.  Our children are still us, whether they are our children biologically or not, we are able to reach them.  That which helped us will also help them.

    The toys of the street are different today but they are toys of the street.  In our day no one put guns in our hands like they do today, there was a different type of anger in us, it was not a anger to produce hate in us for us.  So what is it that happened to make the children of today begin to hate their selves enough to accept others calling them to kill their selves.  You, all of us must become analyst to help resolve and solve the problem that exist in our community that is destroying our people.  Destroying us from the inside out.  Our people who are doing these terrible things against our own, those of us who watch and say nothing have lost our humanity.  You think that wasn't done on purpose to our youth.  You think they are in love with hating self, no those acts are without thought.  Programmed without knowing someone wants us to remain unconscious to our own success that awaits us.  Meanwhile everyone can come and build all around us, mix right in next door, no worries because the animals, those who have been moved to  the hatred they have for self are not dangerous to others.  This is not an invitation to turn your anger on others, no human is human, but we must change that and bring the human back in us and our young. 

    I believe much of it starts in the home.  It may be that there were certain qualities of life that was missing in the home.  I am not talking about things you buy, I am speaking of the love from both or one of the parents.  In my youth families joined in watching each others child to insure they would not become something we don't want, or someone that could be destroyed or tossed off as if they were not human.  I am not talking about baby sitting, I am talking about families were talking about and living; "it takes a village to raise a child".  We were concern when we had a child that was doing good in school.  Our concern, our speaking out against wrongs must come back to us in order to make our youth, who are out future, we must help to encourage the best character in them.  If they have the best character as a child and then are supported by family and friends, then there is no way we will lose.  

    What I'd like to add here is that there was a scheme to affect those who had no support in their selves for the better future.  When our children look out in front of them for their future, we must also look at it to see what they see, then we must work to improve the way their future looks.  Its like Social Security, when you reach a certain age, it may not be much but you want it, well we must look at our future and we should be demanding of each other that we put away something over the years in the living support of our children, they don't want to hear they didn't have anything put away for them.  I am not speaking money, I am speaking that we must give them a complete community life.  Our forefathers who slaved on the plantation prayed for better for us.  We are free and know the history enough to build the community life for them so they can continue for those coming after them.   If we don't aid in correcting the problems in which we have more knowledge on straightening it up for their future, we would have failed to pass on the legacy for growth amongst our people.    


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