Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Mega Businesses





Halal Manufacturing Plant Will Produce:

1. Other Plants for Manufacturing through its profits

2. Purchasing property for various usage in manufacturing

3. Mega businesses belonging to BITHI will put profits into the categories established to build businesses and other entities for the our Peoples community progress

4. Establishing Mega Businesses through its Own Profits

5. Create a minimum of 10 Mega Businesses within the first 5 years ofter opening the plant for business



We must have our share and it must be built by our own efforts

  •  Processing Plants, By Products Plants, Rendering Plants
  •  Tanning Plants, Plants to Manufacture Hides for other usage
  •  Land to raise Livestock, to grow crops for animals/humans
  •  Strip Malls with our own brand Super Markets
  •  Banks, development for homes and communities


Category (2) Meet the Needs by Establishing the first Plant

The Plant for Processing Meat Products:

    BITHI has a property that has been used for better than 80 years as a slaughter house and processing plant for many people/owners before it was acquired in 2005.  It sits in the heart of one of the many African American communities of the North Philadelphia area.

     BITHI’s goal is to build businesses right here among its own people, by its people for its people.  The property will offer jobs, but most importantly we want to train people to own and run their own businesses.  BITHI does not want to run other people out of our community, but instead BITHI wants to create the environment for us as a people to get back involved with business for self, DO FOR SELF.

    BITHI’s efforts are to open this property under the USDA reserved number that belongs to BITHI to be used at this plant once we are opened.  The USDA number once taken from the reserved number and becomes a grant, it means we can do business all over the world.

    BITHI has as its base the community in which we grew through, that is both, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and our Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed.  The Halal meat products that we’ve produced in manufacturing plants belonging to others will now be processed in our own plant.  That is the Halal breakfast meats, lunch meats and dinner meats.

    BITHI has in its plans to hire in connection with this plan a minimum of 100 people within the first year.  It is also in our goals to train people to own their own businesses.  The profits and the structure for this industry will be used to put our people in their own businesses, in order to bring prosperity to our communities.  To run crime and bad conduct out of our neighborhoods.

    BITHI has a workable plan based in the affiliation of many Muslim communities across the country, in this planning BITHI has the ability to attract its own people throughout the City of Philadelphia, the Cities in the region and others Cities around the country.  BITHI’s goal is to produce within 3-5 years after opening a minimum of 1,000,000 pounds of Beef products from this plant.  Our goal is based on the 1,000,000 pounds of Beef even though we will be doing more poundage as we will be slaughtering and processing Lamb and Goat for our public also.

    BITHI’s category for this plant is the first Mega Business belonging to us as a people to serve and to bring about wealth in our communities.  The 1,000,000 pounds of Beef product will be brought about as follows:

  •  1,000 head of cattle on the hoof weighting approximately 2,000 lbs. slaughtered per week
  •  Slaughtering 250 head of cattle per day Monday thru Thursday gives us the 1,000 head per week
  •  Once the animal is slaughtered and dressed it’ll weight somewhere between 940 to 1,120 lbs.
  •  Which will give an approximate poundage at the end of the week of 1,000,000 lbs.

    BITHI believes this production and poundage will be realized based on the market that already exist among the people of he Islamic faith as well among our people who would support the effort’s of BITHI’s plans on bringing the basic and most important needs to our community.  That is to support the efforts of our  producing our own food, clothing and shelter; jobs and entrepreneurship, doing for self.

     BITHI believes with this margin of product being sold it will also produce a great margin of profits.  These profits will be produced and utilized in five categories that makes BITHI’s purpose come to life.  A portion of that profit will be used to establish through the second category, that is to create more Mega Businesses.  That means facilities that will always bring on additional workers and new entrepreneurs through the businesses to be established for the Special Investor’s.

     Initially BITHI will gain profits and growth from the one processing plant.  The need for other manufacturing plants will be automatic, as for the timing of the need for them, it is immediately.  Some of the following manufacturing plants or Mega Businesses will be created to compliment the growth started by opening the first plant:

  •  A Plant to begin the tanning process on all hides (Beef, Lamb and Goats)
  •  Land to be utilized for both a slaughter house with enough property to serve to hold livestock for slaughtering
  •  Manufacturing Plant to handle the finish product for the tanned hides; Leathers, Shearlings, Wools. Cashmeres, etc.
  •  A Plant that will be utilized for by-products and rendering
  •  Our own Federal Credit Union, Bank (Baitul Mal) or similar

This portion of the planning is to insure constant profits that will support the plan of putting the 1,000 Special Investor’s in business.  A goal that will be met based on the support that has come to us through the support of Special Investor’s.

      BITHI will have each of the entities (Mega Businesses) put its profits into accounts. Such profits will be divided evenly into the five categories. Category (2), “the Mega Businesses” will be funded with 20% of the profits from Mega Businesses as each category 1 through 5, will receive the same.  That is to say after all expenses has been covered by each Mega Business the profits will be used to create the environment for the African American people, the opportunity to exist with the same ability as other races have.  “Man gets what he strives for”, so says Allah.  BITHI’s efforts are to change our neighborhoods through constant progress.

    Feasibility studies will be done for the Mega Businesses as they will be for the businesses established for the Special Investor’s.  By the time BITHI reaches 300,000 lbs. of Beef being slaughtered and sold per week, or by the 3rd year after opening the plant, BITHI expects to have established at least one of all of the above mentioned Mega Businesses.  Each of the Mega Businesses mentioned above are needed within months of the actual opening of the first processing plant, but may take up to the 3 year mark or 300,000 lbs. of Beef sold before it is a reality.  This effort will give to the African American a new opportunity to build in their community as the positive self esteem would be manifesting its self once again in the community of people blessed with it the first time.

    BITHI’s goal is to follow the steps of the blessed Leadership that we have had physically with us in America.  Each State in America has been touched by the Muslim life led over the past 84 years by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Imam W.D. Mohammed by the permission of Allah The Most High.  The ultimate is to bear witness to the life of our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) as we build our community life.  Some will never see those works and the efforts clearly, BUT, BITHI is just a part of that life.  BITHI will make every effort to create Mega Businesses in every State of America and beyond over time.  This is the same movement, to bring people to the success that Allah offers.  “With all you have, strive for the next life, but do not forget your share of this world”.  Halal, that which is permissable is what Allah gives to all people to grow within their faith and to establish through that same faith the world of wealth in this life as well as the next.

    The needs that open up in the first manufacturing plant is obvious.  To create a market that would allow 1,000,000 pounds of a product to be sold, such as livestock and mainly Beef, the reality of the market that now opens up to us as a people is phenomenal.  The following scale gives a projection for the natural growth of the business advancement to create other Mega Businesses:

  • 1,000 head of cattle = 1,000,000 lbs. of Beef = approximately $1,000,000.00 profit, out of the plant for processing = Our Wealth
  • 1,000 head of cattle - 1,000 hides x shoes/belts/wallets/gloves/hats/caps/pants/vest/jackets/over coats/car seats/couches/chairs/etc. = a minimum of 3 different types of plants needed = Our Wealth
  • 1,000 head of cattle = by-products outside of the meat and the hide = at least 1 other plant = Our wealth
  • Acres of land for our own slaughter house(s), with space to hold livestock for grazing as well hold overs for slaughtering = Our Wealth
  •  Our own financial institutions where profits, investments, loans, etc. are made; our own Bank, Federal Credit Union, Baitul Mal, or the likes = Our Wealth

    The information here reflects the minimum of established Mega Businesses that will be absolutely necessary to serve the needs that would become the immediate concern once the first plant is open.  Its magnetic to success as an industry.

    BITHI will experience a growth that cannot be matched.  Many businesses can create a few wealthy people, but the Halal Industry can change lifestyle for our people, for the country and eventually have a strong pull on the whole of humanity.  Halal does not belong to anyone of us, it belongs to the humanity as a gift to succeed, designed by Allah The All  Knowing Provider for all of humanity.  It has built every Nation that stood on faith in G-d.

    BITHI must have its own financial institutions for protecting and understanding the financial growth that it’s going to go through.  It is the beginning of the change of this worlds life to be replaced with the life we will build upon faith in Allah and in following the pattern of Muhammad (puhp).  We need to build in this society based on our own experience and not the stories told by others who them selves have not lived such a life, as they were not there during their peoples beginning as they came into Al-Islam.  Allah willing together we will succeed.

Mega Business Purpose:

    BITHI’s mission. Purpose and goal is to bring wealth to the people who were born of the descendants of the slaves, the Negro, the African American.  To do this BITHI as the hub of the vision will make efforts to gain unmeasured wealth that will provide opportunities to create over time a whole people from being the impoverish for all times.  The vision is new, it is told over and over throughout Scriptures how Allah steps in to help the faithful through His prevailing promise to them.  We are no different, we must believe in it and work hard for it.

    BITHI wants our people, starting with a few to recognize that this global society can name the top wealthiest people in the world, on the continent, in a region or wherever.  These named wealthy people are reported to be less than 5% who are reported as to owning or controlling the wealth of the world.  How can a handful get it but a body of people can’t get it to change the society of man to feel the justice extended to them by Allah The Most High.

    BITHI believes we must establish a minimum of 20 to 50 Mega Businesses in each State, that is 1,000 to 2,500 Mega Businesses around the country representing African American people.  Consider each Mega Business having a goal of having an approximate profit of $1,000,000.00 per week which would mean every year this alone will bring to us through the Halal Industry’s Mega businesses the approximate total of  $1,040,000,000.00 to $2,600,000,000.00 per year per 50 State.  If the calculation is near right this means the African American getting involved to create its own through BITHI, by creating the ability to manufacture for self and others would bring to their communities around the country in the amount of $52,000,000,000.00 to about $130,000,000,000.00 per year.  This is the financial side of the Yusuf Vision.  Do these numbers scare you, well it should scare you more to know a few have that small amount for their selves.

    With this plan BITHI will constantly establish new businesses among our own.  At what number should we stop working at improving upon our community through the Halal wealth.  By this plan in a 3-5 year span of time, we would have affected change in the world and removed crime from our communities throughout America.  With this we will build new communities, a geography of our own is what our Imam, Imam W.D. Mohammed stated we should have.  Mekka, Madinah, Iran, Iraq and so many other area became a geography of your, their own for the Muslims over 1,435 years and we must and can have a geography of our own also.

    These Mega Businesses through the vision of BITHI will create everything a community needs to exist over a number of years. The changes are no different than the worlds before us that took up the message of Allah with a belief that it was their time to lead their people towards the betterment for the whole of man.  BITHI believes its our time, “up you mighty nation accomplish what you will”.

    The sole purpose of the Mega Businesses owned by and through BITHI (opposed to those owned by Special Investor’s) will be to make profits that will be contributed to build in our communities by funding the Special Investor’s first, they must be first to benefit, in time funding will reach others, through this Halal acquisition of wealth.  Again Mega Businesses are the 2nd category to be funded by the Mega Businesses belonging to BITHI.

The more BITHI creates the more wealth can pour back into our community to create businesses, jobs, homes, communities, entrepreneurship, leaderships, financial institutions and so much more.  "We can't stop now, we won't stop now".  Imam W.D. Mohammed









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