Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Muslim Against Crime

     We as men have a mission that is described in the Qur'an.  When Allah The All Wise speak it is not to make any individual feel left out.  Allah states that the men are the maintainers, providers and protectors of the women.  This statement includes all that comes from or because of women.

     When we look at the individual job it has so many connections to prove in its own make up Allah The Creator is the designer of all things.  Just to mention a few, if man maintains, provides and protects (m.p.p.) the women, then the children from that bond begins with the proper picture of respect and regardfulness for the natural form.  As the family grows through mans regard for Allah The All Knowing, as he fulfill his duties, m.p.p., then the neighbors will benefit from the men coming together as they m.p.p., this will also cause the community to be safe, every community doing the same will cause the nation to be strong as we  m.p.p., it becomes the foremost in following the guidance of Allah.  In short a responsible man startes off protecting his wife and ends up protecting his nation, the nation caring and protecting humanity.  Imagine that plan being followed by the concious man, what a world that would be; obediance to Allah The Fulfiller of His Plans.  He said to the angel Jibril "look at the world I have created for them (men)".

     When we reverse the formular we would see selfishness grows until harm comes upon those who are selfish, harm will come upon those who are neglectful, harm will come to those who don't care for others because of their own personal greed, etc., etc., etc..  That is the world we see today. Allalh The Owner of Time continued to say to Jibril "look at the world after shaitan has changed it".   

     Therefore Muslim Against Crime (M.A.C.) is calling on the men first to come back to the gift Allah The Provider has given to each of us innatelly.  The men must grow tired of watching the youth destroy their selves right before our eyes.  The women are disrespected, the elderly are disrespected and men are not saying anything, not speaking out to stop the wrongs, why? Because you see your self different from your fellow human.  No, our job is to MAINTAIN an environment that is best for the whole family (humanity), this is to keep it flourishing for all of us as a safe and healthy environment to grow in, to learn in and to provide the best of this world for each other.  It is also our job to PROVIDE for our families and the whole familiy (humanity). this design is from Allah and it is simple to have a better life just by applying the formula of Maintaining, Providing and Protecting. 

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