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New Africa Perspective

Bilal's, Inc. has as one of its non-profit works, the way it communicates with the public.  The public is very important to the efforts of Bilal's, Inc. and New Africa Perspective (NAP) will be one way to keep the people of the community informed as to the goals and aspirations for the growth in the African American community for wealth.

NAP of 2014 is the third paper produced with these efforts.  The papers founder, Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal, created the first paper called DVB Informer, a free paper for the public.  The paper was established in the late 90's and was established to begin a communications among 13 Imam's between ten cities from North to South Trenton, NJ to Wilmington, DE and West to East Harrisburg, PA to Atlantic City, NJ.  The paper represented the association of Imam W.D. Mohammed in the Delaware Valley Region.  A brother James from the Frankford section of Philadelphia aiding in acquiring a facility with approximately 10 rooms to work from with the hopes of building a staff for the DVB Informer, of which plans changed when a number of the Imams moved on to another area for their work before the offices were acquired.

In 2006-07 the same founder began the first New Africa Perspective with a desire to invite the public to learn of Imam W.D. Mohammed by printing his lectures in NAP as the anchor for the paper.  Stopping after about 7 issues with the hopes of building a staff then starting over.  Over the years with many things happening NAP was put off until this year 2014.  We are revisiting it and seeking help from its beginning the production, through to  its end, the door to door deliveries and everything that comes with putting a free newspaper in the hands of the public.  Initially we do need those who can get involved with the paper and not need it to be their livelihood, but they can see it will one day be able to pay those involved and they can see it become a viable arm in our work to change the way we live in our community.

We are began the first issue for the month of March 2014 and we delivered 5,000 papers and with the help of Allah there will be at least 5,000 copies delivered each month with the hopes of increasing month to month as we serve a wider area.  Right now we serve papers to and area in our community that is 10 blocks by 12 blocks.  We are asking for articles to be submitted that can be carried in NAP, we reserve the right to decide on the articles we will carry in NAP, we will share with the writer what needs to be changed in order to carry their article if such is needed.  The ads can be carried for many affairs or events, again we reserve the right to carry or not carry ads that are not in line with the character we seek to present in our paper.  

        Our second copy we did in April 2014 of which we circulated another 5,000 copies in the same area we delivered the first issue.  Our third issue was in May 2014 in which we covered the same area but did 6,000 papers door to door.  We utilized 3-5 young and older brothers over a period of three days to deliver them.  For the area we have served already to get every house for the next delivery we will need at least 7,000 papers to cover every door.  

        Our goal is to cover in the Philadelphia area a section as our model section for rebuilding our community.  We want to remove crime from our neighborhoods, and we believe it can be done with efforts of creating Halal methods to replace the many corrupt methods of earning money by some of our people.  We believe when the Halal Meat plant is open it will offer jobs to many, we want to train men and women for that but we really look forward to training those who want to own their own business.  We want to begin in the same area that we serve our paper to put our people in their own business.  We want to bring our people up, we want to bring our community up and we believe we have the tools to do so, join us in the effort of self improvement in the African American community.

        Our next paper has been put off until October 2014.  We want the next paper to be developed by collecting for ads.  We believe we can get the help of our business minded people to join in with us and make it a success.  If you are in business and you see our efforts as something you would like to support, please join us, we need you to make this work as a collective for our people.  You can write us or e-mail to the following:

New Africa Perspective or NAP
P.O. Box 42050
Philadelphia, PA 19101
or contact us at 
you can call: (267) 515-3269

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