Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People


     We believe we can have the state of the art type facilities all over the country.  It is our goal to have the area of property where the present plant sits converted to a new and beautiful serviceable facility that offers progress in its vision as well of its actuality.  

    We believe this will serve in our community as the beginning of "The New Africa Business District", the vision given to us by Imam W.D. Mohammed that can be duplicated in our neighborhoods all over the country. 

    We believe our efforts jointly around the country tying our selves together as a chain linked through each State and in time through each City, rendering to those who look upon us, the proofs that this is a New Mind in this New Africa spirit.

    We must build and we must build with class, not for others but instead for the first time in the history of African Americans (x Negro, x Slaves) a community, a neighborhood in every City that represents The New Africa Business community that puts us in the race with all of humanity, we must build upon a "NEW US".

    The above images are where we want to go, it is to expensive to do with the first investment, the plant alone will earn enough profit to build it from the ground up over time.  Our goal is to build this type facility with all the upgrades needed in our 10 years projection plan.  This means after opening the plant for business, in which we are working to do during Spring of 2015.  By or during the year 2025 BITHI in its projection believes we will have started many businesses by then among the Special Investors, therefore we expect to have broken ground for the new facility before or during 2025.  You should make this vision a part of yours, our people are not to remain as we see them today.  

    Respectively the above drawings indicates in the first drawing, the look we want to have on the Bailey St. side which will be where all the direct activity for the plant will take place.  Our processing of the raw meat products will be handled in this facility with the objective of producing a minimum of one million (1,000,000) pounds of beef per week within those walls. The second picture shows the same side of the property given a view of the parking lot as well.  The third picture shows the front view on Oxford St. side of the building.  From the Oxford St. side you see on the corner first floor a restaurant will be opened and operating to serve in the neighborhood.  It will be more like a deli and the purveyor will be BITHI for all its products.  Over the restaurant there will be office space on the second and third floor.

    To the right of the restaurant on Oxford St. side there will be a few store fronts that will be accessed from the front or the main hall of the building.  On the second and third floor will be living space.  Our goal is to be diverse in our business involvement around the country.  Our goal collectively is to create wealth in our (African American or Bilalian) community.  Please read through out this web page and become one of the Special Investors. 
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