Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Our Goal Millionaires

    We are working to encourage our people to see their selves as men and women who also deserve prosperity and are guaranteed success like all other people.  This without a doubt is a gift to all men and women from G-d.  This is not done with the pitch towards anger or discussion of hate because of our past.  It is to get the best picture of an ability to work for what is yours now, we should believe in it as others believe in their right to the same success, the same wealth, the same possibilities all other people enjoy today even though many of them it seems, have been enjoying it forever.

    So we ask what is our goal, our goal even in these times when it seems to be such a cry of problems through economics with everyone, our goal is to create the spirit for believing we can be millionaires.  We cannot become millionaires if we think this world as it is, will bring it about for us.  We remind you of our source of proof, it is the Scriptures, our book the Qur'an with the story of Yusuf also known in the Bible as Joseph with the coat of many colors.  In both of these books we see that the world that Yusuf/Joseph found himself in became plagued with famine or should we say economic crisis that affected everyone.

     Yusuf/Joseph was placed over the store house, the market place.  Yusuf/Joseph began cultivating the land, irrigating the land, bringing back the life in the earth until the common man saw the wealth throughout the land once again.  Our country has out sourced its self, becoming through greed unable to satisfy the need for improvement, not wanting to help its self.  Therefore as we work for improvement in our country, the opportunity becomes clear for the little man, the common person to become wealthy, no, everyone don't see it yet, but faith and trust in the Scriptures and the picture it gives to us of great success because of faith, such will also change our condition.  The vision is given to Yusuf/Joseph, as the one placed over the storehouse/market place he becomes responsible to bring the wealth, the prosperity back to the land.  G-d gives us this picture in the Scriptures to keep the common man stabilized in faith.  He is not to see this and think that happened once but cannot happen or will not happen again, no we must relate the picture to all times and especially these times.  G-d is helping those with faith to bring it back to the plan He has for man.

    G-d opens to us the opportunity to create millionaires, we will support first, through the industry the members who have come about as Special Investors, they will be supported to become our first business people, our first millionaires.  Our efforts are to funnel support, financial support to these members.  They will be the first among us to get the opportunity to become our first millionaires.  When a project is started and it reaches its success it is the fair and just picture that the early supporters never be looked over, they believed first, they supported first, they must be first to have the opportunity to be our millionaires, this gift is from G-d.   As our Special Investor's are called to invest on a particular date, they should be preparing their business plan to be reviewed to receive the support from BITHI plan for going into business or supporting financially the business you already have.  Does that mean we will be ready day one to put one thousand people in business, no but within thirty (30) days after the thousand investors have bonded and sealed their part in BITHI with their investment, we will be preparing to announce at our first town hall meeting, via webinar, who will be the first to be supported because of their business plan being in, complete and able to be supported by BITHI investor's one time investment.

    They, the Special Investor's are necessary, we must consider that they too, will be asked once they have made their million(s) to invest ten percent (10%) of their profits to go into a pot that will put others in business or to establish a model area for our model community.  We have a lot of talk about that should be shared in all around the country about establishing in our community, well I challenge anyone to tell me how will it be done, if there is no plan in sight to make anyone of us wealthy enough to be able to change the condition with physical and material proofs.  The plan established by Yusuf/Joseph was a plan from G-d who established him with a vision.  It seemed simple enough to do it, but only those inspired can do it, speak on it, prove it, and with support of faithful people make it happen now, today, in our time, while we are living.  Move away from the one who says, "we can't do that, our people ain't going to be able to do that, we will never come together, I don't see who can lead us to do that, I/we won't see it in our life time, they ain't going to let us do that".  

    Run away from those still thinking like that.  Millionaires are being made everyday before our eyes, they are passing off garbage to our children, millions are being given to individuals for their talent in sports, millionaires are created in this society around the world to keep us from seeing our own success, yet we would think that G-d did not, or will not give to the honest, righteous, believing people the same possibility to create millionaires, multi millionaires and billionaires through their right conduct and the industry He left with them through so many strong leaders birth here in America.  These great leaders over time are the ones that opened the way for us, causing us to get where we are.  G-d says to us, "today is the day I perfected for you your way of life" (religion).  Its perfected, but you think it wont work?!  No, we know it will work, our faith tells us it will work for us and its going to work now.

    By G-d's permission it is already set for us to do it, come on board with us, be counting in our effort to reach one thousand (1,000) believers of our African American community who wants something for self, something from our honest efforts, something that only G-d can  bless it to happen for us.  Lets hear everything, throw off the fake, the lie, the bias, the doubt and keep what we know came into our head that is from G-d.  I listened to a sister who was moved this week to say she was recommitting her efforts behind the leadership in a Masjid here in Philadelphia, and she did not want to hear the bad news from anyone, well that is how we get duped, you cannot see right or wrong properly unless you can compare and listen to see who or what is right.  G-d don't tell us not to listen, you listen so you can give advice towards what is right and to also give advice to stay away from the wrong.  There is an explanation and a reasoning even when something sounds bad or wrong.  G-d says do your research, but always be committed to Him and He will guide and teach you.  We are asking you to study this web page, get on the conference line we have from time to time, share what you see and hear with someone else, if it is for you, then come on, if it is not for you, leave it to others to pick up.  G-d wants us to be responsible for our condition and our lives, if this is not good for you, it must be because you have something else better for your self.  BUT, if you have nothing what would keep you from owning something you can call you own.

    Share it, the good that you have, with the world to see if it can stand up as a proof that it is good for our people and ultimately good for humanity.  When Yusuf/ Joseph finished his work the people as a whole were doing better.  Believe in G-d, trust Him and join the works that He puts before us, work in our places but work to change the condition of our people as a whole.  
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