Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Our Steps to Success 2

    We said you, the investor, are very important to us, not because you put up your money, that is small, we cannot make a economic base that will be working for our (African American, Bilalian) people without you, you will learn in another section why you, the investor, you the people are important, money is a tool, but we need to work the tool through someone.  You are now the most important part of the puzzle.  We must show the world that investing is best when you invest into the betterment of humanity, by first investing in the mind set of doing for self.   The world changes, it improves when you take the worst treated, and with their forgiving ways, you show them that G-d wants them/you to be on top now, not big headed on top but on top to utilize wealth wisely.  To succeed and remain in prayer and stay humble.

    With the scenario in "Our Steps to Success 1", we showed how we would use the first 50% or so, now with the same scenario there is another 50% or less to discuss and this section will show you how we would use it once we get the 1,000 people to invest $1,000.00.  It would be as follows; we have 50% of the original investment of 1,000 investor's who made an investment of $1,000.00 each, totaling the original $1,000,000.00.  This $500,000.00 from the first investment group, known as the Special Investor's, will be utilized to invest in one or more investor's, also to purchase land to build the industry upon, land that will create jobs and entrepreneur's as well land to establish our institutions upon, we must not forget we have 80 years of history to show our gratitude to G-d for what He has given us.   Let us look at the plan.

    This 50% will be broken down into five (5) portions, equally divided but used basically in the fields they are designated to go into.  This section, please study it and understand it, it is very simple, easy to do, but you must believe G-d wants you to also believe in yourself to get it done.  We expect to see an increase of investor's after the first 1,000 investor's have a show of production and success.
  • We are starting off with 50% of the original amount, and divided it by 5 designated portions
  • $500,000.00 is the Investor's Pool, the pool equals 100%
  • $100,000.00 is to be designated to aid existing businesses owned by investor's or to support investor's in their new business.   This amount representing 20% of the Investor's Pool (IP).  Investor's will have say in who gets this, read the section on the investor's shuraa (consultation/decision making) meetings
  • $100.000.00 is to be designated to aid in the purchase of land, plants, factories, or large developments for expanding the business of BITHI, it could include living facilities, homes, apartments, hotels our own banks and or credit unions, in which we will create our own credit cards for members.  This amount also represents 20% of the IP.   Investor's will have say in who gets this, read the section on the investor's shuraa (consultation/decision making) meetings
  • $100,000.00 is to be designated to aid in establishing institutions, schools, universities, colleges, clinics/hospitals, camps, malls, developments.  This amount also represents 20% of the IP.   Investor's will have say in who gets this, read the section on the investor's shuraa (consultation/decision making) meetings
  • $100,000.00 is to be designated to emergency funds.  This area should never become less than its original amount as it is expected to grow each month to aid.  This amount also represents 20% of the IP.    This area for decisions on this 20% remains with the Founder and Co-Founders only.  This will be for catastrophes that happens to individuals, families, areas of emergencies that has touched humanity.  We the Muslims must have our wealth also geared to do a bigger charity.
  • $100,000.00 is also a emergency fund that represent 20% of the IP.  This emergency fund is also reserved for the Founder and Co-Founders to aid Education and Educational facilities outside of the ones we create for our own Islamic based schools.  This fund will reach African American institutions first but will aid others that have need for financial support   
  • The IP is started with the help of the Special Investor's investment of $1,000.00.  That is to say approximately 50% of each investment will be applied to building up own our community, building up our own people
  • We will ask for other investor's from among our people to invest after the progress is started by the first investor's, but they will not have the full benefit in writing as the Special Investor's.  It is important that everyone knows the success is always for those who come on first
  • BITHI in its day to day growth will reinforce the IP through its profits.  Remember BITHI goal is to have the minimum of 1,000,000 pounds of Beef sold through this one plant, that translates into approximately $1,000,000.00 per week profit to be put into the IP to be used as stated here. 
  • BITHI most important goal is to put the 1,000 Special Investor's closer than ever before to their individual ability to become a millionaire, a multi millionaire or a billionaire from their own business because they believed from the ground floor and made it possible for BITHI to become the Halal Industry for our people 

    We believe if you have truly read this material you will see with the help of 1,000 investor's and the various expertise that will come with 1,000 individuals willing to adhere to what BITHI is asking of them, they have the same opportunity as anyone to become a millionaire, a multi millionaire or a billionaire, at the least each investor should see their self, a family member or dear friend with the opportunity to grow into success by investing $1,000.00.  Don't limit your self, we believe this is great for our people but you may have heard something better somewhere else, that is fine but do something with your $1,000.00 before most of it pass you by.   Again you the investor is important to the growth of economics through BITHI, become an investor.

Please read the "Decisions by Investor's"

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