Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Our Steps to Success

BITHI Plan in the Use of the First 50% of the Investment            

    We hope you read this material that will help you understand the numbers here, we hope to speak less in words here but to help you see our mission based in our using more in the way of cost, the numbers.  The initial investment used to develop and open the plant will be necessary one time only, once the plant is open it will funnel funds back that will exceed the 50% used for start up over the  period of five (5) years.

  • $1,000,000.00  = 100% of the initial investment from 1,000 investor's at $1,000.00 each 
  • $   500,000.00  = a minimum of 50% the investment will be used for developing the approximately 13,000 sq. ft. of plant space, along with start up cost for initial operation

The minimum of 50%, $500,000.00 will be the amount needed to begin work on the plant it self.   This will be used to renovate, remodel, outfit and stock the present plant that is in need of much repair, and it will be utilized in the following manner.  The remaining 50%,   $500,000.00 or less, will be for investing in other areas.  The manner in which it will be used is as follows:

  • $500,000.00 will be the initial amount from the investment to be used to begin The Halal Industry, the hub; the plant 
  • $250,000.00 will be utilized for renovation to open the plant in order to receive the Grant of Inspection by meeting USDA standards
  • $250,000.00 will be utilized as initial operational cost.  We will start with a minimum of about 10-20 head of Cattle within the first few weeks.  But BITHI goal will be to grow weekly working towards the productions of products from 100-500 head of Cattle per week between the first and the second year after open.  This portion will be established by beginning in the following manner

The intent is to use $250,000.00 (it may take more) to cover the following.   Begin renovation of the present plant owned by Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  This renovation will include but not be limited to the following

  • Retaining all licenses, insurances, etc. that goes along with the start of such work
  • Complete new roof over entire plant
  • Pointing, cement finish and painting of exterior walls with improvements made to the pavement
  • Windows and doors replaced, exterior and interior
  • Replace all insulation throughout ceilings with linings and proper ceiling covering approved by USDA 
  • Replace all refrigeration/freezer units with exterior systems and interior fans or cooling/freezing units
  • Replace all refrigerator/freezer doors for walk in systems
  • Rewire the entire electrical system
  • Replace the entire plumbing system including special units for blood receptacles and the like
  • Replace security system for both, the system notifying errors causing machinery shut down, and actual security for theft, fire, etc.
  • Replace necessary hoses, tables and minimal amount of equipment 
  • Sand down and remove protective paint from rails

The work mentioned here will have a time line of being completed in 90 days after licenses have been secured to begin work.  The completion of this work will bring the Regional USDA  Supervisor to inspect the plant, once the Supervisor issues a Grant of Inspection we are allowed to open and do business.  The second phase will begin after this Grant of Inspection has been issued, and will begin as follows: 
The remaining $250,000.00 (less or more), will be used for the start of operation and will be categorized in the following manner:

  • Salaries that will cover approximately 10 employee's at about $500.00 per week for 26 weeks totaling $130,000.00
  • Work uniforms, work tools, packaging material labels, etc., all of which will be supported with $20,000.00 which will give a supply line of work material that would cover a period of more than 5 weeks for some items and much longer than 30 weeks for other items before being replaced
  • $80,000.00 will begin the purchase of animals to be slaughtered and butchered, with the goal of starting with a minimum of 10 head of Cattle per week and gradually building upon the number as we go from week to week with the goal of slaughtering and processing between 100-500 head of Cattle per week within 1-2 years after opening
  • The remainder of approximately $20,000.00 will be considered emergency or back up cash for sales that may need to be covered for up to 30 days or so before full payment can be made by merchants, which will fall in the line of accounts receivable 
  • Most of this will not be spent in total it will be collateral to borrow or trade against to begin the business of making money with sales, while producing our accounts payables as well receivables  

The goal will be to sell 500 head of Cattle with the approximate weight on the hoof of 2,000 lbs. per week, or the number of animals to reach such number in poundage per week with Cattle, Lamb, Goats, Chicken and Turkey.  BITHI will be filling orders initially in much smaller amount of weight to be processed day to day, week to week, working with the natural progression to increase.   Regardless of animals slaughtered and processed there will be an average of $2,000.00 per week put in a savings to replace the 50% initially utilized for the plant.  At this rate the 50% will be replaced in full within 5 years after the plant has completed the first week of operation.

At such time that this 50% is replaced it will go back in to the pool to support the five categories of which one of the categories it will aid the investor's going into business or receiving loans to enhance their goal.  Remember we asked to use the investor's money for five (5) years, then they must benefit from their support.  This is just part of the guarantee that BITHI gives to the investor's, but we want the investor's involvement every step of the way, we want their voice as well as their money to put the African American people in the race with wealth to share with and work along with the rest of the world population who have wealth.  It is not BITHI aims to own the investor but to cause the investor's to become independent business people, we believe because of this they may become millionaires, multi millionaires or billionaires, if they are productive and believe.  We must with our small investment build our economy through BITHI.

Please continue to read what is done with the second part of the 1,000 investor's investment, go to "Our Steps to Success 2".   

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