Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Our Youth Must Have
   Our youth must have, what does that mean?  And more importantly concerning that, what does it mean to us as a people?  In the average family, it is basically the same even though we may live on different ends of the globe and speak different language.  Every parent wants the best for their child.  Every parent wants their child to be educated.  Of course there may be a lot of superficial things along the way that a parent wants for their child.  We know one major thing that remains a fact, no parent wants their child to fail in any manner.

    As parents we share some things that were available to us as children, such as to establish in our behavior as well our thinking the ability to save, to put something away for the future.  How many of you remember prior to the 60's when you took your change (dollar bills for those who had them) to school and we would give it to the visitor in order for them to take our money to deposit in the bank for us.  I believe all the schools that participated gave the children's saving to the same bank, the name of the bank was PSFS here in Philadelphia, most children don't know what happened to the money, maybe our parents got it out as we left those schools for another, maybe they became lost accounts and became property of the bank, and possibly some children paid attention and continued to save, and it was a reward later in their life as they realized what a great habit they had gotten through this practice during the years that they were in their elementary school.

    We discussed how later in school or for some of us when we were in the Military, we were introduced to the U.S. Savings Bonds.  This was also a great introduction of putting something away for the future.  In the Military it was about $17 give or take, each month that would be taken out to cover a U.S. Bond, and when it matured a few years later it became about $25.  That don't seem like much but think about it on the same value of the coins saved in elementary school, we were learning to save and put something away without thinking about it.

    If each month you put away one or more savings bonds, and it took 2-3 years to mature, and you did it every month for the period of time you were in the service, which was no less than 2 years, by the time they matured that money looked very attractive.  Mainly because it was put away, growing without you thinking about it, no lost to you but a real savings.  We knew everything we made aside from that was spent, whether it took a few minutes or weeks to spend it, it was gone, whether we spent it on something of importance or on fun, it was gone.  We know for a fact that when we went to cash in the U.S. Bonds, that meant we had money stored by having a practice taught  to us that if we continued it, it would help our life style later.

    Bilal;s, Inc. The Halal Industry has the same picture for you, it is no need to create a new wheel.  Every institution that makes money for you make it for you the same way.  You invest in it and receive better than what you gave at a later date. G-d says the future is better than the present, it is to be understood that you are doing something worth while presently to become comfortable in the future.  This pattern G-d shows man through agriculture, the planting of a seed of corn, it does not pay off right there, it is only one seed per stalk of corn but it still don't pay off right at that moment.  You plant it today and then G-d blesses you with all the right elements to go along with your putting it away in the earth, it comes back at least 700 kernels, and if you put enough seeds away you can not only eat along with your family and friends you can do business with others and have cash flow or do trade to advance yourself in other areas.

    How does this apply to our youth.  Suppose you looked at us (Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry) real good, and you seen that we at least are as creditable as the teachers and the bank representative who collected from us when we were children, or we look to be as supportive as the Military personnel who suggested U.S. Saving Bonds, then you look a little deeper and recognize we are offering you to join onto something that belongs to you, and will empower you, but the real kicker is that in these troubled times you have in your family someone a Student/Child who is going to spend the next 4 years more or less, in College, a University, Trade School, maybe going to spend 2-4 years or more in the Military.  Or you have some one in Grade School to High School or maybe they are not born yet but they are on the way, with BITHI plan you can cause a great blessing to be in their lives.

    You should read our Investor's Special Offer on this web page and see how to invest and put these young people in an opportunity to grow with The Halal Industry while it is presently on the ground floor where they are also with their individual life.  They have the opportunity to gain financial stability by being a part of their own Industry, they can become an entrepreneur even though they may be to young now, your investment for them gives you the ability to guide them to have their own.  Take the time and look through this web page, call or write us, but do what is most important, invest.  Check the contact page to give us your information, if you'd like.
You can reach us at or call 267-515-3269

     Our young don't have to be on the corner preparing to lose their life to drugs, death, harm, prison or any of the areas that usually snatch our young from us, particularly our young men.

     Their skills are needed also, the t.v., the games, the movies has made them think they can make it on the streets, and worst than that they have grown up in a family and now are convinced the love they need is on the troubled streets.

     We have to show them we believe in them, we must map out their lives before they get so far away from us that we have trouble pulling them back to us.

    Families must come back together and invest in the children.  The statement, it takes a village to raise a child.  Well start with yours ask the family to begin sharing to put the children in business before they get lost standing out in front of someone else's business, while doing nothing but shooting the breeze, chilling , etc.

     We who are older must take a grip of our communities again and show the courage to take back our neighborhoods by preparing for our youth while they are still young enough for you/us to do it for them.

     We know somebody in the family that is getting ready to have a child or just had a child.  That child got several years before it understands it is walking in the streets. 

     Suppose after reading our material on investment into the Industry, you decided you were going to come together in your family and make sure there was going to be a business for your new coming member to the family, you will have this business operating when he/she becomes a matured teenager.  This child will be brought up in its own, the quality of life should be different if they are fed the right mental and spiritual food to go with that.

     Your Special Investment of $1,000.00 will be used for five (5) years, at its maturity it will be worth 61% more than when you invested it, even though it is a child we would offer the investor to take a share in BITHI, of which a business would be derived from this investment over time.

     The family members over this period of time while the child is growing and the investment is maturing, would look into the business opportunity that is offered the investors, read it in this web page under Investor's Special Offer, they would also be strategically planning the business they wanted for this young child who will grow into managing and owning its own business one day.

     There is so much we can do to save our young from following the deadly plans that have plagued our communities day to day for over 30 years.  We must leave our comfort zones and begin preparing for the change, believe in the change and make the change.   Our children are well worth the investment.

    Don't wait for them to grow and change the way they should live, let us prepare for them right now, while they are still young or maybe they are not yet born, but lets prepare, lets change the way we see things.  Some people plan their child's career,  we believe that most of those who stick to the plan, that child or those children have a better situation to start from, we can and should do the same for all or as many of our children that we can.
    Send us your check for $1,000.00 to be a part of the Investor's Special Offer, mail it to Bilal's, Inc. P.O. Box 42050, Philadelphia, PA 19101.  Communicate with us by writing to the same address or e-mail us at you can call 267-515-3269.  Thank you.
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