Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People


    Our Islamic Educational System has all the great potentials of any educational system in our country and maybe around the world, we would like to think so anyway.  There is nothing wrong with the team of people that are working on curriculum's that will be the guideline for our Sister Clara Muhammad Schools, as well we have a thriving W.D. Mohammed High School that has broken records in many areas, BUT, we have to be quick thinking, fast moving and still right down to the modern times.

    Having the opportunity to view a discussion that was held over radio recently, it appears that the discussion for doing what needs to be done is not updated or brought up to speed.  Also being in a City that has a building bearing the name of Sister Clara Muhammad School, but it is not presently getting or utilizing the benefits with its legacy.  I have had a brief and I would like to think minimal picture of the SCMS throughout the country, along with talking with leaders, educators, parents and students of those cities, and more importantly my having over the last four years of Imam W.D. Mohammed's life, the opportunity to hear his thoughts of our institutions in general, in private and publicly.  Through these brushings with our educational needs, I was able to see and realize the way we are we will never have a successful educational system unless we change the way we view them.

    Of course we have personal, sentimental values that we work to keep alive in what we are doing, BUT, can't we see we are not achieving what we need for the bigger picture.  Don't get me wrong, everyone's efforts should be applauded, BUT, we must get to the modern time, up to speed.

    We need some of the following: 

1. Finance that will see the system of education continuous (our own Industry can provide that)
2. We need everyone who has a love for education to have input, lay out the details, some of them are
    a.  What do we need in the educational seat for leadership, that does not mean an Imam should be the head of the Islamic School in 2014 unless his background is education and his ability seems to outstrip others who have a background in education.
    b.  What we really need as a curriculum 
        1.  Maybe every child knowing 5 languages before the middle school years
        2.  Maybe every child knowing more of the sciences before middle school
        3.  Maybe every child having home and community survival skills before middle school
        4.  Maybe every child knows the Qur'an by heart, having the ability to speak from                 Qur'an in the 5 languages before middle school
        5.  Maybe every child knows 200 or more of the best hadiths in 5  languages speaking              to the child on kindness, love, charity, no need to discuss hate, war, etc.,
        6.  Maybe every child would have a real good look into citizenship and loyalty to
            good works, loyalty to man and loyalty to country
    c.  To discuss what will be a pay grade that we must maintain to have a superb SCMS
        1.  No minimal wages
        2.  No pay you in a few weeks keep the faith, you may have to do it now but we have 
            capabilities to prepare and make sure everyone has proper pay in our future
        3. Everyone working must have health insurance, this is 2014, are we all healthy, no!
3.  There must be a plan that will end tuition, but includes parents participation
    a.  Prophet Muhammad (puhp) started the first public school
    b.  Parents working all the time to pay tuition leaves little room for participation in their 
        childs education or in the child's life in general

    If we prepare like this now we could begin somewhere with the model SCMS, maybe boost one that already exist, and then work to secure each of them with structure and finance.  In time we would have at least one in each State working to see one in every City.  Paid for from the funds of our Halal Industry, our spring from the rock that was struck, "strike the rock and twelve springs will gush forth and every tribe will know their spring".  Believe it or not I am speaking to you right now about our spring.  

    It would be easy to follow the same pattern to create middle and high school, whether they still carry the name of SCMS or the consensus show it to be more beneficial to call them all W.D. Mohammed High Schools or others.  But we must reverence the womb that bore us.  We the training, others have worked to copy it, but the original knows how it was done, the original knows what was done, the original with the help that Allah gives can do it all over again. 

    After having funded SCMS, it would be easy to prepare the children in a way that when they enter this world of colleges they would go in with the ability to get their Masters from the start after being fully prepared, if they needed them at all, do for self was not a language that said copy others or wait for their approval.  We had Universities before with our own Industry we can create our own Colleges.  If we did most of these things already, why couldn't we do it now.

    Of course what I want to say to you is Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry can create the finance.  We need you to look at us good, we are you and collectively we can accomplish what ever we will.  

    Imam W.D. Mohammed told us don't look for someone to replace him in leadership, well how can anyone do that, he has, by G-d's permission left us with thousands of years of material to study, the world of man will be influenced by him, influenced on how to put our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) back in our lives, he said the need will create a leader, the environment will produce the leader.  The need for education in a fair and supported environment will produce the leaders for that, the sciences in a fair and supported environment will produce its leader for that.  Utilizing our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed's logic to take a thing to its conclusion, I must say Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry is the leader for putting finance around us to establish our much needed Institutions throughout this country for us and our people.  

    Don't look for the businesses to do it, it can only be done by Industry, our Industry.  Let us come and speak with you for an hour, a day a weekend to show you what G-d has left us with to build upon our success.  Contact us or or call us at 215-515-3269  BILAL'S, INC. THE HALAL INDUSTRY, it's yours!
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