Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Special Investors

44Category (1) Reinvesting Capital to Build Businesses Through Profits for the Special Investor's:



Manufacturing Plants Producing: 

 1. From its Meats, Hides, Bones, Organs, By- Products

 2. Creating Mega Businesses

 3. Purchasing of Land for Raising Live Stock and Growing Crops

 4. Building Business Strength With Profits from the Mega Businesses

  5. Profits used to put 1,000  Specials Investors In THEIR OWN BUSINESSES

This is BITHI's Effort of Gratitude by Giving Back to Every Special Investor For Their Support When It Counts The Most, “IN THE BEGINNING”.



Category 1(a) the Special Investor’s

Who are they:

    BITHI have been and will continue to make the call for 1,000 Special Investor’s.  They are special because their number one reason for investing is to join with us, BITHI, in bringing prosperity to our communities, into our neighborhoods for our people, through our people that is to say to "Do For Our Selves".

     BITHI’s goal is to put 1,000 Special Investor’s in business who are themselves from among the African American people who are descendants of those brought here by force from the shores of Africa for the purpose of becoming the slaves of America.  In which the history documents who they are as a people and the damaging treatment of them as a people here in America.  This is not to leave off any other people, BUT, we as a people, now living as free as any other American, we still remain stripped of so many things that also sets as proofs of a natural human quality that has been removed from us, such as the ability to enjoy the compliment of being contributors to the uplift of ourselves as a people.  As well we want to but cannot add from ourselves as a people, our oneness with capital to improve upon the America in which we live and still suffer while existing on the bottom of everything as a people, we want to change that.

     BITHI’s goal is to find 1,000 African Americans that want to be in business for their selves.  The same 1,000 investor’s who wants to see our neighborhoods change from becoming crime ridden with war zone like activities.  We want to bring influence into our neighborhoods that includes economics with a strong show of prosperity for us as a people. 

    BITHI wants to call upon 1,000 men and women to join in taking the blight out of our community and give it the look of life, perpetual life, as we see in other communities.   These 1,000 men and women will become the leaders for uplifting our communities, they will become the leaders and pioneers to remove the blight that has been creeping back in our communities which makes it look lifeless, forced slavery did damage but the living with no ability to improve your life, is just as damaging.

     BITHI’s effort is to find 1,000 men and women who can lead the charge that will change how we are seen around the world.  This is not a block or neighborhood thing, it is not a religious, educational or group thing, this is not a  City or State thing, but it is to up lift our people with a National Economic Plan which is a system for our people to reap what Allah/G-d has offered all people to help them grow to find the successes in their quest of strong belief.  Believe in Allah/G-d and get the best of His rewards, doing for self, this is one of them.

     BITHI’s plan for our people is no different from the plan that people followed in the past Scriptures to gain success, the actions brought about success in the past.  It took a small band of believing people that came together to defeat every force that came against man to defeat them in their belief, seen or unseen the forces did not frustrate the plan of Allah/G-d.

    BITHI’s plan is not to run other’s out of our neighborhoods but to build our businesses within our neighborhoods.  BITHI's goal is to call on the 1,000 Special Investor’s to own a business of their choice within our own neighborhood among our own people.  The businessmen and businesswomen competing with others in our neighborhoods, doing good, clean, honest, respectful business, calling on the neighbors to support their own and do for self would be proper.  These business people will bring back a positive perspective of the wealth coming back in their own community.

Category 1(b) Guidance on the Business to be Established

How will they be put in business:

    BITHI has in its plans as a major priority to remember and take care of those who were the most important part to its growth.  The Special Investor is able to come into BITHI in more than one manner.  When the individual or group decides they want to become a part of the Vision of BITHI and want to be counted among the Special Investor’s the following methods shows the manner of identifying yourself:

  •  Making the investment in full
  •  Making a partial investment and pay the rest over time
  •  Making an intent to pay towards the investment and paying it over time

    Becoming a Special Investor is the manner in which anyone can be put into business.  The three manners in which is the way the Special Investor is able to make their selves known to be a part of the growth, will be documented by date and in some cases by the actual real time their information was submitted.

     BITHI will put a list together that first identify who are the Special Investor’s based on the interest that has been expressed by either of the above mentioned ways to become a Special Investor.  Each would have a letter of acceptance based on the date the intent was made.

     BITHI will have a second list and that list will indicate who are listed as making payment towards the investment to become the Special Investor.  This list will have the amount paid, in full or in part, and the most important thing here again is the date.

     BITHI also has along with that which is mentioned above, a very important piece to the puzzle of creating businesses, that is a BUSINESS PLAN.  Each Special Investor should submit a business plan as soon as possible.  It should be mailed and certified with both the date and time as to witness which business plan was sent to BITHI first.  Another list will exist for this information.  All of the information in this section is important as to who will get the financial support first.  Again it is this guarantee BITHI wants to promote and it is what we collectively will use, what we will do to insure each Special Investor is treated fairly and has the opportunity to be put in business.

     When the time comes and it is established that we have 1,000 investor’s fully paid or partially paid, but each will have committed to being a part of this movement towards establishing prosperity in our communities among and for our people, BITHI will begin meetings the 15th day of each month.  During these meetings the accountability will begin.  In the first meeting an account will be given as to the 1,000 Special Investor’s.  In this meeting the date that we have 1,000 Special Investor’s is important because the first loan will be given to the first to qualify.  To qualify the Special Investor must have the following:

  •  Must be a Special Investor  based at least on one of the categories mentioned above
  •  Must have a business plan submitted before the date of selection for the BITHI loan

    BITHI will look over each list that has been compiled for each separate reason but each are necessary parts of the whole to actually decide who will be first to be placed in the business of their choice.  At this point there will be a minimum of 3 forms to identify who would be put in business first based on the funds in the account that will be established for the sole purpose of establishing businesses or giving support to the business that are owned by the Special Investor.  The list are as follows:

List 1, 1a, 1b

  •  List (1) is the list that is most important, it reveals what date did the Special Investor become a Special Investor by making a full investment towards such
  •  List (1a) is the list that is next to be reviewed which reflects the date the Special Investor made the partial investment to become a Special Investor, and if it is or is not yet a full investment made 
  •  List (1b) is the list that is next, the third to be reviewed, it would reflect the date the Special Investor began by writing a letter of intent to become a Special Investor but were unable to put any funds in but has expressed an intent to complete it over time

List 2, 2a,

  •  This list will indicate if a business plan has been submitted
  •  This list will be separated also as to the amount needed in the account to begin feasibility studies, each category will be separated by one hundred thousand dollar increments, such as up to $100,000.00, up to $200,000.00, up to $300,000.00, on and on, and businesses will be established based on the coverage for the amount that is actually in the account from the initial investments and the profits from the BITHI Mega Businesses

List 3, 3a

  •  Once BITHI have sent experts (prayerfully from among BITHI's Special Investor’s) to do the feasibility study, the meeting of the Special Investor’s nearest to the completion of the information being completed, by way of a webinar meeting on the 15th of the month, the vote will be made to give the loan to the Special Investor
  •  BITHI through this agreement will release the amount of the loan to be granted to establish the business of those who meet the criteria for the loans 

List 4,

  •  BITHI agrees in these matters of establishing the Special Investor in business that the business is the property of the Special Investor to whom the loan was given.  BITHI reserve certain rights that are to include the win win situation for the Special Investor first

Category 1(c) Actions to be Rewarded

 The Special Investor’s Honorable Actions to be Rewarded:

    BITHI has called on 1,000 entities to become Special Investor’s in the vision of creating Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires from among our own people.  BITHI is calling the on the Special Investor’s to join in our National Economic Plan a System for our people. 

     BITHI believes that creating the positive actions to bring wealth to our people as those having faith in G-d, which has produced for all other people who displayed the same, and in such it must be the same for us as a people, as Allah states in the Qur’an, “Allah’s Sunnah never change”.  This statement gives to BITHI the proofs from Qur’an that we have success at our door also.  We must begin by building our own among our own and from there join with others serving humanity.

     BITHI believes the 1,000 Special Investor’s for investing and establishing through their belief in the vision of BITHI, are the most important people to this project.  Mainly  because they are the most important people to this portion of our peoples movement for material progress.  A movement that began when our people were brought to these shores as slaves.  This portion of the movement gives to us as a people the economics to change the way we live and brings about the proofs that Allah will elevate the people of His choice to demonstrate, His given to whom He please.

     BITHI is asking the 1,000 Special Investor’s to invest $1,000.00 into the idea and vision to establish businesses, prosperity in our community among our people.   BITHI ask of these Special Investor’s to allow BITHI to use the $1,000.00 over a 5 year period to begin building for our future among ourselves.  The reward for such is that BITHI will establish 1,000 businesses between the 3rd and the 5th year after opening as a completed USDA Halal Meat processing plant.

     BITHI will use the Special Investor’s investment to begin and complete the renovation that is now in process at the plant to become the hub for establishing businesses.  BITHI expects to use 50-60% of the investor's investment for the purpose of renovating, outfitting the plant with equipment, to stock with materials and to be-gin purchasing livestock in order to begin the start of this business.  Once again this is done because of the special belief and efforts of the most important and honored body of people, you the Special Investor's.

     BITHI will use the remaining 40-50% of the investment to build the Industry and set its design to be supported by the Special Investor’s and to begin the great work to turn our situation around with Allah’s help by establishing through it the path of our National Economic Plan a System for Our People.  The categories will be replenished through weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual profits.  BITHI guarantees its purpose is to build with the profits from all of its Mega entities.  This is not a request on the individual businesses, who have received as a loan monies to establish them in a newly developed business or those who were giving financial support to their existing businesses.  They, the Special Investor’s, are to follow the agreement made and their profits should be used for their own growth, their families growth, their friends growth, a push to keep business strength among our own.  BITHI list the following categories to be replenished: 

Category 1.
Put the Special Investor in business  
Category 2.
Purchase land or property to continue BITHI Mega Business growth 
 3. Purchase land to create the University Of Islam and the community in which the entire staff will live, funded by BITHI 
4. Emergency Fund for Catastrophic events that affect Humanity 
5. Emergency Fund for Scholarships to Colleges or the likes

    BITHI initially will use the one time investment balance as mentioned, from that point going forward the profits from the plant that we're discussing now and from all Mega Businesses that will be established by BITHI will be used in the 5 categories.  Each category would receive 20% of the monthly profits and disbursed on the 15th of the following month.  This disbursement and growth will be witnessed by the 1,000 Special Investor's and their guest at each of those meetings.


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