Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Our Women Are Inwardly Disappointed, Causing Disappointments In The Care Of Our Future;
The Children

    The role of our women is very significant to our complete life.  Life is not just you and I (male and female), life is continuous, that is to say everything affects everything.  We as men are guided in all Scriptures to maintain, protect and provide for our women, our families.  We have not done well as a people, we have allowed others to take care of us in major areas.

    A job is nice, especially if you are making enough money to take care of your family needs, and enjoy life.  Too many men work one job or more and are still struggling, something is out of pocket with that kind of situation.   This type life style does nothing but lend stress to the whole situation.  

    College is nice, when you got all your degrees and it renders to you a position that takes your family to a level that you can also cover all the debt and find time to enjoy the family.  Most can't find independence in that, we are in most cases spending years still paying off old debts for education and the new standard of living causes you to even tell your educated or uneducated wife to work, some say you got to work for us to make it, again something is wrong with that.

    Will we make ourselves think that G-d is wrong in how to resolve the problems.  Our problem lies in doing for self.  Every people goes to work and they too struggle, mostly they struggle because they fall into the design that someone else gave them as to  how we should live, which in any religion this way is not following the design G-d gave us.  Again everyone is full of stress.

    We believe if we began putting priorities in there place our situations will change, G-d says "He will not change your condition until you change whats in your heart".   You know the heart pumps blood for life to continue, but the heart seems to be referred to in a way that suggest that there is a mental and spiritual thing going on that is very important to be manifested through the heart.  The heart seems to be where the women resides, not emotional as so many say but all good is to flow from the heart.  The women as mothers put their heart in the care for the child they are holding within them, they continue from there when the child comes forth and they never stop that progression from the heart, they are to say to the men what must be done for the future of the children, that is actually the future for humanity.

    Something has interfered with humanities progress, when you see the women have come to realizing the good for her child only, something is wrong, the mother is to care naturally for children and for their future.  When the women speak out to the need, the maintainer, provider and protector moves out and fulfills her request, something has interfered making men think they are being weak to respond to the women, the women is also represented by community, so the picture for the men is to see much bigger.  We have to remove the interference that has been holding us from seeing our true freedom.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has directly affected our sight for freedom, and his son, our Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed has gave, and continue to give us the insight and enlightenment of Scriptural knowledge which opens all doors for humanity to find freedom, which this work by these great Leaders, for our benefit as well for others, for our history in America, all of it proves they have made the interferer visible.

    The one who interferes has no ability to make you or break you, he can whisper, and he whispers to every human being to play one against another, get the men to be against the women, while we are following that pattern our women become more disheartening, more distrusting of the men who wants to lead them.  Our work as men is not in making hardship but removing it.  We believe the men in our community should look into what can make our community stable, its not just money, its probably more about what you do with the money.  Our building our trust and confidence will aid our women, our community.   We need to build in our young men from birth and continuing until death takes us, we must be about promoting stability, increase our responsibility to the women, to the family, to the community.  

    Industry is important to this matter, industry is not just about making money no more than Halal is just about meat.  It is about the complete progress of our people, industry or Halal when looked at correctly it is about the progress for the humanity, each people must maintain its self from the sustenance G-d has given to them, and from that they must maintain their self and others.  With the industry belonging to a people, when they are growing and showing progress, the heart realizes it, the flow of life improves.  

    Our women do not need to see us full of talk, every City have men standing on the corner, or they are standing some where that replaces the corner for their class, they talk and nothing is produced.  They promise but have become faint hearted enough to allow their promise that has nothing with it, nothing built from it carry them day to day, well our women know that, and they look at our men and do not see the maintainer, the provider or protector in such men.

    For some men maybe Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry is to complicated for them, well we believe everyone is not for everything, but we must agree every man need to put his money where his mouth is.  Every man must look for something to put the trust back in our women to build that same trust in our children.  What ever interferes with you making progress with our own, you analyze it, you be truthful with your self and end it, work to find your place in making our women feel confident in that man who also suppose to have the belief in G-d that we too were created excellent and we too can build together and we too can improve the situations that ultimately affect our future our children.  Find something and do it, rather than keep talking, growing older and doing nothing.

    We ask you to give us, BITHI, a strong look and invest by becoming a Special Investor, read about it, let us make success a part of our real life, and not the one we imagine.  Our women need us to be men not just males.  Disappointment does not belong to us, lets help our women give it back to the designer of such, cast it off and reclaim our world with G-d's guidance and His approval of our success.  "Verily the believer is already successful".


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