Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Train Four (4) Birds

    Scripture or what is given to us as a guidance that we believe is divine is in fact a message to encourage the spirit for the intuitive man to build upon the world that is given to us as a gift for the growth for humanity.  What can we verify about the word of guidance through Scripture.  Allah (SWA) tells us to look back at those before you, there is a reason; either to see those who found success or to look at those whose fate was destruction.

    When the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) ask of Allah (SWA), "not that I have no faith, how do You bring the living from the dead".  the answer that was given was "take four birds and train them, then split them up and put them on four mountains and then call them and they will come back".  For the readers today we must have something that we can match or give life to in order to benefit from that message, a divine Scriptural message for man of all times to benefit from.  The Scriptures are locked when you don't have keys.

    As the Founder for BITHI, I have seen this information about Prophet Ibrahim in the Scriptures on the dead coming to life to relate to our life now, our life here in America.  I believe the African American has experience a particular training in America that will lead us to the growth that is needed for a people as well that has been something that has happened to people all over the earth in their land.  The Founder has looked at the training in America that he accepted to be a part of.  It was the most successful movement for progress made by a body of African America in which it built the spirit of the people that had been called the Negro.  That spirit was to build confidence in the Negro to begin doing in America where they had been oppressed for hundred's of years.  Some of that training and training included some of the following:  
  • Trust Allah and Obey the Messenger
  • Be Honest and Keep Your Word
  • Study and Question every Word
  • Do For Self, Love Self, Buy From Self
  • Educate Your Own
  • Up You Mighty Nation and Accomplish What You Will
  • Protect Your Women

Those days of training from 1930-1975 produced the picture of the greatest movement for progress for the Negro, termed the Black Man by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  None can deny the progress even if they disliked the way Allah (SWA) allowed us to grow in Al-Islam.  Allah (SWA) says He will choose whom He please.  None but Allah (SWA) could have caused such a community to grow in those times and in this area during such atrocities in America against us as a people.  Some of the many businesses created during this training were the following:

  • Created businesses around the country in nearly every State and many Cities
  • Created the Muhammad Speaks in our own publishing warehouse
  • Owning our own Super Markets, Restaurants, Clothing Stores and many other businesses around the country
  • Delivered Millions of pounds of Whiting H&G Fish from Peru weekly all over the country
  • Created our own Bank
  • Established Farms to raise livestock and crops for human and animal consumption
  • Morally upright men and women standing up for self wanting a better world for their children to come in the future
      After the training that body of people among the African Americans were able to spread out upon and throughout the Scriptural symbolic but real mountains.  Those mountains found in the following:
  • Religion (Cultural and Life Style)
  • Education (Language and Science)
  • Politics (Influence in the World to Succeed)
  • Economics (Life and/or Death)

    In such years those trained were encourage through teachings, that if their confidence was not with the leader, they should go to what they were comfortable with to advance their selves.  Many without leaving the leader began studying in all fields, becoming active in all fields, this body was them about 250,000 members.  The studies took a few else where, some abroad to study religion and religious knowledge, some went to other religions, others tried everything the life of cultural affairs offered them.  Binding with religious people of all faiths to express the love for Allah, G-d (SWA) as humanity must do.

    Some studied the sciences and languages and became top in their fields.  Some of these fields they are leading the many in its study to advance the humanity in understanding both language and science.

    Many approach politics as we too must be those who study and learn to legislate, learn to bring in leadership that will be just and fair for the betterment of the whole humanity.  Many are influential in all parts of government.  Imam W.D. Mohammed did this work for 33 years and before passing had affected millions all over the world. 


    And today we BITHI, have the vision of the National Economic Plan a system for our people to share in wealth.  This is not a new movement it is he same Islamic movement that began and continues this legacy of about 84 years as this is being written.  We must have Halal wealth and not Haram wealth.  Halal wealth means life to and for our community, Haram wealth means death to and for our community.  Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry is a continuous phase of the movement of Al-Islam for our people here in America.  When man identifies with Allah G-d (SWA), he cleans up, he becomes morally concerned, he then works to get his spirit right, allowing himself to adjust to existing for what G-d wants of him as a spiritual human being, then G-d gives to him the tools to establish his self to do the work that the man was created to do in the earth.  So BITHI calls them back with the ability to establish collectively as a people their material worth, their institutions, their legacy in the service of Allah G-d (SWA).

    Call them back and they will return.  In order to call them back we must understand the formula to cause the return.  Allah (SWA) gave us the formula in the beginning train them, and spread them out, now lets look at that.  Training them has been done but they had to leave the small world of just them selves, the black man, and they had to grow into the larger world for advanced studies.  Its easy to work within the training, the training is not the complete picture its part of the picture.  Anything you train to be, its training, everything you've ever done that you had to train for which is everything, after the training you must go out and use it to know you can succeed with it.  So the wise leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed, knew the expression that we leant and needed from his father was necessary but now we had to leave what was comfortable for the baby and now allow the baby to go out and grow to become that people prepared to lead a bigger world that had many successes.  So he caused us to go forward into society and in that we found we were prepared to meet the world and handle the expression from it as a whole.  A few didn't see the first leaders purpose for the future and some of them got stuck in the smaller life, but the training of how to be a family under mommy must expand to the child going outside of the house to learn the world that Allah (SWA) has as a wide open field for the wide awake, fast moving, right down to the modern times believer; I know it said Muslim but for the formula to work the Muslim human must become the believing human to move on to what Allah (SWA) wants us to find as our work to succeed.

    Many of us became those leaders in different fields.  Many of our children became the masters in fields all over the country in various sciences.  Our training proved to be successful, in others words we trained and became very qualified in the world we entered that we stayed away from for those 45 years, we succeeded in the training and we succeed when we were spread out on the mountains.  We were told not to watch t.v., we were told not to join politics, stay away from the Military, stay away from the colleges, we were being trained to stand as men and women who had never stood like that before in life as a people here in America.  Now we were told we could go out on the mountains, spread out and test our strengths, again we succeeded.  Once going to the mountain tops, we seen the two great leaders of our time was right, we can succeed, but to come back is because we can do it, our people are still in the same or worst shape before our training and our gong on to the mountains, because we must come back and DO FOR SELF!  That is what both leaders was calling us to.

    Now lets call them back we must come together as brothers and sisters, we must come back to that high moral quality we showed in what we termed as the first.  We have a 84 year history and it is the picture in which Ibrahim spoke of in the Scriptures of the dead coming to life.  Then we must now know we can handle the wealth and begin establishing business and these businesses are based in Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry.  These repeated steps on the much stronger level we've ever been on, this is the call that will bring them back.  Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry together with you will create the wealth to establish our community life.  We must establish for our own selves the following as a minimum:

  • Manufacturing Plants that produce wealth
  • Wealth that will put our people into business
  • Wealth that will fund our Islamic Education System (not to be compromised)
  • Wealth that will establish our Medical System (clinics and Hospitals)
  • Wealth that will establish our own Banks with our Islamic Banking System
  • Wealth that will support our System to care for Children, Women and Men in need
  • Wealth that will support our System to establish property for our own Cemetery
  • Wealth to take corruption out of our neighborhoods
  • Wealth to employ

Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry believes to establish the above mentioned information, it is the call that will bring them back, it is the answer to the question of Ibrahim, that success will bring them back.  We must bring our people back, Allah (SWA) has prepared us to bring them back.

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