Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People
Twenty (20) per State
     Our goal between November 2014 and June 2015 is to bring Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI) into focus as the National Economic Plan, the wealth system for our people by establishing various businesses and institutions through our investors.  We are looking to succeed by putting the first 1,000 Special Investor's in business.  We must have individuals or group investments, from around the country to realize the affects of establishing industry.  We need industry to bring our people out of poverty.  Industry is for that purpose, where people are industrious usually they are not in poverty.  Don't make a mistake in whats being said, there can be plenty industry and a people can still be impoverish though they seem to be a part of the industry.  We as a people have not been a part of the industry to benefit, instead others has been able to benefit from us as a people. 

     In such cases, as it is here in America, we the African American who are descendants of slaves, were the tool for economic growth in America.  So the industry of slavery helped America with wealth but it did nothing for the people who represented the American avenue for wealth and success.  So we can be out of slavery proper and still be the tool for economics in America, and still be outside of those who benefit from the industry, or at least the tool for wealth for everyone but our selves as a people.

     We ask you to take a serious look at our program and be one of twenty people in your State, this is a way of guaranteeing building business in your State, around you the investor.  Your special investment means you believe in it,  that is what will bring possibilities for us all to the forefront for us.  Let me say something about possibility and belief, they are alike and need each other.   You must believe in the possibility to have it happen.  If we disbelieve we cannot build among ourselves the possibility is dead.

    Contact us read our web pages and see if it is possible in your mind, see if it is necessary in your mind then believe enough to become an investor.  Contact us at go through this web page or write us at Bilal's, Inc. P.O. Box 42050 Philadelphia, PA 19101 or call 267-515-3269 
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