Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Understand Investing

    We of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI) realize more than 95% of the people reading this material and similar material from some of the best financial minds have a difficulty understanding investments. What to invest in, what is a moral investment that will produce the benefit for the investor, what do you actually want out of an investment, is the investment you are called to invest in able to give you what you are seeking.  These may be some of the many things individuals can think to ask.

    We also know that if a million people give their opinion as to what they think is the best project worthy of investing in, more than 95% of the opinions would be from the same 95% of the people who do not understand the process of investing.  In other words they were not educated in investing, and they in most cases don't consider the fact that they already indirectly but directly invest in most things presented to them.  By making this point it will help us to see why we must have you as an investor.

    We want you to be honest, and at the same time not be a person with thin skin.  How many people in your family (including yourself) have an idea of something worthy of supporting that will make you or someone in your family a millionaire or better.  How many of your associates have an idea that will create one or more millionaires.  This is the importance of understanding most investments, investing and investors.

    We want you to view the type of investors that we are discussing here.  First consider the everyday investor.  That is the person that wakes up everyday and goes out and spend time investing in their individual and family life alone.  They go out to their work place or follow their trade and they get busy, and their talent is improved when they are sincere about their investment.  Looking at the everyday investor he/she moves forward and over a life span they work to have the comfortable life that they invested in.

    Next look at the one who wants a little more, he/she may go to college or have a talent that gains them much more in salary. However each day they work to get better, so their benefits will show how they are progressing through life, that is the personal investment.  A sports celebrity investing in their ability to win if given the chance to be seen.   If they make an investment in their selves, it will show at the time to compete that it was worth it, if they are chosen and given the opportunity to play in the national arena of what ever field they are in.  These are individual accomplishments and investments in self.

    We now can look at who is looking at them.  The men/women who are going to work everyday someone or some group or organizational type hires them, their investment is to pay them for their services and then protect some of their interest such as medical insurances, scholarships in some cases, etc..  The sports associations give each of these players, regardless of the sport (team or individuals) hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars, so these owners invest in the ability of others to make their own investment stronger.  They are strong providers in a big way, don't forget actors and the field of entertainment of all types are in this same category that we are now speaking of.

    We must give our attention to something that we believe our people must realize, we seem to never as a people, be on top supporting the life of others by employing their talent with our wealth.  We as a people have not made the cut to invest in something that will give to our people.  Don't think to yourself BITHI can't be the key for our success as a people, why?  Because you can't see it, we believe a minimum  of 95% of all people don't see it, but they invest everyday to the success of someone who can see it.   Mr. Gates sees it, all of us invest in him, Micro Soft, Google and more, are on every computer and these products are used regularly, we invest in them, all the markets for food and clothing, Wal Mart, Target, Macy's, you name them, low end or high end, we invest in them, all the cars are on the street because we invest in them, every movie theater is making it because we invest in them.  Many of us invest no less than a thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per month and we don't question it, we look at the bills and pay them; that's natural we want the service, the product the enjoyment or what ever it is, so we keep investing, good G-d, don't mention the phones, no longer does Bell Telephone control it all, anyone that wants to be in the business gets our dollars, its a vision that someone was bless to have.  Who is it, who is this someone, it does not matter because it gets in front of us, and the majority of us support it and that same majority don't know why, it almost seems these things become an automatic necessity to over 95% of the world population, once we've been introduced to them. 

    So we seem to have been created to invest in our own betterment, excuse me we invest in a vision that is sold to the humanity and we buy into it, as if we got to have it.  But you, us, we as African Americans believe we cannot have from G-d a vision given to us, so we question who is this BITHI, why should we give them $1,000.00 for 5 years to benefit us, why should we take those crumbs from those we are already use to investing in?!  What ever we have been sold on, keeps us from being sold on the fact that  G-d designed heaven for man, that includes us, get on board, lets get our heaven together.

        Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry is formed to meet the challenge, can you invest?  Will you invest?  We are certain if you aid by being one of the one thousand (1,000) investors to allow us to use $1,000.00 of your money for 5 years, we guarantee you, your investment will help create millionaires among our people within 24 months after we reach our goal of one thousand (1,000) investors:  YOU BE ONE.....ask your self why not?  We already invest more to everyone when they call on us with their new projects.  Do a chart and look at who you will spend your money with over the next thirty days and if you can remember go back and write on the same chart who you spent it with in the past thirty days.  You will be surprise to know nearly 100% of our people invest nothing, spend nothing with our own, not a dime.  You may be surprise that you either fit in that category of spending nothing with our own or spending lest than 5% of your own, with our own!!!  

    Everyone else trust your spending with them, that is why they can just open up, we have been trained to just give the money to them, even while we complain about having nothing.  Well keep reading our material and see how easy it could be for you to create or at least help create wealth within our own community, all around this country.  We are on the ground floor and want to take you up with us, you are supposed to go up with us, INVEST in Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  Contact us at or write to us at Bilal's Inc. P.O. Box 42050, Philadelphia, PA 19101
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