Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

University Of Islam







Halal Manufacturing Plant Funds for Education:

1. Funds to purchase  a minimum of 100 acres of land

2. To build a structure for educational purpose on no less than 5-10 acres

3. Funds to build homes for educators and their household on the property

4. Funds needed to complete community life on the property

5. Funds to cover the expenses for education in full


To Create an Environment for Education
Second to None

  •  A facility with educators for the basic studies from kindergarten to 12th grade
  •  A body of Islamic educators to add to the religious and scientific  knowledge we all should have
  •  The goal is to have children that will graduate without the inferior complex’s that normally holds people back



Category (3) Meet the Future Needs by Establishing the
Environment for Better Education 

Purchasing Land to Support Community Life around the Facility Established for Islamic Education:

    BITHI will work to strengthen the future by utilizing this category to establish our facilities for education, built to teach our young.  In the field of education there should be nothing spared to give us the best for all our children.  A model Education System, The University Of Islam. 
BITHI will begin this process by purchasing a minimum of 100 acres of land to build upon.  The education facility its self will sit on at least 5-10 acres of this property, this category is specifically for this purpose.  In the blue print for such it will be a layout for a state of the art facility.  This facility will accommodate ages from preschool through to at least the 12th grade.  The first project of this type should be in place between the 3rd and 5th year after the first plant is open for business.  


     BITHI’s goal is to begin with our very young which is to lay out a sizable area for the day care/preschool through to the kindergarten.  We want to begin getting with people immediately that understand the child between these ages and begin putting together the best structure and plans to be sure in giving these children the best for their growth with care and openness to each child’s level for growth, with a concern to keep each child confident in their selves at this early age.  For every need that arises BITHI wants to use its profits in this area to facilitate the best to stimulate the child to its own progress; finding the individual within its self.

    BITHI’s goal is to have the amount of educators necessary to insure that every child gets the attention it needs, BITHI will be working to hire staff to match the needs.  This category cannot be stifled to sacrifice the children’s learning ability, instead BITHI will use a portion (20%) of the profits to serve this area to make education complete from the youngest to the oldest child taught through this facility.  BITHI’s goal is to have a budget that fits the growing needs year to year for this category.  BITHI believes this category alone makes for the major reasons to have Mega Businesses established in order to use the profits for educating the young.  Meeting the needs of our people and people in general through educating the children is the best way to use our wealth.     
BITHI’s efforts would be to inspire the children through a full range of education that meets their needs as for their learning abilities, their handicaps, their health needs, etc., at this early age.  We believe the spectrum that we will use to create the state of the art school must take every situation, though it may fit a group, but to make it inclusive to remove bias, or lack of confidence that children should not feel or be taught.  BITHI wants the best of educators but will be looking for the human in each person that will be involved with our children as a whole, a developmental process that must be monitored for the best results. 
BITHI  will begin its selection for teachers of this grade among Muslim and among African American mainly, but we will also include other races to be a part of the makeup in staffing it.  This is inclusive for all races who have the ability to teach this body of children, they will be welcomed.  Everything that can be put in the facility or around the facility that will work with and for the strengthening of these young minds who are in our trust to receive the best for them to bring about the better society in our and their future.  These young educated minds are guaranteed to be our future, the best of our future, “Man gets what he strives for”, BITHI wants humanity in a better future, that is where we will put our money; into a better future by educating them using the best of all worlds.

Grade School/1st Level:

     BITHI reserves the right to suggest and influence the activity, the education, the staff, the curriculum and other areas that will promote the standard for the best possible school ever, a model to be followed by others, and in such BITHI believes the grade school should have a purpose of bringing the child to a balance that will not have and affect on them as it has had an affect on our age group and those before us from among our people as well among others.  
    BITHI believes with the screening for educators and others which will represent the school in some form or another, rather its directly with the students, or handling areas that the students may come in contact with, we can build a system that will compare to any school in any part of the world.  The first school BITHI establishes will begin the model but we believe the proof will become evident by the time the fifth school of this type is built here in America.  The goal of BITHI is to establish a minimum of one per state over time.  
Initially BITHI’s point of interest is a education system for the Muslim who are African American that will be built and established by the Muslim who are African American’s.  Initially BITHI will hire qualified Muslims who are African American.  BITHI is not doing this to be bias to any other race or religion, but the goal in establishing these entities for this private and major challenge to “DO FOR SELF”, it means we must look through our own people first.  Our own people starts with the Special Investors who qualify for these positions from grounds keeper to dean’s or principles to head the activity of educating.  It is imperative that our funds from Bilal’s Inc. The Halal Industry pay and support our own people first.  Yet we will not block the qualified from among others, we want the best and to do that we cannot be marginalized into race or religion.  We must look for the qualified, that is the way of our Prophet (puhp).  
    BITHI believes that it is a must that the students have a full realm of activities that benefits the physical, mental and spiritual being.  To do that the curriculum must be laid out to encompass what schools of old had as well what the newer schools have as a curriculum, it must reach for the higher knowledge and sciences but not negate the need for hands on studies.  The curriculum should be scheduled so everyone gets a little of everything but at the same time recognizing that everything is not for everybody.  A student in the years from preschool to about 6th grade will reveal who they are and whether they are better with their hands than their mind or vice versa.  Caring instructors, teachers, etc., will pick that up and work to strengthen the weaker side while constantly reinforcing the favored side of he child.
BITHI also believes there is not a need to discriminate against a child because they seem to be active and then label the child with attributes to favor medicines to capture the spirit of the child to become what someone thinks that child needs to be.  The active child may not prove to be if there is gym or similar based on the age of the child's group.  We want the best school second to none.  This does not mean we won’t have children with illnesses in which special care has to be given, we want our facility to accommodate every child, therefore BITHI has its plan for the education system, the inclusion in its design is to have the specific education for anyone that has a challenge in life of any type, the hardship of man is helped through educating.  

Grade School/1st Level:

    BITHI would like to see in this school system as the Founder and financier of this type and timely educational system as the curriculum’s foundation, not limited to but including the following:

Between the 1st to the 6th grade/level each child should learn as much as possible as they advance to the 7th grade/level

  •  Basic Math (Basics through to 1st level of Algebra) (understanding money and some comparisons to money around the world)
  •  Basic History (American, African American, Native American, others of America/people of the different continents)
  •  Languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Mandarin, French)
  •  Exercise/Gym (swimming, walking and tract, light weight gymnastics) based on the age group for such
  •  Science/Biology (Life study, human structure and systems, plant life, insect, birds, rodent, domesticated animals, the animals of the zoo) 
  •  Technical gadgets, even at an early age the handling of certain up to date computer type gadgets will help children in areas unbeknown to most of us
  •  Basic atmosphere/elements and Universe (air, clouds, water, earth, wind, fire, sun, moon, stars, etc.,)
  •  Able to recite the Qur’an or as much as possible during and up to the 6th grade while creating Hafiz
  •  Selected hadith of the Prophet, pick 10-20 subjects and find hadiths ranging between 100-200 total that the child would learn as many as possible, topics such as, how to be a man/woman, husband/wife, respect from/to parent/child, kindness to friends/strangers, respect for property, fair dealing with each other, the honorable person/character, kindness to creation, importance of given, importance of prayer

    This information, similar or better would be given to the children to help them learn through example the better character, and even if not everything is learnt by heart most of it will be in the individual child which would in of its self remove the normal inferior complex’s that existed  before these time.
The goal is to create a burden free environment for the educators as well as for the students.  The profits of BITHI out of all mentioned to this point cannot be spent in a better way to gain rewards over and over from Allah The Most High then to educate humanity.  BITHI emphasis is on creating with Allah’s help a new environment, the environment that great schools have been established in, all over the world.  The goal for BITHI is to make wealth and then share it among the people starting with our own people first who are as a whole the most in need.  It is hard to understand how many walk through this land and really don’t believe Allah has blessed people all over the world to establish upon the faith, that they can do it with Allah’s help and today we have Allah’s help, let us have confidence and build. 


Middle/Second Level School:

    BITHI will work to establish this education facility with all the state of the art material.  Allah willing over the years, there will be millions of dollars of profit that will be the funds submitted to this category to insure our schools are fully staffed and supplied to continue to the next level.
BITHI will have in its design another section of the property that will serve for the building housing the school for the next group of children which will be the 2nd level which would consist of the grades 7th-9th grade.  As in the first level BITHI has in its plan to see subjects taught that will advance our children to be able to compete with other students around the world, we want a education for ours like the best that anyone has.  BITHI requires that these grade levels have the following in the curriculum but are not limited to that which is stated here:

  •  Math, Algebra, advanced Algebra, Calculus
  •  Living skills, budgeting life, rents opposed to purchasing, transportation, basic rights oppose to laws that affect the basic rights
  •  Understanding further education, insurances in life for the future
  •  Understanding the process of saving and spending
  •  Discussions of employment and employing
  •  Understanding medical needs
  •  Understanding and playing group sports as a competition
  •  Study sciences from the level of the grade requirement and a little above
  •  Gym for competition, for physical health, for mental health
  •  Understanding basic rules of law, civil, tort, criminal, negligence 
  •  Hands on shops, wood shop, painting, basic electric, basic plumbing, basics of heating and air conditioning, basic auto repair, cooking, sewing, etc.
  •  Advanced computer literacy, the ability for programming
  •  Safety driving skill discussed until the age to get Junior license
  •  Understanding stages of operating as a government, the laws of governing
  •  The medical field and other sciences, caring for the body from infant to geriatrics
  •  Advance English, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, French and for those who qualify add at least one new language
  •  Advance studies of Qur’an and Hadith
  •  The life of Prophet Muhammad from his birth to his death, his companions and the history of the growth of Islam for the first 100 years after his receiving revelation
  • The history of Al-Islam as it begin to grow over the next three century’s (300 years) after the first 100 years mentioned above
  •  Practice of Al-Islam in America and its History over the span of America and its History

    The students reaching the 9th grade to graduate should be able to stand equal with anyone around the world on the history of Al-Islam as well they should be able to handle simple or basic handyman skills in and around the home.  They should be qualified in basic skills to exist day to day, understanding through discussing the setup for governing a city or state and the many components for study’s mentioned above.
    BITHI goal with The University Of Islam is to build a structure that will sit within a community of homes that will provide living quarters for the families of those employed by the university,  those employed will be from among those who are educators either by their present or past experience or because of their present studies to join on to those who lead by educating.  This body must be put together before the bricks are laid to establish the facility in order to open for educating once it is built.
BITHI will be counting on a educated body of educator’s that may begin from within the Special Investor’s or not, to put together a team of hundreds of people to prepare to fill the openings that will exist once The University Of Islam facility goes under construction.  These openings will be from the leaders such as the Deans, Principles or the likes as well all that is between them and those who are as important to the care for the students, the property, the material, etc., in which a full lay out will be built up to know the cost for everyone needed.  This need will include salaries, insurances, living quarters and several other amenities that prove necessary to get the best on board to do the best job possible to keep The University Of Islam second to none.  The students will of course include children of those filling openings but we will also seek to find those children that have been placed in the Department of Human Services around the country.  BITHI believes the efforts will be to grow to the point where we are educating thousands per year, starting with the youngest pre school and building up to have the oldest the 12th grade.
The picture should be clear this cannot be done with a business or a few businesses coming together, this must be done by an Industry.  Imam W.D. Mohammed said from dust to industry, from the single man spread out blowing with the wind to this or that area or issue, with no shape, not formed yet, but when this dust becomes one with its self as an industry it can be done as it is done with all other people, who are established as one creating their industry. BITHI wants nothing left out, the following must be done:

  •  The formation of the staff for the university to be employed/assigned
  •  The facts of where the children will come from, both families and Department Human Services
  •  The development of The University Of Islam on the property over time at least one in every State
  •  The development of the model community around it for the full staff to live in      

BITHI challenge will be met, we need you on board with us to build for our future.

High School:

    BITHI’s goal for the next level of education, the High School, must be the most excellent for all that has been done to create the number one educational system of these times.  At this point it is the goal to prepare the young minds for college.  BITH’s plan is to have thousands of students entering college at the same time from around the country willing to study and become special, excellent in the fields of studies that they have selected that will enhance this country, America, as they rise to become the most qualified leaders in all fields.  25 years after graduating the first body of students as young children, they will be prepared as the future leaders of the United States of America. 
    BITHI’s goal is to call on the best of educator’s involved to advance all of our students in character first and all the studies to follow to make the best in their fields.  Those studies will include every subject on the most advanced level for everyday life.  Some of the fields BITHI will use its influence to have included in the curriculum are the following but not limited to these suggestions:

Math as it relates to specific fields

  • Engineering to build structures or craft’s for air, water or land
  • Architectural as to change and improve landscape, to establish developments for urban or rural Living
  • Economics understood to increase positive growth in Cities, States, Countries and Globally
  • Language tied to the history and cultural of the people in which the language is from
  •  Professional studies for the purpose of preparing for the College with actual interchange with the field of studies

1. Legal studies includes, attorney, prosecutor, judge, justices, civil, criminal, tort, etc.

2. Medical studies includes, nursing, doctors, surgeons, for humans and animals

3. Engineers studies includes, building of structures, bridges, all forms of transportation  

4. Designers studies includes, fields for structures, clothing, vehicles, etc.

5. Entertainment of various types

6. Communication

7.  Media in each field, t.v., radio, film production, etc.

    The University Of Islam staff should be making every effort to educate as if they  are creating each graduate each year as the new leader of the country.  BITHI will do all it can to finance the best through its profits to cover the expense to have such an education system not needing to consider its ability to be financed. 















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