Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

We are Seeking You and Your Expertise

     We have had great success in discussions during each of our Conferences in the past, we have begun our assignments and we are working to establish physical institutions between 2014 and Spring of 2016.  We want you on board and deeply involved, your talent is more important in this Industry than anywhere else, because this is your Industry.  The industry that belongs to someone other than you cannot allow you to build for your own.  This is not racist, sexist or any thing other, our purpose is not found in  blocking our selves from other people, it is to encourage us to use what we know we have to build our own, not our own individually, that is too small, but build ourselves up to do business with the rest of the world.  We must see our own in the form of the Industry that will establish  for us as a people.  We must be of those who will establish our own, taken from the strength from among our selves, building our own Manufacturing Plants, our own institutions.  

    Building manufacturing plants that will allow us to do like all other  industrious people who have created an environment from the material that G-d has placed all around them to build their world.  We have the same thing from G-d helping us to get our share.  This will change the future for our youth who are presently at risk, and it will improve upon the future for our young who have not been born yet.  We will aid in the work that G-d established us to do and it will change the world when the world see those who have been viewed as the least among humanity, now standing and caring for their selves, that is the role for  you and I.  Read the material, be at the Conferences and Seminars.  Get involved send your money for your investment in Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry now.  Don't wait, become a Special Investor, we can build if we invest in our selves.

    Are you filled with talent, a desire to do more or just filled with inspiration to help our industry come to life.  These meetings are what you want to be a part of.  We would like to give to you just a picture of some of the fields of operation that make this an Industry, our Industry.  We will create the following fields to insure the public that the work of creating our Industry is a gift from G-d, also to insure those impoverish, who have faith, that we can go forward and enjoy the good life of prosperity just by working together in building for our selves.  If you are or aspire to be any of the following, you should be at the future conferences,  seminars or meetings, look for them in your area.  If none is schedule call us lets discuss our visiting your area.

  • Land owners (raising crop for feeding animals and humans, grazing and raising animals, fowl, etc., mastering in enrichment of the soil)
  • Slaughter houses (skinners, boners, butchers)
  • By-products (hides, feathers, bones, fat, organs, blood, inner linings, rendering)
  • Transporting (truck, train, plane, ships, containers)
  • Refrigeration (cooling, freezing, walk ins, built ins, trailers, compressors)
  • Packaging (box, wraps, cry-o-vac)
  • Labeling (product label, carton labeling, business stationery)
  • Machinery (grinders, saws, knives, hooks, kettles, tables)
  • Mechanics (heavy equipment, light equipment, vehicles)
  • Lifts (pull motors, fork lifts, cherry pickers, cranes)
  • Developers (construction managers, architects, engineers)
  • Doctors (veterinarians, medical)
  • Researchers (inspectors, material finders, land research)
  • Chemist (developers in growth of food, understanding product mixtures for product to the public, create flavors for various taste, create health product)
  • Construction Mechanics (brick masons, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, glazers, fitters)
  • Drivers (CDL and otherwise)
  • Attorney (property, real estate, product, corporate, national/international)
  • Accountants (business, cpa's, national/international)
  • Marketers (mom & pop, super markets, understanding gender divide, racial divide and age divide)
  • Promoters (national and international)
  • Communications (newspapers, radio, tv, cable)
  • Entertainers (boxing, rappers, ball sports, actors, singers, etc.)
  • Security (private and licensed investigators, private and licensed detective, lawyers understanding Halal, judges understanding Halal, politicians understanding Halal)
  • Islamic Chamber of Commerce (national/international/regional/local; global ties)
  • Financial Writers (banks, lenders, grantors)

We believe it is easy to go on and on.  We don't need everyone in the world but not one of these fields that we have mentioned, nor one that you can think of that is not mentioned, is not needed to establish industry, everything done is needed in industry.

    Under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he gave us the importance of doing for and with self.  Imam W.D. Mohammed helped us understand how to use your confidence of self wisely and not to destroy self.  So we are not calling on our own to separate, but to verify we are capable of supporting the strength among us by using our own to put our own industry together, in order to do business in the world with everyone else.  That is the table we are to come to with our own.  We have the know how and we have the will, we also have people all over the country that identify with the method we are speaking of here.  Our National Network is ours, our 84 year history opens the doors for our people to do more for self.

    We have spoken with many in the past who have experiences that we would like to hear from, to know, share and support that which we already have operating.  A plant is major but it is nothing in an industry without all the rest to make it a world  of transparency for the industry.  Therefore we are asking you who have experienced working to start Halal to send to us, as soon as possible your information.  Some of the information that has been giving to us already over the phone, internet and letters, are from individuals that are qualified to stand before us to share their experience in order that we do not short change our selves in our future growth.

 This information should propel us forward to do great business Nationally and Internationally.   We believe also that the Masajid, every one should be an investor, even if 10 or more Believers must put up $100.00 a piece to support it (the Masjid) benefiting in the future, it is great information, priceless information that  you will receive when looking through this web site, yes we want the Masajid to benefit.  If you would like to invest by taking advantage of the special offer, submit your payment of $1,000.00 to BILAL'S, INC. and mail it to P.O. Box 42050, Philadelphia, PA 19101.  If there are questions please call (267) 515-3269 or use our e-mail we want you to be involved, the Industry is the path to our growth in economy, all of ours together. 

P.O. Box 42050
Philadelphia, PA 19101

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