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Comments by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal of Ernest Luqman 

   Ernest Luqman a friend that I feel like I have known all my life, a perfect fit.  He is also a Co-Founder and a Board Member.  I value his opinion.  He is the senior of the group, but his thinking is as open for growth as a new born, each day he seems to be renewed, he has a love for the better, he strives for excellence and what he does not know or is not sure about, does not put him out of the race, it prepares him more, he goes and research it to find out how to be on time with the new call.  

    He is a picture of generosity and wanting for his brother what he wants for his self.  He weathers the storm very well.  A uniquely experience individual.  We met in the 90's and have been very good friends from the start.  I watched his treatment of people who came to his place of business, that I visited at least once per week.  He did not care for the money, some of those employed by him would not let a thing go unless they got their price, he sees immediately someone else had more use for the item and he would work to make it comfortable for them to take it home with them at a cost that they could handle.  That is a quality Imam W.D. Mohammed wanted in his Students, a real care for the people.

    When he came to aid me in the work at the Masjid we did our religious work from, in both o them, West and North Philadelphia areas, I began sharing what Imam Mohammed wanted of us.  His experience each day was so vast that I immediately asked for him to become my Facilitator, do you know because of this title and his warmth with people and his ability to share good news you hear that term today more than you ever heard it over the years, here is another hint of his value, I don't know of any one who wears that title as well as he does.  He will get the job done in a most honorable way.

    I could feel his joy when I shared information from Imam W.D. Mohammed, he knew how to treat priorities, a very humble person.  Do you know one of the best qualities in a human being?  It is the willingness to share G-d's good news with others, he knew anything Imam W.D. Mohammed expressed was good news for the humanity.

    He takes assignments seriously, keeping a pen and a little piece of paper to write all the notes on, and he has no problem giving it to others word for word.  His demeanor is welcoming, people just look at him and want to hear what he has to offer, his day to day movement is a joy and blessing for me when he shares it.  Everyone does not have Imam W.D. Mohammed's spirit and interest in them, yes the Imam told me he want me to represent and protect his spirit and interest, even when he is gone, don't you think I started looking immediately for more help, and Imam W.D. Mohammed was pleased to know of Luqman's service and support in the work that needed to be done.

    His ability to help from so many of his experiences will move mountains, just keep watching this body of Founders whose integrity is stronger, larger, existing with the wrappings of mercy and humility the same in size.  My opinion for success, is that most groups regardless of their cause, they are missing these very qualities that this group has naturally.   Anyone who knows them, knows these comments of them to be true.  This group seeks to understand Imam W.D. Mohammed's language and apply it to everything as it relates to our Prophets (puhp) statement that there will be those who will get his message and do more with it than his own companions, well we believe in that, and with the help of Allah we believe we are joined with Imam Mohammed as a part of those whom our Prophet was speaking of, that is our prayers that is our work.

    As pleased that I am in working with this entire group, it gives me honor to put their character, one by one as briefly as I can here for others to share with us, and come to know us as they read.  Most people want to say someone was good when they cannot hear it, at their funeral, well I want you to know Allah The Most High has blessed me to be around some of the best people walking the earth in these times, and Ernest Luqman's life, cause me to express the words for him, but all that I say of one, each of them have the same.  Birds of a feather really do flock together. 

Comments by Marvell Bilal of Ernest Luqman

     Ernest Luqman, Co-Founder, is a very hard worker.  Having experiences in many areas and owning several businesses, his business knowledge (transportation, medical, warehousing to name a few) will be invaluable to Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  Ernest has an impeccable reputation for being honest and generous.

     Ernest Luqman's knowledge and insight of being a peoples person.  He is easy to talk to and all who talk to him says he has a kind and gentle personality.  Ernest will no doubt be a tremendous key figure to Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.

Comments by Ernest Luqman of His Self

    Ernest Luqman, myself, as a Co-Founder/Board Member, greatly appreciates being chosen to participate at this level, for this great work.  I pride myself in being honest, truthful and a Student of Imam W.D. Mohammed.  My best decisions come after sleeping and reflecting.
Comments by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal of James Bashir

    James Bashir a Co-Founder, Board Member, BITHI Treasurer and a true friend to anyone that knows him.  The epitome of honesty, you won't find anyone any where that would or could say anything negative about Brother James Bashir.  His life has been a reflection of honesty and dependability.  I met James in the 80's as we formulated a group that was called the group of ten.

    We came together working to improve situations, anyone we could touch or influence in a good way, at Philadelphia Masjid and Sister Clara Muhammad School.  It was a team of workers and encourager's to the right.  When I asked James and others to be a part they agreed and James was one that never changed direction, our efforts continued to pursue the good, our friendship continued and it is as if we are family as well as our being friends.

    He has been working with PHA through the local 332 as long as I have known him, with in the local he has also represented several committees of which he and his team who have always shown success for what they work towards.  He has been a sincere husband and father without interruption even as he kept up with all the other commitments.  James is the type person that deserves nothing but respect, high regard and support from all that he has touched.  Really his efforts in Philadelphia has been supporting others just out of sincere commitment.  Never asking for anything, not looking back, just moving forward with that same character.  

    He came in the Muslim community under Imam W.D. Mohammed and he remains steadfast behind him today.  A person that realize who he is and is never seen as one suffering an identity problem, or any of the problems that cause people to become untrust worthy.  His experience will cover areas that will be a necessary component to BITHI.  He is also a person of history with an ability to refer to things that no one else in the room could quote with such vividness.

    This group of human beings that forms the founding group is a special group to care in your regard as an investor, this groups eye is keen for honesty, patience, mercy, benevolence, yet firm in conviction and commitment.  I will repeat, it is a good feeling and an honor to know this group as I have grown to know them.  I feel Allah has already blessed us with so much just in having the best of character, and refining that character together under our Leader and Teacher, Imam W.D. Mohammed for all those years.  We have not shared anything together for all those years but our bond behind the fact that Allah is G-d alone, Prophet Muhammad (puhp) is our example and Imam W.D. Mohammed is constant in showing us how to get the best understanding, the best life, the best in prosperity and success by putting those two priorities first.  I pray that you can find that your everyday friends have these qualities to stand upon, especially if there is something worthy you all want to do together, that will affect you in a good way, but more importantly it can affect so many others in a great way. 

Comments by Marvell Bilal of James Bashir

     James Bashir, Co-Founder, has over 20 years plus, in construction with great amounts of experience in the Housing Development/Maintenance field (construction, cleaning, maintaining properties, security, transportation, committee leader, etc.).  James is known for being on time and following through with any and every assignment, he is honest with great integrity.

     James experience will help take Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry to a level in the housing/maintenance field that is professionally needed.

Comments by Ernest Luqman of James Bashir

    James Bashir, our Co-Founder/Board Member, has a reputation of being a trusted and true friend to many, many people.  He is a real historian of the basic components of our community (under the Leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed).  James Bashir can give you dates and times or numbers and ages.  His political awareness is quiet but powerful and ready to be tapped.

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