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Comments by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal of Himself
  I am Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal, I am the Founder, President and CEO of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI).  I have asked each of the Co-Founders whom I hold great respect for, to write something about their selves and of me which will give you the reader a little picture of whom you are dealing with and who it is that represent you as an investor, shareholder, customer, consumer or how ever you may be listed to bring you to this point of our picture to you, the public.

    I have been a member of the Muslim community starting when I got my X September 21, 1969 in Philadelphia, PA.  I grew up in Philadelphia in a very large and influential family among our people in the 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond.  I was raised Baptist.  In 1968 before going to Vietnam serving in the US Army while on leave before a tour in Vietnam, I was invited by one of my first cousins (Ameen Abdul Jabbar) to come out to hear the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Unable to join because of being in the military I brought a Qur'an, Message to the Blackman and How to Eat to Live from the Temple that night, those three books along with a Bible and a dictionary I took to Vietnam with me and read them every day possible, realizing each day I was not going to die there and my fate was to become a Muslim when I returned home.

    I served time in prison served in various leadership positions, as well I served in the office of Minister for the last few years of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's life, also as Minister and then as a Imam when our Leader began giving us a better picture of the practice of Al-Islam.   When released I became regional representative under Imam Adib Mahdi who was National Representative for Imam W.D. Mohammed's Leadership of the department of Prison services.  I was regional director in the Delaware Valley which was Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern NJ and Delaware.  

    I became an Imam in Freehaven with the opening of the first Masjid for Lawnside, NJ, serving as Imam in South Jersey and then co-ordinated the Delaware Valley Builders.  I began the quest for Halal products called Bilal's Meats in 1995.  I became Imam W.D. Mohammed's representative for his spirit and interest in Philadelphia, PA February 2004.  I was given the assignment by Imam Mohammed the day before the 1st Sunday address.  I became Imam W.D Mohammed's overseer of his programs mainly in Homewood, Ill. such as the 1st Sunday addresses, the National Muslim Conventions, Memorial Day addresses, Ramadan Sessions and a few of the programs in other areas.  I continued to serve as such under instructions from him (Imam W.D. Mohammed) only, until he died.  As I still remain as a Student, follower and representative to protect his spirit and interest, as he stated, of which I did not understand then when he added, "even when I am gone". 

    It has been my goal my effort to establish what our Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed asked of us, to build on the life and character of our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) of more than 1,435 years ago, and to establish that life, so others will find the freedom to serve G-d alone as we have been blessed to do so behind he's (IWDM) lead.

    In BITHI there is no room for big headedness, selfishness, pompous ways, I feel assured of that in knowing my own character, my life has been a support to others, my life is to small to be important, I believe G-d will give to me in great measures what others think they take from me in my humility, things they think they block when mercy guides me, I trust so much that G-d will bless us to share with so many in the world scene that our little lives can take the insults and remain as humble as those whom we pattern our selves after in BITHI, such as our Imam and Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed and the main personality or character he pointed too, our Prophet Muhammad (puhp), not just to be like them but to gain the reward promised for faith and belief in The One G-d, Allah, The Most High, Creator of us all, Creator of everything we know and don't know.

Comments by Marvell Bilal of Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal

     Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal, Founder & CEO of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry has worked to correct and serve the community with true Halal Products.  He has had several successful businesses none more dear to him than the Halal Meats/Poultry business.

    Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal knows the business of Zabihah halal from A-Z; slaughtering, being a butcher, overseeing the processing and packaging of the product, sales, delivery of products around the country, etc..  Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal has and still is doing presentations, workshops and seminars to empower people in the knowledge concerning the success for The Halal Industry and what it entails for the wide awake person.

     His experience in the areas listed above and with a processing facility capable of handling products from the carcass to processing the meat/poultry into a finish product in the numbers of hundreds of thousand pounds per week is phenomenal.  This facility would make for the greatest business venture (in The Halal Industry) with the Muslims as the major target for empowerment of our community under the Leadership of Imam Wallace D. Mohammed.  Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal is well known and admired around the country.  He also works constantly to keep a working relationship in the neighborhood that the processing plant is located to do big business for employment of our people in the near future.

     Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal is very honest, sincere and a generous person.  He is relentless in his passion for true Al-Islam, like our great hero Bilal Ibn Rabah.    
Comments by Ernest Luqman of Imam Bilal

    This is my personal view of Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry (BITHI) and its Founder/President/CEO, Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal, Co-Founder/Vice-President, Nathaniel Muhammad, Co-Founder/Secretary, Marvell Bilal, Co-Founder/Board Member, James Bashir and myself, Co-Founder/Board Member, Ernest Luqman.

    Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry has been developing for years and is now coming into fruition.  The components are in place. BITHI is the culmination of the great efforts to restore economics and esteem to a robbed people and individuals.  

    Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal, the Founder/President/ CEO, is blessed to carry insight into revealed knowledge including the Bible and the Qur'an.  His natural understanding reflects years of experiences.  Imam Bilal loves being a Student of Imam W.D. Mohammed which shows in the spirit and representation of him.  It is a blessing for us to have Imam Bilal's character directing us in this great work, developing our Industry in our way of life.

Comments by James Bashir of Imam Bilal

    I have known Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal for close to 30 years.  When I first met Imam Wali Bilal he was trying to help Imam Shamsud Din Ali get things done at the Philadelphia Masjid and the Sister Clara Muhammad School.  Imam Wali Bilal was a hard worker then and remains one to this day.  Imam Wali Bilal has been with Imam W.D. Mohammed since he became our Leader and remains his Student to this day.  Imam Wali Bilal is respected by Muslim and non-Muslim alike.  I have never met anyone more knowledgeable about the Halal Industry than Imam Wali Bilal, he is more than qualified to be the CEO of Bilal's, Inc.

Comments by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal of Nathaniel Muhammad

    Nathaniel Muhammad, a Co-Founder, Vice President and long time friend.  I met Nate as most people call him, in 1977, I had just returned home from prison and was visiting Philadelphia Masjid for prayer, and I noticed Nate loading the truck (at least a 17 foot truck even though I think it was bigger) by himself with tables and chairs.  I asked him what was he doing and where was his help.  He replied if you're going to do something you have to do it yourself, you can't wait on the Brothers, and he added, I am taking these tables to Graterford Prison for a program the Muslims are having there.  I asked if he didn't mind I would help load it and travel with him to aid him in case he had to unload them also, he accepted and there was the beginning of a friendship that remained true with no end in sight.

    Nate has worked in the field of construction every since I have known him, he had a way with children at the Sister Clara Muhammad School that was probably distinct to them as well to observers.  He seemed to speak rought to them but they loved it and everyone of them that are adults now show admiration for his checking their children as youngsters.  In the construction field, he works for one of the major construction firms in the Philadelphia area.  He has been in the foreman/supervisor position for so long it seems he was never a regular laborer.  He has been awarded again and again for his part in moving major projects for this company.  He is well known in this field and well liked as well appreciated by those whom he represent.

    Nate has also worked in the field of security for the Masjid as long as I have known him.  In 1991 some months after I became Imam he represented the support system for the body of Believers whom I represented under the Leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed.  Traveling and handling projects in regard to our Leaders presence in various areas, he was the person to handle such for me and the community we represented.  Nate has never left the teachings, or identity of our Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed.

    Nate is also known for his juices, Muhammad's Juice, which the Akbar being one of the favorites of his long list of drinks.  People are always asking for the original Akbar juice here in Philadelphia, they may not know the person but his juices stands out from all of the prepared Akbar juices, and the many other flavors sold or given away in many of our Islamic functions.  Soon you will see his product throughout our area, and they will naturally spread to other areas.  BITHI awaits to put all his juices out as the exclusive drink for the Industry.

    In BITHI we have no room for big headed personalities and I am sure when speaking with the people who know Nate they find in him a character that shows humility and support.

    The years together has been to climb the mountain that seems to be very steep at first but today it is easy to deal with the hick ups that comes with the climbing of these material, mental and spiritual mountains, in part of which we have learned by following the design Imam W.D. Mohammed has guided us to; the true character of our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) of 1,435 years ago.  This we do in order that we may find the rewards from G-d and the success He Alone holds for His servants.

    Nate has been a major supporter to Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry from its conception in August 1995, and he remain with us as a major person that will direct our development for the establishing of the properties that will represent BITHI around the country.  His integrity is one of his major characters.  You will find everyone can have a negative word said about them, yet in this Brothers life he is highly regarded as a honest and committed person and have been known for such by all who has ever been around him in Religion, Education or at Work.  We believe, as you get to know us, you will agree you have a great group representing you through Bilal's, Inc. The Halal Industry.  

Comments by Marvell Bilal of Nathaniel Muhammad

     Nathaniel Muhammad, Co-Founder and Vice President of BITHI, works in managing construction sites.  His past 20 years plus, have been moving a work force of hundreds of men to build major sites mainly on the East Coast.  He has supervised and worked projects from the ground up also completing major renovations and upgrades such as University of Penn, Penn State, Hospitals and many other institutions. 

     His ability and friendship among the Muslim community over 30 years and construction community over 20 years has grown among them as a very honorable person.  Giving him much in the way to network with many people or companies to gain in the way of sales and getting the product off to its destination, with his skills also to oversee and manage the construction of BITHI facilities that are planned out for the success and growth around the country, in establishing institutions.  Nathaniel also has his own business as a Juice creator, he has experience in running and operating a business.  Nathaniel is known for his honesty and speaking a word directed to the right, which is a huge asset to any business and most necessary in what we all have before us in the establishing of our own in crating Bilal's Inc. The Halal Industry.

Comments by Ernest Luqman of Nathaniel Muhammad

    Nathaniel Muhammad, our Co-Founder/Vice President, is honest, truthful and speaks words directed to what is right (no hesitation in his delivery).  You need not wonder where you stand whenever Nate Muhammad is around. He will either tell you or direct you.  His record speaks for its self.  He has a degree or level of mastery in organizing, developing and constructing people's efforts.

Comments by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal of Marvell Bilal

    Marvell F. Bilal, a Co-Founder and Secretary for BITHI, a friend, one of the best persons to have on your side and most important, she is my wife.  There is no way I can tell you of my history over my 28 years with her by my side in all that we endeavored to do, what we accomplished as a team, she was my best partner and will remain as a member in spirit as I am today revisiting and rewriting part of what she meant to the whole life of this great project, without her knowing it all or some parts of it, we married March 9, 1985.   Even with the various test that are present that all families go through, it (my marriage to her) has been one of the greatest things that I can attest to in the history of my life.
    When I first met Marvell in 1977 or 1978, as she and I worked in what was call headquarters for our Muslim community here in Philadelphia, at 1319 Susquehanna Avenue, I was in my office on the second floor while being the Prison service representative and she worked along with the Treasure staff and Secretarial staff for the Masjid.  We would do no more than speak, never really looking at each other, never held a conversation, modesty was more evident back then throughout the Muslim community back then.

    She has always been a serious woman about the things that she got her self involved in, she is drawn to the truth and the facts.  A serious Student of Imam W.D. Mohammed and a true help in the best posture or image of character in the complete life that we find is a part of Al-Islam.  It was a little better than a quarter of a century of our working together as husband and wife,  advancing in the study of our belief as taught by our Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed.  Piety is the best reason to marry, I believed that in the beginning and right now today, that Allah blessed me with a pious wife who is grounded in the teaching from G-d's man, Imam W.D. Mohammed.

    This character that she possess with her points of interest that calls for the best public picture is excellent for the Industry of Halal.  How can you be Halal in the true sense but not be caring about the points that keep Halal Halal.  She is a credit not because she is my wife but because what she has as her personal quality that lent its self as a plus by her being a part of the vision.  Again Allah has blessed this group of formulators with integrity, a type of honesty that speaks volumes.

    The example Imam W.D. Mohammed gave to us as men is the same he gave to the women, he gave us the total life of our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) of a little past 1,435 years ago.  He, G-d gave us this character as the best character to follow to become a servant of G-d alone.  I believe with each of the Founding members this is true and it is each of our strength alone, Marvell as a women is known around the country as well, and held in high regard.  She passed from this life while holding the position as she was well regarded as the President of The International League of Muslim Women with the Philadelphia Chapter and while she was also serving as the International Vice President for this same body of great and productive women who are also Students of Imam W.D. Mohammed. 

    Big headed posturing is not the character for BITHI and we feel comfortable to say and know among the many people who knew her they would witness her strengths but I feel assured they would agree humility is just as much a part of her character.

Comments by Ernest Luqman of Marvell Bilal

     Marvell Bilal, our Co-Founder/ Secretary, is a truthful and a honest person.  Her knowledge of the present day decaying of the industry structure serves as a great source in constructing new language in our new Industry (BITHI).  Marvell Bilal is an expert in the area of details, especially those small details that could easily be overlooked.  She keeps everyone focused and attentive.  She is also well-grounded as a Student of Imam W.D. Mohammed.

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