Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People

Why 1000 Investor's

    We have been asked why do we want so many people involved? Or why not start it, then give others something to see, then let them join?  To us both questions are meaningful and important.  We will answer it in this section and pray that it is a help to the readers as to the importance of 1,000 special investors.

Why do we have to include so many people?

Our goal is not a business effort alone.  We are members of an association known to many as the Association of Imam W.D. Mohammed.  This body of people started as members of the Nation Of Islam which was then lead by Imam W.D. Mohammed's father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in which Imam W.D. Mohammed became the Leader and Inheritor of the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's efforts and works of the Nation Of Islam.  With this in mind we see ourselves as a continuation of the same movement, which at the time of this writing we have 84 years (1930-2014) of existing here in America, America is its original birth place.

    We encourage everyone that can, to go in business for their selves, yet the reality is clear, we cannot get the loans to explore our talent in business for ourselves.  We must do something about that, there will always be some making it in the business world, BUT, that cannot be what we as a community of people lean upon.  And if you notice it or not, this society of which we are very much a part of, it is crying broke, we must have a plan that is ours, and with the help of G-d our success will help others too.  We must live from the language of this movements beginning, that is "To Do For Self".  We must join in and establish our own, support our own, don't beg for crumbs from the rich man's table, get our share.  All of these statements are supported in scriptures and yes we lived to hear our leaders say the same as we walked with them and grew here in America.

    We have witnessed business people working as a small group and then falling out with each other, maybe at the outset they were not building for each other.  BITHI goal is to point out these important but weak fallacies that caused us to fail in establishing businesses that would survive in our community.  Does G-d say everyone can do business but we can't? No, we say it to our selves by repeating statements fed to us.  

    A group of a thousand (1,000) people with the same goals, reading, suggesting and following the same program works for all other people, it will work for us.  That is why the Nation Of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was noted as the best situation for our peoples (African American) progress.  It was a message accepted first by a few, that few was always reaching for more members to accept to do for self, from among us.  In time the country saw the picture of progress that they could not deny our oneness in the most serious effort, nor could they come between us and cause division, we trusted each other.  One thousand members around the country  striving to make millionaires, multi millionaires and billionaires from among their selves, will establish that we as a people, once again trust our selves.  When you as a people begin to trust your selves, it shows to the majority we can create success for our own, at that point we all win.  When we win, it is a good for us, a comfort for us, and it becomes the same for other people outside our African American community. 

    In our best case scenario, when we have a minimum of twenty (20) committed people per state (50x20=1,000) working to invite others into doing for self through BITHI, while  knowing they are striving to become millionaires at the minimum, the gravity pull for our best will begin to produce in each state a similar situation.  That is how we established our Temples back then, State to State.  We continued to build, then in our next growth we began to create Masajid State to State, the major piece that is missing today is our wealth, in which this, the BITHI program presents economics, our economy, to us through our working for the same goal as one.  Our next scenario is to build through one thousand (1,000) Special Investors from one City, one State, one Region, or one State and then the other States will see and join on, we must continue the work of those two great leaders before us, by establishing the Institutions that thy created through their work in, with and for us.  The visibility of their works is left to us to build upon.

    These twenty (20) Special Investor's per State as committed leaders, in the movement to gain wealth as our next step in our connection to the 84 years, will gain greater momentum.  How will I prove that, I believe it but I won't have to prove it, G-d has already proved it works and worked for us in the picture of our success between 1930 to 1975 in the Nation Of Islam and the continue growth and success under our leader Imam W.D. Mohammed from 1975 to his death in 2008 and that work continues with us presently.  This effort is not to prove it, this effort is to continue the movement that had been started for the down trodden people of America, the children of the slaves of America.  We need every field of study, of science, of labor, etc., to be fulfilled.  If we are right, and we believe we are, after gaining the support of the first one thousand (1,000) members we need, within the first 6 months to a year after opening the plant, within that number of Special Investor's (1,000), we need to have people who can and will manage our own bank(s) to handle the wealth that will come to us through our owning our own manufacturing plants.  

     From that continued growth in wealth we will need our own federal credit union(s), our Realtors who will find property all over the world, we need land, we need homes built, auto dealership, we need to own our t.v. stations, radio stations, phones, wireless services, we can go on and on.  The industrious momentum will give us as an association established power in the land.  The industry need our ties to reach every state and then every country.  A few of us with this will be to selfish and to small for that, plus it will be like trying to make a new wheel.  Instead we must know who we are and remind the rest we have been and are students, followers, supporters of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Imam W.D. Mohammed.  So the association is what we are working through the industry to revitalize.  We didn't just come into wanting to do for our self, wanting a better situation here in America for our own, no, Allah, G-d The Most High has made the plan for us, and we as a people have been moved through that plan by His permission as a body of people.  Oneness is what we have been called too, oneness is what we must work for.  Oneness with our own to share at the table representing our people among all other people, Allah did not leave us out.  

    The 1,000 people coming into the industry first, we must put them in business for their selves, they are the body to get the industry started and they must be the first rewarded.  This picture must be seen by others to strengthen them in the proof we've already have experience in, we can and must "DO FOR SELF".
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