Our National Economic Plan; A System for Our People


    This material was drawn up by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal, and was sent out mostly by email, a week or so after the death of Imam W.D. Mohammed, to Imam's and as many students, members and followers identifying with Imam W.D. Mohammed around the country, that he had addresses for.  There were other materials sent out by Imams and others, as suggestions to discuss our association as a National/International body.  It is also placed here for the reading of those coming onto our web page.  We would like your comments, you can send them to  or regular mail at P.O. Box 42050 Philadelphia, PA 19101 in care of YUSEF Vision.

To:  Members and Supporters, from the Youngest to the Eldest, Male and Female, Imam's, Business People, Educators, Politicians, Groups and Organizations who remain supporters of Our Leader W.D. Mohammed's Interest, Spirit, Language and his Life Investment.

    Each of us have the obligation and the right to establish collectively, where possible and alone if necessary, to help perpetuate the Language of G-d's Man, Imam W.D. Mohammed, to the world with all that we know and utilizing all that we have as tools to work with.  I will first share some things he said to me, over the years that allows me to feel or express a suggested program worthy of our community and association. I pray that we look at it openly and you will find him (Imam W.D. Mohammed) and not me in the suggestions.

  •  Imam Ali Muslim from 1991-2004 at every program Masjid Mohammed of Newark, NJ had, he would place me next to Imam Mohammed and the Imam would express certain things, I hardly had a question, I would take mental notes as to what he was saying and directing me to
  • Imam Ali Muslim would support the idea over and over of Imam Mohammed coming to both Masjid Freehaven of Lawnside, NJ, and Masjid Al-Mubeen, of Glassboro, NJ, while I was Resident Imam at both respectively.  I would always suggest bringing Imam W.D. Mohammed either to Philadelphia, PA, Camden, NJ, Trenton, NJ or Atlantic City, NJ, as the Muslim community at large were more aware of these areas more than the smaller towns which were now coming up as Muslim communities in the New Jersey area, I thought supporting them would be better, I thought their long time service deserved more.  These other communities had been working longer, they existed in the times of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and were known more to our community; I believed the whole area would benefit more if Imam W.D. Mohammed visited these areas, rather than either of the two small towns I had been Imam in and was representing  
  • In 1994 at a weekend event in Newark, NJ Imam Mohammed invited me to his suite to discuss a video tape I presented to him a month or so earlier.  He began by asking me my thoughts on a subject of his.  His question was whether or not I thought the Believers would trust him with their money in business.  I stated "Imam, you are the only one we would trust and I am sure, even the non-Muslims would trust you with their money in business".  He then started discussing the video tape I sent him.  He stated "Imam Bilal you have some great ideas on the tape and you will be successful"
  • In 1997 at the Convention in Secaucus, NJ while Imam Ali Muslim traveled with Imam Mohammed, I managed the affairs of the convention in his absence.  I was made aware by Imam Ali Muslim that Imam Mohammed commented concerning his appreciation of my overseeing and addressing concerns at the convention and keeping with his language
  • March 22, 1998, Imam Mohammed's visit to Philadelphia, while I was directing the weekend program of the Delaware Valley Builders at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, at the Banquet, Imam Mohammed while talking at the table to the heads of our National Shuraa Board, he stated to the Convener and two other board members that they should have the National Board organized, working together as we were.  He went on stating, that this is the way it should be done, it's inclusive
  • In the early months of 2000 I submitted another plan to Imam Mohammed, similar to my earlier tape to him, the direction of this plan was to start a Imam's retirement fund under the name of the Yusef Vision.  Imam Mohammed said he loved it and approved it, it was built to start securing him and some of the older Imam's first.  After months past, he asked me to secure myself with it first and have the Imam's and others send money to me, I replied , "Imam Mohammed, I can't do it for me, I can push it for you and other Imams that have been around teaching as Ministers, etc., I am a new Imam and many aren't, you and those Imams who have been around since your father or your beginning as our leader, you all have earned our support, not me, and I cannot do it unless it starts out for you"
  • In one of the earlier Ramadan Sessions at the Homewood Hotel, Imam Mohammed was coming out of his room and I was coming out of mine.  He and the security were approaching my direction before I saw him.  My wife and I was turning towards the elevator, once we realized the direction he was going in by the noticeable brothers in the hall, we turned to go to the other elevator.  Imam Mohammed called out to me with the greetings, before I realized he was there, I greeted him while backing away , not trying to disturb his forward motion.  He said as his motion and conversation was calling me to him, he wanted to share something not just give the greetings.  I stopped backing up and inched forward, he said "Imam, the Imams should meet every time we have a function like this", I replied yes sir, as he neared where he would turn towards the elevator, he stopped and said, "Imam, you call for the meeting, you have a meeting with the Imams", again I said yes sir.  He took another step towards the elevator, he turned around and said "Imam, every time we meet you make sure the Imams meet, use the facility, not during our scheduled program but during the breaks, use the facility we are paying for it, use it, use all the space you need", I said yes sir
  • January 2004, at a first Sunday public meeting, I was sitting on the front row with my wife taking notes as I always have done.  Imam Mohammed kept looking my way during the lecture and even while he was talking to other people as they mounted or came around the stage after the program was over.  Afte a while he waived for me to come over, he said, "Imam, I was hoping you were not going to leave before I finished", I replied, "no sir, Imam, I never leave until you are out of the room", he stated, "I want to meet with you".  I replied when ever you'd like, he stated "call me at my home", he made sure I had his number
  • February 2004 on Saturday the day before the First Sunday Address, Imam Mohammed invited me to meet with him at the Comtrust Office.  He began by saying "Imam, I have been watching you for a long time and you never change, you could protect my interest, you can protect my spirit".  He went on to tell me more about what was and wasn't happening, and what he wanted done.  He then repeated his statement, "you can protect my interest, you can protect my spirit".  He went on further and he stated again, "you can protect my interest, you can protect my spirit".  He then stated after commenting about some people around the country by name, "I like other people, but I really been watching you, I really like you, and I watch how people around the country treat you, they like you, they respect you, I want you to protect  my interest, I want you to protect my spirit".  He went on with directions and stated "you can protect me even when I am gone".  I asked him how will this be done, his reply was "don't worry, you do what you do, I will take care of it for you", I replied "yes sir"
  • February 2004, during the day of the First Sunday Address, Imam Mohammed entered the auditorium and as he approached the rostrum he stepped back, looking around an beckon for me to come from the front row where I was sitting.  He said "after you Imam", as he gestured with his hand for me to go up on the platform for the speakers, before him, as he came up behind me.  While sitting there I heard Imam Mohammed as he told his National Representative (of that time) to introduce me as the one who will represent his interest and his spirit, who will represent great things coming out of Philadelphia and then to bring me on to make a few comments.  As the representative spoke I don't know what he said because Imam Mohammed beckon for me to sit next to him.  Imam Mohammed told me to speak a few minutes concerning our discussion the day before, as he was speaking to me I could hear nothing else around me, and just as Imam Mohammed stopped speaking to me, I heard the representative say I now bring before you Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal of Philadelphia
  • Imam Mohammed talked with me the next day (Monday), as there was an engagement in Philadelphia the end of February 2004, again he wanted to instruct me on those involved and what he wanted me to do.  Imam Mohammed asked me "what do you want me (Imam Mohammed) to say to introduce you and have those who say they are with me, support you".  I thought for a moment then I said, " you can say, if they support you (Imam Mohammed) and can work with me (Imam Bilal) to help support you then do that, I only want to work with those who feel comfortable working with me".   When Imam Mohammed spoke in Philadelphia, February 2004, he said it something like this, I am calling for you who say you are with me to support me, give me your support, don't withdraw your support, give me your support and when you don't see me (Imam Mohammed), support the one that looks like me.  The exact wording would be found on February 2004 Public Address in Philadelphia
  • February 2004 after Imam Mohammed completed the Public Address here in Philadelphia, his National Representative of that time, stated to those he had pulled together to support him in the efforts for Philadelphia the following, for them to spread the word which was, "I will not be returning to Philadelphia, Imam Mohammed told me (National Representative) to tell you the reason I will not be coming back is because Philadelphia is in good hands"
  • Imam Mohammed spoke with me Saturday before the First Sunday Address March 2004.  He stated "I want you to oversee our programs, especially the First Sunday Addresses".  He knew I would understand that, and that I would also know, I am not in charge but he wanted to make changes.  Imam Mohammed continued, he said, " we are losing money, we are losing good productive people because they were being blocked from reaching him.  Their abilities to help the community grow, was blocked by brothers who don't understand and some who have their own agenda".  He stated "I don't want the security treating the people improperly, we don't want to play down security, but we want them to develop to being more than a guard or a brute.  Some of them on security won't help a sister struggling with 4 or 5 children to her seat and they don't recognize the elderly our pioneers".  He said, "you are an Imam, you know how to handle large affairs, you have gotten the job done before and you know how to treat people.  I want you to have the freedom to move where ever I am at to affectively change things".  He said much more and when he paused, I asked, how will I do that?  He said as he did before, "don't worry, you do what you do, I will handle it".    I asked him, because things are as they are, who do you want me to get instructions from?  He said, "no body but me, you don't report to no one but me and I will send some things through my daughter as you will be taking some of the pressure off of her", I said, "yes sir"
  • Some time in 2006 or 2007, I believe it was in the month of March, Imam Mohammed without my knowledge, gave instructions to two individuals who considered their selves controllers of his following. Their instructions was to try and sit me down.  Politely and respectfully I informed them unless they can tell me in a very convincing manner that Imam Mohammed sent them, I could not follow those instructions.  After the first part of the First Sunday Address was over, I was told Imam Mohammed asked for me to come to the rostrum.  I went up and we spoke about different things, but the first thing he said was,"I did tell them to do that" he continued on, when he paused I replied, "Imam Mohammed, what ever you want me to do, I would do, I will sit down and take notes or sit outside if you like, I follow you, my life and my families life is to serve G-d's Man, you, so what ever you want, I will do it"  He replied as he smiled, as if to indicate that was a lesson or a test for them, more than it was for me, he said to me, "I want you to keep doing what you're doing".  We finished our conversation then I left the rostrum as he prepared to stand and begin the second part of the lecture.  This conversation is not heard but you can see the two of us speaking to each other on the DVD for that Address.  The next month each of the two who came to me to tell me to sit down the previous month, about 2 minutes apart from each other, they stated the exact same thing to me, which was, "Imam Bilal, Imam Mohammed told us to tell you he likes what you are doing and for us to leave you alone".  Imam Mohammed insured this community that would follow his language, it will bring us to Freedom, Justice, Equality, Islam and we won't allow individuals or groups to restrain or dominate us as individuals or do such to the masses
  • January 2008 First Sunday Address, I met with Imam Mohammed, his oldest daughter sat a few feet behind him, and again we spoke of several things, but one of the things he shared with me was this, he said "they want to hurt you Imam, they want to destroy you, but they really want to destroy me", we talked through that and as we continued the conversation he began describing a few people, their type or purpose and what they have done to oppose what he is establishing among his students and following, then he said emphatically while pointing at me, "Imam, you are an Imam, you don't come under no one, don't come under nobody, you be free, be free like me, you see I am free"?!  I stated "yes sir, I will follow your strategy", we laughed and continued our conversation
  • During this same meeting, I spoke with Imam Mohammed about our work for outreach that we were putting in place.  I asked as I had months earlier with another program, can we use the term of The Mosque Cares, he replied as he did before, "Imam, The Mosque Cares is my Ministry, its what I use to support my mission, I don't want anyone using it", I replied, "yes sir" 
  • Over the time of my overseeing programs of Imam Mohammed's, he has said to me, "Imam when I'm gone you won't need a leader like me, you'll need leaders based on circumstances"

      So much have been giving to so many of us over the 33 plus years of Imam Mohammed's life with us.  In his leadership with us as students, we share that none of us qualifiy to replace him and the true students do not look for replacements, they begin to implement and establish the institutions to manifest what G-d has given them through Imam Mohammed.  So my information is for that purpose, my information was to give you a format of what he (Imam Mohammed) fed me,  and over time we will see what was fed to so many of us.  It is all necessary for the next phase of our lives;  taking Imam W.D. Mohammed to the world.      

    Please look over my suggestions for our future.  If you think it is a good start and you can go with it, please lets start, let me know if you will, let me know what you think of it.  You can contact me via email at or if you like to write contact me in care of: Yusef Vision, P.O. Box 42050 Philadelphia, PA 19101.  Again it is a suggestion for everyone to share in, it is everyone's future, it was Imam Mohammed who said, "if they want to say something about your leader, say I am Imam W.D. Mohammed".  Our future is great, it's greater than anything we have seen in the past.

                                           YUSUF VISION

                  Suggestions for the Membership and Supporters of
                                     Imam W.D. Mohammed

                   Submitted by Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal (Philadelphia)

    How do we continue the life of our Leader Imam W.D. Mohammed?  What is there for us to continue?  Every Masajid, its Leadership and members are and have been free to exist alone under its own authority, and that should not change.  Each Masajid can do this without conflict of authority or governing bodies stifling the growth of those who are not strong enough in knowledge to correct things.  But for some Masajid they may be of those who don't feel like wrangling about it and are willing to exist just in prayer and they are not looking into the work that begun for us 84 years ago.  It has been proven even among us, our own, such controls over our freedoms, do not allow us to grow, instead it retards us, as well when we say or do nothing to correct it too retards our growth as a community that has already become positioned to lead the world in seeing our Prophet Muhammad (puhp) as the guide to our services to Allah The Most High.

    Every Masajid, its Leadership and members are also aware that our 33 years plus with our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed, was not for us to end up dropping his contributions, letting go of his sacrifice to the whole humanity as he carried us along, many of us making as much as we can of the same sacrifices on a lesser level, none the less a sacrifice that is not to be dropped.

    What are we to do as a body of students, supporting members, supporters who are still looking forward to following Imam W.D. Mohammed.  This body that has grown with National and International influence based on how so any saw him as they took a close look of our community life, that speaks to our being able to say we are Imam W.D. Mohammed.  Though much of what we do must be done at home or in the local areas and then expanded where and when it can, the students, the members the following of Imam W.D. Mohammed should be the interest of the whole community.
    1.  The Mosque Cares (Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed 501{c}3) charitable support to our Leader to help him propagate his mission
    2.  Support to WDM Publications (an independent business of our community with archival ability)
    3.  Muslim Journal (an independent business carrying communication's for our commuity, also archival in its nature)
    4.  CPC/Salaam Nutrition/Group Volume Buy (collective membership    business interest)
    5.  The Annual Savior Day Conference
    6.  The Annual Muslim Convention/Conference
    7.  The Annual Ramadan Session
    8.  The Annual Fiscal Year Report (Economics as a Community)

    The effort of this suggestion is to keep these programs and entities alive where we can support them, keeping with what is practical and makes common sense.  We cannot move on our emotions to keep some things alive while voices of disgruntle individuals or groups are calling for our leadership to do better.  Our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed, did not lead us into all this after his first statements to us in 1975, "we will not be moved by the winds of emotions", for us to carry on in a manner he directed us from.  We have to come to the logical conclusion to what is the best for us, as individual communities City to City and as a whole community in our National and International body of working together.  

                            Suggested Proposal September 2009

    We must keep our annual gatherings alive, but we must analyze each one in order to get the most out of them.  We must do it in a manner that will offer the greater benefit of which we can have with each other, even though we physically do not have our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed with us any longer.

                            ANNUAL SAVIOR DAY CONFERENCE

What was it?

    Imam W.D. Mohammed gave to us more than history of the Nation Of Islam, during our Savior Day Conferences, that was the meat but the sacred life growing in our history was the real picture he was driving home.  The history of the mission established by G-d with the extraordinary life that could carry it all the way home.

How should we continue it?

    We must first admit there is not a person on earth today that we will come to hear as they speak to us all weekend, as we listened to Imam W.D. Mohammed.  We must be honest, Imams or otherwise we are not listening like that, we know we are not going to get what he gave and continues to give to us through our studying and applying what he gave to us.   Imam Mohammed prepared us like that, that's not a curse because others don't see it.  We must see the work and purpose in that which he gave to us, in order for us to share with the rest of the world.  The purpose is found in the statement of Qur'an "Allah's plan will not be frustrated".

    We must use it, the Savior Day Conference, to record history, not his tapes but the true living history we had with him.  This should be seen as an opportunity to come together free of charge, without any authority but a shared and agreed upon rotation of responsibility.  Our purpose for coming together for a Savior Day Conference, should be to allow those who were with him to give an account for the purpose of writers among us to write his and their life story from their true experience with him.  The life for those of the future to see on screens and read for thousands of years to come.  We must not leave off the history of these members who are still alive.

    Do you know everything Imam W.D. Mohammed did to remake the world right before our eyes, with the guidance and help of Allah.  No, but if you are learning like me I want to know as much of his life and understand what he did at a time in the past to affect change now.  Example; who stood with him when he raised the flag, we all bear witness his insight helped our lives in America today, this is history we must have for the world to know how he established the life of our Prophet (puhp) in the things he did.  Well if we had from among us and from among others, in our audinece people who knew how to spread his life by the following:  internet, books, poetry, music, movies and many other ways technology serves us today, how fast will those stories go out, telling the multitudes of this true to life person changing the world.  They would witness in these forms of expression how he did it as he moved through it.  Think of our world getting that information, what will it look like 10 years from now.  He is still remaking the world by Allah's permission and with Allah's help.  We must share in this work!

    So imagine the Savior Day Conference serving us to put together the beginning of a type of biography, the historic picture from the living members them selves.  We would be working with the purpose of allowing all who can and all who will, to learn, write and send out information of his life and works as a servant of Allah, throughout the world.  This program should be only limited in the sense that we may say, let us talk of what we know of him, what we shared with him as he established a greater picture of our Prophet to the world.  We may start by asking those who were there to speak on what happened between 1975-1977 which could include accounts prior to 1975.  It should also include where he said our history began; when we were brought to these shores of America as slaves.  Showing how we have been graced by Allah to be a part of what caused this major change.

    All of that history is ours to tell, and we can tell it and tell it over time, no rush.  We must be scientific in how this practice, this belief came to us.  Starting with the elements that caused us to grasp Al-Islam, which came to us in 1929-30 and continued through September 9, 2008 at the death of Imam W.D. Mohammed.  We have to tell our history, others will write us out.  We have proof, living proof that they will erase Bilal from the history, will we sit around holding onto nothing and let it be lost again to the world who must know the prophetic statement of the Prophet when he indicated a raisin head will be in charge so follow him, these two great raisin heads must be shared with the world as to how Allah permitted them to enhance our lives in the life of Al-Islam in America.  Collectively we can give the time to our story givers as they need, the whole weekend for the divulging of information that we know will change life in the world, it is needed to ensure a great future for humanity.  These scheduled discussions at least once a year calling on our own National and International activities that will reveal the life of Islam, causing the recollection of everyday history to be put together for the salvation of humanity.  Our History is one of the most important keys left out of the history under The Making Of America, and the bringing to life our Prophet in America.

Who will host it?

    I am suggesting that these four annual programs be rotated throughout the country.  We may get a greater benefit if we do the Savior Day Conference in the South, because of the cold weather in other areas during that time of the year.  If we travel from bad weather and are in a comfortable situation the whole trip is enhanced.

    Therefore, if all the States of the South were to host the Savior Day Conference, they would get together (12 States approximately) and have Shuraa Baynahum for the whole community.  In this decision they will decide which State of the 12 in the South will Host the Savior Day Conference.  If this proposal was accepted you would be choosing for the conference to be on the weekend nearest to February 26 of either year.  Once Shuraa has been reached for the State, the Masajid of each City in that State would do Shuraa Baynahum to see which City will host it that year for the State.  A further example would be if the 12 States of the South were to agree on Georgia being the State and the Cities agree that Atlanta would be the CIty to host it for the entire body around the country, then through the Imams working together and agreeing we would have reached a goal that Imam W.D. Mohammed wanted us to reach.  

    This does not mean other Cities if they like are not permitted to do so of their own, yet Atlanta may draw up plans that will include the participation around the country via statelite.  At the initial meeting the States may agree that Georgia do the first one and then agree who will be the host for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. until it has rotated through the South in all 12 States.  No State can have it a 2nd time without rotating to all other States in that region.  With the rotating of the four programs in all four areas throughout the year it will take twelve and a half years to have had support in every State in the country by way of one of Imam Mohammed's programs, but every region would have had a program boosting their region, their State and a City in the State having the support of the regional Imams to call on the masses around the country.

    If this group of States in the South agreed that Atlanta was the host for the Savior Day Conference, then they would foot the bill, they would be inviting travellers into their State and City, they can work a budget that benefits the Masajid of that State.  They would have increased visibility of the Muslim community in their City if not their State.  The overwhelming crowd of the neighboring States would allow exposure of businesses that have no way of revealing their selves when functions are not in their State or City.  They can invite vendors from all over yet the vendors of the State and City will get benefits they haven't had in past conventions.  Relationships with hotels, airlines, auto rentals, tourist buses, City/State administration, law enforcement and all the things that come to play when thousands of visitors are expected, brings new life to our community, Imam Mohammed is not dead, we just must work together and give him a good life.  The reason for the Shuraa Baynahum is to agree on the benefits to other States that will re-occur next year when another State has the same event in one of their Cities, the call for success would be bigger than ever.

When should it begin?

    If this suggestion is accepted by the majority of Masajid in the South, you should begin planning, regardless who else plans, you should be planning for the next February 26 coming your way.  To distinsquish the Imams agreement from others maybe we would title it WDM Savior Day the Weekend for the Documentation of Our Islamic History in America.  Our work is before us but we are leaders directing the students, members and following of Imam W.D. Mohammed, so we must take the people beyond what seems to be "good feeling" community life conventions.  

    We are to have purpose, we were given purpose in our life, both of our direct teachers gave us purpose.  Read Imam W.D. Mohammed speaks in Harlem, NY, Challenges that Face Man TODAY page 20.  This time we have and this event is valuable for putting our history together.  It is not about who is in charge, be in charge of yourself, design the program to deliver the clearest voice to the world during our life time, by telling our history through what was our Savior Day Conference when he/they were with us physically.

    We could do this everyday for the next 50 years and the world would know him and his work better, but we would not have touched all of his work with explanation and clarity in that little time.  We can agree to wait but if we don't give the world G-d's Man, our children don't know the true information that will help correct the whole of humanity, then who will give our young the clear message if we won't, this trust that we have been given, I believe it is given to us by Allah The All Aware, The Merciful Benefactor.

                                THE ANNUAL MUSLIM CONFERENCE

What was it?

    Imam W.D. Mohammed in this setting gave to us a social life along with net working our interest and growth, exposing those who did not have, to those who did have, whether it was language, business, education or what ever.

How should we continue it?
    I know we can agree that the weekend of the conference had its flair for what we all can enjoy together.  The Annual Muslim Conference should begin as the past Conferences begun, it should give to the host the opportunity to benefit with the crowds who should pay a modest registration cost to help boost the program before the date of the event, working to have low amounts of registrations to be needed once arriving on the day of the event.  This will allow the larger number of visitors to give great support to the vendors, buying food from them or where the host have worked a relationship for our businesses to benefit or for others who are giving to the Masajid a percentage for the influx of visiting families to the City and their businesses for the Conference.

    There should be Jumu'ah with informational programs after, and a cultural program later that evening.  Our Saturday and Sunday should be intense studies of Qur'anic Arabic, topics on understanding the Qur'an, all given as Imam Mohammed gave it to us.  A balanced weekend for all to participate in.  This group of educators should give to us in time a body that can open a educational system that provides students with information through the program, all that is needed to have confidence in what they have without traveling abroad, or believing that G-d hasn't bless any one of us with it unless they are touched by our brothers over seas.  So this body should also be consulting with each other to put the best together, utilizing as many as possible to see futuristic educational center's second to none.  Our centers should grow from getting a social picture of the needs for communities in general.  Life is complete was the message Imam Mohammed gave to us through our social annual activities at the Annual Muslim Conference.

    There should be education on this weekend for our mental, physical, spiritual and social health.  This collective group should be able to establish a system for education of which brick and motar can be built around it or them, in years to come.  Built as high institutions of learning for the whole environment.  Our Sunday Address should be topics of our social obligation to the world as a whole.  The reflection of family ties should be seen in our Annual Muslim Conference.  Our stage should be directed by us as the main source or topic, but it should show inclusion of religion, race, wealth, knowledge and much more that helps to show the picture of our touching the whole of humanity, our human family (that is what Imam W.D. Mohammed was doing).  Some of us used to say our visit to Chicago for these events (even in the first part of our growth) this was our mini Hajj in America.  The blessed can see that without being disturbed.

Where wil this begin?

    This I am suggesting to be handled in the North and I am also suggesting to change the date to June or July until Ramadan moves up to July with the scenario that twleve States come together from the North and select one from among their selves to represent the North through Shuraa Baynahum.  The Imams of the 12 States in the North would get together selectiing which State, then the Imams of the State would get together and select the City and the Masjid of that City, the Masjid selected or Masajid in the City will sponsor and convene the Annual Muslim Conference. 

    What applies to one section or region, regardless that this is another program of Imam Mohammed's, it applies to all other regions,  The hopes is to establish institutions from all the programs we establish under our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed.  To one day produce from this our own convention centers, putting them where they are best situated to handle both the smaller or larger participation, as convention centers are doing around the country.  If this is accepted the States of the North should begin meeting immediately and plainning to host the WDM Annual Muslim Conference for the Social and Educational Life, this should be scheduled for the next time and date it comes up.  This should be done by the Imams of the North, even if others are doing the annual convention.  The Imams must come forward and lead their communities to touch each other, to share with decision's in touching each other, the love of brotherhood is to be shared with each other and shared for the greater good.

                                   ANNUAL RAMADAN SESSION

What was it?

    Imam Mohammed without a doubt is the only man that could give us the benefit of what G-d revealed to him.  He opened all worlds to our thinking, we had to stop thinking in his presence, to not capture or benefit from the new world he showed us through language.     

How can we continue?

    We must schedule the Ramadan Session during Ramadan as he did.  If we came together, everyone possible, and if we chose for the topic of discussion something that the Imam gave to us in lecturers.  This coming together would be in a form where we knew before hand what the topic of discussion would be.  The following is an example of what I mean.  When we agree to come together, we agree we will discuss at the next Ramadan Session the birth of Jesus and his speaking as a babe, speaking from the cradle, born among gentle animals, and we were to come with all that Imam Mohammed said to us concerning the statements of such found in Qur'an, Bible (Injil and Torah), Hadiths, Scholars and all other material he gave to us direct or indirect.  And all of us are also welcome to bring material that reflects what others state on the same subject.

    Utilizing these materials and documenting them and asking the Imams first to come forward with statements known to have been made by Imam Mohammed on this subject.  We would list all the information as to its source, its authenticity, when and where was it stated, who was present to hear it, and who presented it at this session.  Such statements would be verified by others who were in the same setting or heard it exactly or near to what was stated by various Imams, Students, Members and Followers of Imam W.D. Mohammed. There may be something he said only one person heard it, but the community as a whole witnessed it happening or being carried out, which would verify the truth of it.

    Having professional technical support to document it, and have those who agree with the findings by personally witnessing, remembering when Imam Mohammed stated it to them, or stated it to another or when he made it as a public statement.  Signatures of the witnesses will be placed on the material.  Each piece signed as a witnessing by those who bore witness, such material being giving to each participant as they leave, trusting that some will put it out in book form, stating "this is what Imam Mohammed gave to us to explain this subject".  Some will put it on the internet, some will send it across the world.  Imam Mohammed will reach the world of Muslims and others through our taking the time to put down exactly what was said, witnessing it, signing  off on it and allowing the facts to be published, so many would have a clear picture of G-d's Word and G-d's Man.  Then we should encourage any that will with the means to do so, to put the correct information out without anyone trying to control who does what.  The idea is to be free in giving it, knowing it is going to change the way the world see things, thanks to G-d establishing a man to do the work and the work was done among us.   

Where will this begin?

    This will have its beginning if acceptd on the East Coast, twelve States coming together to prepare for the next Ramadan Session through the process of Shuraa Baynahum.  The Imams throughout the twelve States will decide which State will be the chioce for the session.  The Imams of the State through the process of Shuraa Baynahum, will decide which City of the State will be the host City, then the Imams of the City will decide which Imam will be the actual host.  They will as mentioned with the previous regions have the right to set up the next year or the complete twelve years at the first sitting to decide which State is first.  

    The City that will host the program will benefit by its relationship building with the City administration, hotels, restaurants, airlines, auto rentals, inter facing with people of various faiths, etc., if such is not already existing as a relationship in that City.  Preparing for the Jumu'ah, Iftars, Sahoor, all of the prayers, etc., that will accommodate the fasting Believers while attending the WDM Ramadan Session.  

    The effort of this as the others is how do we get the best of information out to the world on our Leaders work and efforts while he walked among us, preparing us to help them, the world.  Jesus said something like this "who will be my helpers in G-d's work"?  Well this community of 80 years have been assigned to do this extraordinary work, lets do it and get away from the sentiments that just keep us "having fun".

                                                    ANNUAL FISCAL REPORT 

What is it?

    Imam Mohammed made many efforts for us to come together in business, working with who ever we can work with but for us to get the benefits of business as a community or through our common association with each other and the world of business people.  These business efforts were to give reports of its finance, its lost as well profit, its goal for expansion, economics.  It was to share with us what we need to do to help its growth, how were we to network and expand our own business and business ideas.  Product showings from around the country, Private labeling, monitoring spending, maximized by understanding taxes, growth to support the community with your business and so much more.

How can we continue it?

    It is necessary to do this, in the last quarter of each year (what ever year you are reading this if it has not already begun), a showing for the business interest for us as individuals or together, we should have a Annual Fiscal Report.  This gives an explanation as to what and who we are.  As a community we have a right to some information and for others who may want to share information that we did not know of them as it regards to business interest.  We need to know how to aid each other to take our selves out of the begging position.  This can be done when we share with each other and have first hand knowledge of each others growth or desire to grow in the business arena.

    This meeting should convene on the West Coast.  The twelve States should narrow it down by the same process of Shuraa Baynahum as to which State will the Imams of the region agree should host the initial conference for business reporting.  The State of choice will narrow it down to which City and the Imams of the City will decide which Imam will have the responsibility to lead the West Coast as they host the first of our Annual Fiscal Report conferences.

What should we expect?

    There is a name we either should or should not support being used, that name of The Mosque Cares or The Ministry of Imam W.D. Mohammed .  I know what Imam Mohammed told me these two entities represented, I supported nearly all the programs under these names with my person, and all of them with my spirit and prayers, it was my support to Imam W.D. Mohammed.

    Our Leader, his physical presence is not here, therefore an explanation must be giving as to what is it representing today and what are the plans going forward?  How should we see it in order to support it?  Every Masajid being autonomous, Imam Mohammed clearly stated there is no tie with the Masajid and The Mosque Cares, but those who wanted to support him, Imam W.D. Mohammed, could, would and did so.

    We should be open to a clear explanation in order to support it as a title, name, entity, etc., in the future.  Therefore those representing it should be prepared  in this last quarter, to come before the community that supported our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed and express what it is they want of the community, give a report, take questions and see if without sentiments or emotions, is it logical what is being asked.  If it is proper, logical and stands with what Imam W.D. Mohammed prepared us for, I believe it will get great support, but if it is no more than and emotional ride, a good time, a sentimental picture, we all know that is not what our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed called us too.

    WDM Publication belongs to Imam W.D. Mohammed's son Wallace, I know that and most people in our association has been aware of that.   If this suggestion is accepted we would invite Wallace to these Business Conferences to tell us how can we help him get the archive of materials he has out to each of us as well to the public, how he would like our support to help his business growth.  The eye is own sales and money from the business end, yet more importantly if these programs are established fairly and with justice in a very short span of time the world is going to seek out WDM Prublication and other entities that had been trusted by Imam Mohammed to gather and get his work out.  Remember the Imam, our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed did not spread that work around for him to die and then we give it all back to his son or any other person or group to sit on and the world not get a chance to touch it because we allowed all avenues to be closed off, that is not Imam Mohammed's way.

    In business we can not claim others to be bandits, because they have some items the Imam allowed them to produce or work with.  Those that we were aware that Imam Mohammed allowed to share and work on some materials, they had his permission to do certain things with his material which stood as his private support to those efforts.  We
want to support all of those that we can identify as producers of Imam Mohammed's material with his permission when he was here, they should continue producing and putting information they have before the people as he had them do, he trusted those avenues when he was here, he trust them now.  They should be at these business meetings doing the same, sharing with us as a majority how we can aid in getting the information out.  There are more than one publication of any material with us, just follow the instructions that Imam Mohammed gave you.  Most of us that were regular in our support know the individuals and groups that handled certain things.  Most of the material carries the persons name on it to identify them in this work while he physically lived with us.  This is to say those representing TMC or WDM Publications can not claim rights to everything.  We are not to become that type community.  "Muhammad is not the father of no man", Imam W.D. Mohammed was the leader of Wallace D. Mohammed and all of us, he belongs to all of us, his work was not the father of no man, many feel this but to many are hesitant to say something, I am saying it nicely, but build up your muscle so we can take this work where our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed wanted and wants it to go.  We need every area to come to life, not the same area that he spoke of in his last six months and beyond, to suck the life from the rest of the areas and they still will not do no more than they did when he was physically here, wake up!  Don't just be sentimental, G-d has blessed him to give us a clear picture.

Muslim Journal, another entity that is independent, one of our institutions that we must support yet not try to control.  Sister Ayesha Mustafaa should be invited to discuss how can we help her in the quest to make MJ successful by our supporting it from a business stand point, by advertising with it, by increasing sales, our informing other of our business by writing articles, and all the methods one business can aid another, the MJ needs also.  She can also share with us the needs of the MJ, the pros and cons of the years that has produced our legacy and the like.  Do she or Wallace owe us a report, no, but they should come forth as businesses that existed under our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed who need to continue to exist as institutions from this association with the ability to survive in the world of our future.  We are all seeking growth, so we must share information about our business and how we can share with one another.

CPC/Salaam Nutrition/Group Volume Buy and any other entity that came to be the investors interest by our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed, the representative's would be present at such meetings in order to share with its members its growth and for other businesses to benefit from what they share.  At such meetings it would be necessary for the leading parties to address the membership of these groups to give updates, how to continue to gain support, etc..  None of which would be to get rid of personnel, ideas or the entity its self, but to go forward, explanations and the clear vision as to its future progress.

Businesses in the Community, everyone of us who need support in our local area with our business or in need of National/International support for our business growth, should be at this meeting to express who they are and what they have to offer or need in the interest of good business.  This meeting should include professionals that are checked out before hand as to their success and the life that they live that verify they practice what they preach, to advise some of the community business people on how to understand positioning their business for success.  This setting will lead into local, national and international business expos.

Where should this begin?

    This program should be in the last quarter of the year on the West Coast, if there seems to be the setting and agreement for these reprots which would be essential for progress in 2009 and beyond, it would put us all ahead by knowing what we are saying concerning the entities that Imam Mohammed started and continued as his system for support, not just support to him, but his major concern were the people he served and represented.

    We have our governing body in each of the Masajid, when we come together in any quarter throughout America for these type meetings, it should be the goal to have every one grow in this process and realize what information we have to share, Shuraa Baynahum is essential.  I am suggesting that we utilize groups to direct where the program is happening but we tone down what we realized as a security that in most cases treated its leadership from around the country and its bretheren as enemies.  This was not the wishes of Imam Mohammed, rather it was the feeling of a few to feel strong once per month or when ever they showed up to be a part of the program.  We all may agree we need something to help get information or directions to the people, but when it comes to a forum where some one will express their selves, I believe Imam Mohammed has helped us enough that when we hear something we disgree with in our gatherings, we can deal with it like we'll deal with it in our City, when we don't have the security to do our bidding.  

    Imam W.D. Mohammed calls us to our rights with each other, our respect for each other, our obligations to self and others.  At home we listen to an individuals point, then we agree or disagree and walk away.  If the individual pose a threat we all can suggest not to handle it in the wrong way, this is done by all of us, not hollering but standing up for the right, what I am suggesting if we agree to these suggestions, for us to have people with people skills who are regular in the same work in your own area handling crowds.  We can almost be certain there will be no need for our own securing us from our own self.  Reaching for the balance in our just and fair treatment of each other.

This information if accepted by us and initiated by us will give the life to the following programs as our National agreement to go forward with our obvious efforts of working together and utilizing one of the strongest tools in the Qur'an that our Leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed called us to so regularly; Shuraa Baynahum.  Such agreement will give to us:


    This is my suggestion for us to consider, it is no personal attachment for power for anyone.  For record purpose send me a short message preferarably to my P.O. Box 42050 Philadelphia, PA 19101 or the e-mail address,  share with me what do you think about this material.  I will include what looks to be the twelve State clusters for each area, but it may be different by other records of regional listings of the South, North, West and East.  Thank you all for reading this material.

Sincerely submitted,
In service to Allah
Your Brother in Faith

As Salaam Alaikum
Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal
Philadelphia's Representative
for the Interest and Spirit of
Imam W.D. Mohammed

Alabaman, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia,  

Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Connecticut, Delaware, Main, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C.

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